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  • The Glorious Dominion of Deltannia

The Holy Empire of The Chosen Nations

The Federation of Adaptus

The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

The Kingdom of Koku

From: Haken Rider


Re: The forming of an alliance



Great leaders


We would like to invite you to the nation of Haken Rider for talks in both our nations' interests. Europa has a history of being instable, regimes have the tendency to change more often then Clint Westtwood (famous Riderian actor) changes his facial expression. For the sake of stability, we wish to form a pact that will ensure the future of our governments and crack down on uprisings.

Also, this will allow us to have a stronger voice in Europa, both military and economy-wise, and protect the sovereignity of young nations.


We hope to see your delegation on the meeting. There will be no need to bring soldiers, Haken Rider ensures your peoples' safety.

The most luxurious hotels in our capital have been reserved.


Ga in vrede.


Chef Willy


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To: Haken Rider

From: Adaptus


we would be hounered to join this pact of nations, with the CLF attacks dieing down, it is posible for us to send people out of the country. the delegation shall consist of Foreign Affiars Minister Gordon Jackson, Field Marshal Johnothan Brown and Leading Political spoksman and Diplomat Mathew Steven. they shall arrive in an Federation Air Force Dominie Luxury Jet and escorted by 4 Europa Fighter typhoons untill they reach Haken Rider waters.


Prime Minister Ramsey

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To: Haken Rider


From: The Chosen Nations


We will gladly send a delegation to this meeting. I am honoured that you have selected my nation to be part of the alliance. T'Yay Themis will attend along with Kelo Poi, and other diplomats.


We would ask that we be allowed to bring 20 men from TCSF, as bodyguards. They will be unarmed, and will pose no threat to your nation, or your peoples.


When will this meeting be held, and what will be the clauses, and small print of joining. What benifits and/or draw-backs will this bring to the naions involved? (Or will this be discussed at the meeting?)


Ths diplomatic group will arive by air and will be escorted by TCAiF, and will arrive whenever you require.



T'Yay Themis

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To: Adaptus

From: Haken Rider


We are sure your grand nation will triumph during this sad period. Hopefully, when the meeting goes well, this will be a thing for history books rather then front pages.

You're welcome to fly over our waters with your 4 Europa Fighter typhoons. If you wish, the nearest militairy airport will re-fuel your fighters and they can escort the

Federation Air Force Dominie Luxury Jet bak home in safety. Seeing your latest problems, we will be honoured for delivering extra security.



To: The Chosen Nations

From: Haken Rider


Such security measures are more then excepted. Your bodyguards will recieve special authorisation to use violence for the defense of your delegation.

Indeed, everything will be discussed at the meeting, but if the alliance works out well you can expect things like shiny new badges! I can't say what the results of the talks will be, but uniting never have made anyone weaker. The meeting will ofcourse take place tomorrow, when everyone has already arrived and settled in.




From: Haken Rider


Seeing your nations rural history, you are more then welcome to let armed guards accompany mr. Eugenius Wilson. Altough I can assure you, the centre of Assche, our capital, has been reformed into a bunker. Snipers on the roofs, horsemen and a police helicopter will make sure that the meeting will not result into a disgrace for Haken Rider.

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To : Haken Rider


We really appreciate your initiation.

King Koku, while busy with the current agricultural reform, will send his delegate to attend the meeting. We greatly hope that the meeting will be fruitful.

Yours sincerely.

Koko, the Prime Minister.

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International Airport, Assche


Four fancy planes (OOC: as I assume every delegation has come by it) attract attention as they are surrounded by heavily armed law enforcers, welcoming ladies and various airport personel. Locals and Press are kept away from sight. Dozens and dozens of limousines, armored jeeps and motorcycle police ride on and off, shipping their valuable cargo to the most luxurious hotels in the heart of the capital. The Adaptus delegation, mr. Gordon Jackson, Field Marshal Johnothan Brown and mr. Mathew Steven recieved extra security and where sent to an unspecified location, to gurantee their safety

Willy, seemingely tireless, has been shaking hands all day. When the last delegation finaly departs, he steps into the last convoy and heads the Bull Tower, where the meeting shall take place.



user posted image

uncertain times, necessary precautions
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T'Yay Themis let out a sigh of relief as he stepped inside his private armoured Jeep.

The plane journey had taken it's toll, and all T'Yay wanted to do was sleep. He decided that he would leave the legwork to the diplomats, at least for tonight.


The Jeep was black in colour with tinted windows, and a M2 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) was mounted on a MK93 Heavy Machine Gun Mounting System

on top. The TCSF operative that was operating the gun scanned the area looking for threats. All he could see were civilians. He kept scanning, after all nothing could happen to T'Yay or the Delegation.


