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*Phil IV pushes akiiryu over and points at tagmantium, it was him!


ahem, anyway, if im being honest, im not entirly sure about what Ide Jima was suggesting, you mean like posting what you want, like: 200 X243 class tanks, or 10 super Destroyer class warships? and then other nations try to outbid each other? hmm, sounds interesting (i bid 3 million dollers, and a free meat pie!)


but yeh, that was fairly silly comment Chosen nations

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One of the reasons RP has ground down is that no one is being controversial enough. I would, but because of the break-down in the fairly-even EPA/CPA thing and the founding of the Vanarambaion-led alliance means that I am basically on my own. Were I to make a move that flared up violence, I would be fairly rapidly destoryed by a large alliance of several large nations. Which is conductive to pan-Europan peace, but is not conductive to good RPs.


The other large war Role-plays we've had have a more-or-less balance of nations against each other, which makes it long lasting and exciting. I know there is no way to break up the Van-lead alliance now, but some thought really ought to be put towards this. Do we want a nice, strong Europa, with stable nations able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all the other nations in a regional "golden age", or do we want a nice conflict that re-ignites the role-play section and that we can all look back on and remember proudly? i know which I would like. Plus I want to put the Akiiryans in their rightful places... tongue.gif

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