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The Ashes

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Come on all you Aussies and Brits Comments please.


I think England deserved to win the series (no doubt)


I would also like to congratulate the Aussies for being such good sports although it feels great to stuff the proud brags of the Aussies who were predicting a 5-0 whitewash down their throats.


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Whats really funny is seeing how much the ashes mean to you pommies.


Despite the fact we hate to lose to England at anything, and a couple of dodgy decisions and light, England deserved to win. Could of been worse, could have been New Zealand that beat us.


Our era is over, and soon we will go the way of the West Indies



Good Work England!

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yay, woke up this morning sufficiantly celebratiory smile.gif


well done to the aussies though, was a very good series, whats most suprising for me is how this series has got so many english people into cricket, after a year devoid of many other national successes, this comes as a great sporting moment smile.gif

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After years of being continually beaten by the convicts at everything, rugby, cricket, and even football, every victory over the aussies, the ashes and rugby world cup means a hell of a lot. The fact that it was so exiting with three of the tests going down to the wire meant that it cought the public imagination and media attention and so was likley to bring such emotion. Add that to the fact we aint had them for too bloody long!!!


Fair play to Shane Warne a legend, Brett Lee and poor little clueless Ricky Ponting who were gracefull in defeat and hail king Freddie!!!!!

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Rubbish mate!


You know as well as I know that your lot would be going mental if the roles were reversed.


Afterall it is your national game. (Don't give me any of thet Aussie rules is your national game sh*te either)


I'm not braggin, I'm just saying that it is good to see another country step up to the plate and match australia blow for blow, afterall it is about bloody time.


As for your Windies prediction... don't make me laugh.

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1. Any excuse will do for blue collar Australians to get mental and loaded with grog


2. Rugby League, AFL(or aussie rules) and even the Melbourne Cup stop the nation more so then Cricket. Sure Cricket popular but your more likely to see a football in the hands of youth then a ball and bat


3. I also think its good to see someone give us a run for our money. Might bring more interest back in Australia after we have been use to "Australia win by 9 wickets or 300 runs". Justs gives us another reason to "hate" you poms


4. We will go the way of the Windies, Warne, Mc Grath, Hayden, Gillispie, maybe Gilchrist should be retiring within the next year or so, and we haven't blooded much young talent yet. I wouldn't be suprised if 3/4 of the current team haven't retired or been axed by this time next year.

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