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President Hartman dead

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---- Voice of the Republic ----




Tonight, at 2030 hours, President Hartman died in the Alaghon Military Hospital. A heart attack killed the president, who won the Second Civil War and rebuilt Tamurin and the biggest tamurinian nation ever, including the Republic of Ormpetarr.


The President broke down minutes after he sent a message to Europe concerning possible peace talks with TCN. After that he was rushed to Alaghon Military Hospital, but the doctors were unable to help him.


President Hartman worked very hard and the election of the parliament put a lot of pressure on him. He made Tamurin a respected and trusted nation in Europa.



All flags were put on half in our nation. Three days of mourning were ordered by Vice-President Roland Berger. He said, that any talks about a successor of President Hartman should begin after that.

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To: Tamurin

From: Caldari State


We were shocked when the Holo-net tranmissions from Europa mentioned the death of the President. We have seen many great leaders die over the States history and your president will be remembered. The Caldari State offers any support to the shocked and stunned Republic in its time of saddness.



President Yakiva Tovia-Toba

Vice President Haatakan Oirstuu

War Minister Minimela Erinen

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To: Tamurin

From: Adaptus


We ard shocked to hear the news of this, and our flags shall fly at half massed in remeberance to President Hartman. We hope you find a new leader who can carry on President Hartmans dream.


Prime Minister Ramsey

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To: Tamurin

From: Tagmatium

Re: Death of President Hartman


We are truly sorry to hear about the death of President Hartman. A great man has passed away today, and the GHET is in mourning. The President not only rescued his own nation from despotism by the League of Lords, but also rescued Tagmatium from the same threat, led by the Conservative League of Tagmatium.


Although tomorrow is the 492nd aniversary of the refounding of the Holy Empire by Commodus II in 1513 after two hundred years of chaos, which is usually a time of celebration, it will be announced as a day of mourning. The Tagmatine people saw Hartman as one of the saviours of the nation, due to his commitment of soldiers that re-inforced the hard-pressed loyalists as the CLT advanced south, and even turned the tide and re-captured Scutum, will welcome this day to pay respects. All flags across the Empire will be at half-mast.


He was also continually the lone sane voice that, on several occaisons, held back violence in Europa, and then mediated in the following talks, bringing calm where there was rage.


Such a man of peace in this world of conflict will be sorely missed, and we hope that the future is as bright for his nation as when the president was in charge of it. The whole of the region will be saddened by the lose of such a man.


Commodus James,

Holy Emperor of Tagmatium

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To: Tamurin

From: Prime Minister's Office in Port Nain


"On Behalf of the Bhalian People and the Nation of Bhalman, we are shocked by the death of such a glorious and powerful person as President Hartman."


"The Allied States of Bhalman wish to help the beleagured nation in its time of depression and grief for the lost of its leader."



Prime Minister Lordin Janinak

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The Prince, Baronic Council and people of the Suiblime Principate of Akiiryu send their condolences to the people of Tamurin with regard to the loss of their great and noble president. A ceremonies of rememberance will be held in the Robjuth Monastry, Nimarci this week in his honour. All Tamurin nationals are welcome to attendent and will be provided with special seating.

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TO: All nations

FROM: Vice-President Roland Berger

RE: President Hartman


We thank all nations that feel and mourn with us. Our ambassadors will contact each nation in person to show our gratitude.


The family of President Hartman wishes to thank the people in Europa for their feelings, sympathies and their mourning.


President Hartman was buried this afternoon at 1800 hours. According to his wishes, the ceremony was small and included only his family and close friends. He will rest in peace in a small town south of Alaghon, our capital.


The administration will resume its work on friday. Until then, all administrative work will rest, except the most necessary.



Best wishes and all the gratefulness of Tamurin,

Vice-President Berger

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To: Tamurin

From: Ide Jima


We are deeply saddened to hear of this, and we send our deepest condolences. Please forgive the lateness of our reply. President Hartman was a truly great leader, and he will be missed,


Kaiten Utsure, Ide Jiman president.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Tamurin


Deltannia sends its condolences, and is saddened at the death of President Hartman. Several of our ships are en route to Tamurin in order to honor him, and they will be firing an 11-cannon salute each. Please allow them to pay respects.