The Operative was still scanning when the 7.62x54mm smashed into the back of his head. The Operative was dead on contact, in fact he was headless. The thud of the operatives body alerted the driver and bodyguards.


"CODE RED, CODE RED! The Delegation is under attack, CODE RED!" the commanding TCSF Sgt. screamed down his encrypted personal radio.


Suddenly a well rehearshed action plan swung into effect, the lead car (a dud, only containing minor admin staff) swerved to let 3 black Jeeps, full of TCSF operatives, past. Each of the Jeeps had a M2 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG); mounted on a MK93 Heavy Machine Gun Mounting System, but all the operatives were ducked down, afraid of being sniped.


Then the limos containing the Delegation screamed past, well over 100mph. They were followed by 2 more black Jeeps, and the limo containing T'Yay Themis. Keeping up the rear guard were 4 more black Jeeps.


Their main objective was to get the Delegation and T'Yay Themis to safety, but that objective would turn out to be much harder then currnetly thought.


Another sniper shot rung out, and one of the lead Jeeps tyres exploded. The Jeep flipped and rolled in the air before craching to the ground and slining into a tree, before bursting inot flames.


"sh*t! CAR OMEGA IS DOWN" exclamed the driver of one of the lead Jeeps.

"Noted" said the Sargent.


The Convoy was speeding down an open streach of Freeway when, in the distance, the lead driver noted a blockade. He reported this to the Sargent.




Upon seeing the blockade for himself, the Sargent ordered the Convoy to move off the freeway, and onto the dirt.


The numerous cars kicked up a storm of dust that made it difficult to see. This dust storm is the reason for why one of the limos smashed into a tree, skidding into the path of the other cars in the Convoy. A black Jeep was the first to impact with the limo, but it was not the last. Another Jeep skimmed the lime, but was send scathing down a steep slope, and into a dense forest. This second impact spun the offending limo onto the freeway, but the damage had been done, and the blockade was fast approaching.




The order was carride out swiftly, and the constant chatter of maching guns penitrated the ears of all around.


The Sargent stood up and looked at the blockade through his Binos. It was made up of 3 cars, 2 vans, and a lorry, with armed men milling around them. The M2's seemed to be having little of no effect, as none of the men even noticed, and were standing about in the open.




"We are sitting ducks here." mused the drived, worried.

"CONVOY, EXACUTE ORDER 121" said the Sargent, horsely, into his personal radio.

The Black Jeeps formed a triangle of protection around the limos that remained, creating a large field of fire for the M2's. "All we can do now is wait for support!".

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OOC: You people attract war. tongue.gif



The escorting choppers' crew was shocked when seeing the display down below. Having no arms of itself, there was little they could do then to call for the back up that was on standby.

5 squad cars arrived within seconds, but the policemen quickly noticed they were not equiped for such an enemy. They hided behind there cars, shooting a few bullets at the agressors, and observed the disaster. One car allmost immediately went up in flames and several officers hit the ground.


On the destress calls a row of armored vehicles, each packed with 12 elite STARS (Special Tactics and Reconaissance Squad), departed from the heavily defended heart of the capital. An interception chopper rushed to FREEWAY 12.


Several miles from there, Chef Willy sat in his limousine when he heared confusing bits of news. "by the Holy Bull", he exclamated: "it's a nightmare". Then there came what one could call a smirk on his face and his eyes stared in the deep. What could result in a disgrace of the country can turn into an advantage of the possible alliance. His advisor, neglecting the smirk, said in a calm voice: "proper reaction has been undertaken. They may have hit the weak point, but there is no way such an attempt can succeed within a close distance of the most secure place in the entire nation..."

"Never underestimate the mind of such fundamentalists. It is a kind to whom it is impossible to create a healthy state, but are highly skilled in bringing one down."

When Willy finished these last words, he noticed the smoke in the far distance.

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T'Yay sat there, thankful for the speedy support. He did not know who had attacked him, or even why. There had been sketchy intel reports of extreamists that still remained from the previous government - The Armed and Chosen Way Forward - but T'Yay had dismissed these as rubbish. Was that a huge mistake?


Millions of thought were runnimg through T'Yay's head, and yet none of them he could act on.


Hearing the gunfire behind them the TCSF operatives spun round, believing that they were surrounded. They opened fire and destroyed a vechile, sending several flaming bodies flying. The Sargent looking at this new threat through his binos, and to his horror he discovered that they were the forces of Haken Rider. He immediately ordered the shooting to stop - then swore at the roof of the car. This would take some explaining.

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"Stop shooting! Stop shooting!" shouted the STAR captain. He sighted because of the dangerous incompetence of his fresh recruits, too quickly put on an assignment with too little training. The new order in HR demanded a strong and large security force, but quantity has clearly gotten the preferance over quality.

