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Meteorola proposes that wealthy and poor nations bind together in an association for preventing hunger in Europa.


The Charter of the Food Aid and Distribution in Europa Network (FADE-NET)


I. Any nation may join regardless of government or human rights record.


II. All nations whose gross domestic product per capita exceeds $20,000 annually may join as a Donor nation.


III. All nations whose gross domestic product per capita does not exceed $20,000 annually may join as a Recipient nation.


IV. All Donor nations give aid in the form of food to all Recipient nations regardless of political relations.


V. The one exception to provision IV shall be in the event of war between a Donor nation and a Recipient nation. This does not impact any of the other member nations.


VI. Any nation may withdraw from FADE-NET at anytime for any reason. No nation may be removed from FADE-NET for any reason.


VII. Donor and Recipient nations give and receive aid based on what they can give and receive as determined by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's)


VIII. This is not a military agreement, or an alliance. It has no official bearing on political agreements between nations.


IX. Food aid is transported and distributed by FADE-NET. No government or private organization is involved.


X. Non-FADE-NET nations may donate or receive aid in the event of a major humanitarian crisis.


XI. The primary goal of FADE-NET is to feed the hungery in poor nations. The secondary goal of FADE-NET is to immprove relations between wealthy and poor nations.


Recipient Members
  • Ide Jima
  • Meteorola
  • Haken Rider
  • ..
Donor Members
  • Caldari State
  • Bhalman
  • Niederoestereich
  • ..
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Ide Jima would like to act as a recipient for the food provided by FADE-NET. Although we are not a poor nation as a whole, extreme povert exists in the shanty towns on the fringes of our larger cities.


Poverty is on the way out, but we feel that applying to this would speed the process somewhat. If neccessary, we can fund the aid by diverting funds from religion.

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