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Unit? des nations

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Unit? des nations


This is an agreement designed to better relations and bring together the Nations of "Tagmatium" and "The Chosen Nations".


By signing this agreement you accept the following conditions:

  • There will be free trade between Tagmatium and The Chosen Nations with no caps, limits or subsidies.
  • Both nations will publicly declare this agreement 28 days after it has been signed.
  • The Governments of the respective countries will recognize each other?s passports (or equivalent), allowing them access to respective countries with greater ease.
  • If there is a natural disaster in Tagmatium, The Chosen Nations will be ready to help, with supplies, troops and anything else the government requires. Tagmatium will also perform the same role for the Chosen Nations.
  • There will be embassies of The Chosen Nations in the capital city of Tagmatium, and vice versa.
  • This agreement is subject to change, but the change must be agreed by both Tagmatium and The Chosen Nations.


The Chosen Nations


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Holy Imperial Press Statement


The Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium signed a historic agreement with the Chosen Nations today. The agreement came about as a result of secret negotiations with the TCN, which started soon after the crisis in southern Europa came to an end. This treaty has been made to strengthen both nations' positions within Europa, especially after the activities near the Chosen Nations territory. A similar treaty was suggested here:

Tagmatium also pledges a similar amount in aid towards the Chosen Nations, 900 million Euros, roughly the same as T350 million. This will be a single, one-off payment. The Greater Holy Empire offers TCN a trade agreement similar to the one between the Eternal Empire of Amnalos and ourselves. It is to cement friendship between our nations, and is fully voluntary. The summary of this agreement is to be found here. If TCN has any ajustments or admenments to be made to the agreement, we will take this on board. We wish to know what the other nations involved feel about this before it is to be made into a full agreement

This agreement will be stood by as long as possible. We hope this is palatable to all nations concerned.

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