The armoured vehicles approached the delegation.

"We're sorry for the mistake", the captain said against the Sargent, rather apathic.

He turned around and ordered his radioman to send for medic choppers, fast.


The interception chopper prooved to be more valuable. Two gunners mowed down several of the attackers, causing them to flee in disorder. Suddenly the pilot heared the voice of a gunner shouting in his head set. "Missile! Missile! Evade! Evade!" The helicopter manoeuvered and the missile just nearly passed by.

"sh*t, STARS, what the hell are you doing down there, we're sitting duckes here, take them out!"


The first group of STARS, after a slow start, eventualy rushed forward. the last of the rebels packed inside their vehicles and quickly left the slow armored vans behind. Several squad cars arrived and took over the persuit, alas the heavy fire took every oppurtinity away to block the cars, let alone come near them.

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*** A statement by Field Marshal Johnothan Brown***



me and the other Adapton delegates, had a desicusion about these attack once we first heard of them. we belive, judging from tactis and equiptment, that it is posible they are CLF forces. this is only an educated guess, but none the less we think it could be posible. as a result we have asked for a detachment of SAR (Spceial Air Regiment) to fly over, they have had expirence with CLF and other Terrorist groups in the past, and will offer there service. this is ofcoures with his Willyness's permission.

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T'Yay saw the STAR troops under heavy fire, but could do nothing to help them; as he also was under hevy fire. The sargent that was sitting next to T'Yay had been pondering the situation. Then, an idea struck him.


"Sir, are you familier with Order 1214?" asked the sargent.

"I believe so, yes." replied T'Yay.

"I think it could limit the damage that this situation could cause."

"Okay then sargent, I give you the command to exacute Order 1214." excalmed T'Yay.


"ALL UNITS, EXACUTE ORDER 1214!" ordered the sargen through his radio.


Immiadetly the remaining Jeeps, bar 3, formed a line, blocking the limos from fire. Then the crews dismounted the 3 Jeeps that remained, and went round to the rear. The drivers strated pressing buttons, and then a long, shrill "beeeeeeepp!" pronounced that the job was done.


"Sir, all explosives primed, all we need now is 3 voluneteers." said one of the drivers, flanked by the other 2.


"Anyone, Order 1214 is about to exacuted, any volunteers?".....

No-one raised a hand.

"You three" said the sargent, pointing at the drivers. "You will have the honour of dieing for you nation."

"YES, SIR!" all three drivers shouted.


The drivers ran over to their veichles, and started their engines. They revved their Jeeps, and the protective wall moved, to let them past. They sped past, and onwards, into the enemy.


The Jeeps were recieving heavy fire from their unkown foe, and one of the Jeeps was destroyed before contact. The other two maid their mark.


One slammed into a lorry, vapourising everyone around it, and sending burning shpapnle flying everywhere.

The other, after running over 3 men, rammed a car and detonated.


Meanwhile the delegation had quickly moved away from the attackers, towards the STAR troops, and escape. Only to find that the STAR troops opened fire. One Jeep veered into the centeral reservation, after its drived had taken 3 to the head. And one of the Limo's managed to pull a 540, before exploding. The other Jeeps opened fire upon the sight of this. This counter-attack was devistating. As they were so close, the M2's mowed down the STAR troops, are the Jeeps just barged their squad cars out of teh way. The delegation sped on, with carnage behind them.


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To: Adaptus

From: The Chosen Nations


We do not believe that our enemy are CLF. Their methods may be similar, but their weapons and ethnic grouping are different. They may have some connection with the CLF, or at one point, have been trained by the CLF, but we respectufully reject your offer. You must concentrate on clensing your own nation, and 102 of CLF.


1st Commander Frank L'I-KI

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The Holy Emperor and his cabinet sat in front of the television, watching the play-by-play action via satellite television. As the carnage raged, the Holy Emperor laughed out loud. Surprised with his reaction, most of the members in the room turned to look at him.


"This is entirely too predictable, gentlemen. These "terrorists" are a competent military organization. The men of this so-called alliance are not. Their sense of tactics is pathetic. We should use tapes of this to in training for our new recruits." He looked at the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The man he glanced at was one of the men who hadn't turned to look at the Emperor. Slowly, he nodded. He'd thought of that also. But he was also watching the tactics of this new alliance. They were making so many mistakes, it was possible they could be killed in their own country before signing the alliance. He smiled darkly. There were other forces at work here. Convenient that a television crew was ready to capture all the action. Convenient that the the cabinet had been convened at the same time as the attack. Convenient that the terrorists had been strategically placed without anyone knowing. Convenient that all the delegations had taken the same route to the conference. Someone was playing a dangerous game here, and he'd put money on the fact that it was someone in this room...

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OOC: Do you know of the time when Charles de Gual was ambushed? His car had all the tyres shot out, yet due to the special construction of the vechial, the driver was able to keep control of the car.


Foreign Minister Wilson sat in his hotel room, watching the news on television. He had missed the delegation by minutes, due to jet-lag, and so had also missed the convoy. The activities of the Haken forces and heavy-handedness of the TCN forces were farcical, to say the least. Perhaps it had been no surprise that an attempt to set up an alliance between some of the smaller nations with in Europa had fallen foul of "terrorist" activity. Terrorist activity which showed the hall-marks of good planning, execution and equipment. There was no sense in attempting to attend the meeting now, what with the route towards it desecending more and more into chaos as Wilson watched the television. He turned to his Haken relations officer.


"In form his Willyness that we may be forced to call off the Tagmatine delegation to the Bull Tower conference if this havoc continues any longer. The GHET cannot afford to be dragged into such a mess as this at this current time."


The Chosen Nations appeared to be constantly dogged by controversy. It was surprising that it had even survived into the 21st Century, especially after its brush this year. Wilson was becoming more and more convinced that the GHET would be one of the supports in this Alliance, especially with the smaller nations in it.

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OOC: Okay, time to wrap this up. It has created a nice base to star tother RP's, but I think we should start planning. Time to talk the talk, so we can walk the walk.


When more security personal started to arrive, the delegation stopped. The captain smacked a young recruit, who was still firing, so hard he fell on the ground, crying. Upon this the others ceased their fire. (OOC: I think we have shown enough incompetence for now, TCN wink.gif ). There were quite a few casualties, both on the STAR and TCN delegation side. Several medic choppers started to arrive and took away the worst cases to the nearest hospital. Sirenes of ambulances were heared in the distance. Now came that special moment we call 'Damage Control'.


In the meantime the persuiding squad cars, as did the arriving armored vans, stopped and beholded the carnage the kamikazes had created. One officer puked and was comforted by his femals collegue (OOC: w00t, feminism!). Together with two choppers patrolling the sky, they beholded the result of the tactics from a nation were war is policy.


The fax machine in the limousine of Willy spit out papers. Willy calmley -in shock or from experience?- gave out orders. "Thank Adaptus for their offer, but tell them the situation is under control. This matter will be investigated in co-operation with The Chosen Nations' government. Tell Deltannia we respect their decision, I still see a possible friend in them... How is the situation?"

"There have been some confusion, but it seems the attackers have been stopped", replied Condi Rice, quickly putting notes in her little red book.

"Good, good... About Wilson..."


"Write down."



To: the delegatiosn of GHET, Adaptus, TCN and Koku

From: Chef Willy

RE: meeting


Gentlemen, as you all shall have heared by now, our denfeses have been penetrated by renegades. Blaiming someone is simple, taking it is an other matter. We take full responsibility and this case will be investigated to the bone.

I hope you find it in your heart to not turn your back when the people need you. This only prooves my stand more, that rebels and terrorists can not be stopped by the efforts of one nation. The meeting in Bull Tower has been cancelled, officialy.

A secret meeting shall take place on a new location. I won't let this alliance die out before it started, I won't let young nations be bossed around, I won't let Europa be ruled by the will of an elite, I won't give up Europa.

special note for GHET: We strongely support your participation, during the time of alliances, isollation is a daring move. We need your help to form a strong base in this alliance. It is not formed to be powerful, but to protect the ones who aren't.


Condo stopped scribling: "Will this be all?"

"Huggie wuggies, Chef Willy" the states leader concluded.

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user posted image


Pact of Nations (temporary name)


The 9 Points Chapter


This chapter is free for all nations to sign and new members will be always looked for. It is created to protect the sovereignity of all nations, big and small, from both extern and intern threats, both human-made or nature related. The governments that sign this will not be obliged, rather motivated to put the good of Europa in front of their own. A founding member is one who sees true power in goodwill, instead of arms.


I. All members shall help and protect the rights of young nations and members and will not intervene in their intern government.


II. Nations, new above all, shall be motivated to sign the chapter.


III. If a nation governments, despite these efforts, collapses (OOC: dies), signing members shall intervene if a power wishes to annex the nation.


IV. To help his goal, a strong task force shall be created, who shall be put in action against disasters, human and nature related. (name: FAST?)


V. Based on economic power and population, each member shall put a financial contribution forward. These resources will be used to help poor members and nations in trouble, member or not.


VI. A customs union between the members shall be formed.


VII. A member shall not work against the interests of an other member.


IIX. A member shall not use chemical, biological and anti-civilian designed weaponry.


IX. War will be the final solution, never the right one.

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