OOC: Cannon salutes go, pretty much, 1-commodore, 2-rear adm. 3-vice adm, 4-adm, 5-fleet adm/war adm/adm of honor, 7-Grand Adm. Anyone can receive cannon salutes, depending on their importance, and usually 11 is for great leaders (i.e. the death of a Deltannian Senator), no matter whom.

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*In Arrabar Harbor*


"All ships ready, sir."


"Ready the cannons!" The crews quickly prepared the cannons, and the hustle on the various ships could be heard around the harbor.


"I'm glad so many ships could be here," said Grand Admiral Salani aboard the Pride of Deltannia. "Ready, 11-cannon salute!"


One through eleven were heard, and the people all around bowed their heads in silence.

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Special announcement by Vice-President Berger


"Good evening, my fellow Tamurinians.


A few days ago, our great President died. The last days were days of mourning and reflection. People all over Europa mourned with us and made many gestures of respect to this President.


Although it's hard, we have to move on. Our country needs a functioning leadership.


It would be easy now to let the parliament announce me as new President. I'm the next in line and it would only be a formality.


But this wouldn't be the right thing to do. The first law of democracy is "All power comes from the people". And it's the people's right to decide who is going to be President in our country.


Therefor, you, my fellow Tamurinians, will have to elect again. But not the parliament this time, a new President.


The elections will be on Sunday, October 9th, 2005. Until then, you have enough time to review the goals of all candidates and you'll have all the information you need to make a wise decision.


Good evening!"





Presidential candidates


"Vice-President Roland Berger (Conservatives) und former Vice-President Martin Sumner (Isolationists) have already announced, that they're gonna run for President.


Candidates from other parties have not yet decided.


First polls show that it's gonna be a close run between the two major candidates."

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**Encoded Message**


To: Vice President Roland Berger

From: Holy Emperor Christoph Tinsman


I will offer you the same thing I offered the late President Hartman. If touring the country will spur the Conservatives to victory, I will offer my presence for that. If ignoring the situation will spur you to victory, I will do that as well. And if declaring war will spur you to victory, we are prepared to do that as well. In short, an isolationist Tamurin is unacceptable to Vanarambaion and the region, and we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure an active Tamurin in the international community for some time to come. I await your answer.

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*** ENCODED ***


FROM: Vice-President Roland Berger

TO: Holy Emperor Christoph Tinsman


Dear Holy Emperor Tinsman,


I thank you for your offer. A visit of you in Tamurin would be helpful. It would show people that our administration is still respected and in perfect working order. I would be in your debt, if you did that.


Yours respectfully,


Roland Berger


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---- Voice of the Republic ----


It's getting close! Berger vs. Sumner - still no decision!


Still one and a half week to go to the presidential elections and it's very close! Vice-President Roland Berger, candidate of the conservatives, is rated at 35% in the polls, his rival Martin Sumner, head of the isolationists, ist rated at 33%. About 32% of the voters favor other candidates or haven't decided yet.


The most important voters are the socialists who don't have a candidate of their own. They're still torn between the right-wing Berger and the Tamurin-first Sumner.


"It's difficult to decide. The conservatives have been our coalition partners for a long time, but Berger is from the right wing of the conservatives and was never fond of socialists. A mutual feeling." the head of the socialists said.


Rumors within the conservative party tell, that Field Marshall von Steinburg should've been elected for candidacy. He is a war hero and is neutral.


Von Steinburg: "Being a soldier has a lot of advantages from being a politician and I am not willing to give them up."

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***not encoded message***


TO: Vice-President Martin Sumner

FROM: Chef Willy


During this uncertain era in the history of Europa, we would like to support your ideology. We ourself find that every nation shall have the right to do what it wants in it's own country. Looking inside our own borders isn't a luxury in times of terrorism, revolutions and economic crisises. I'm sure a nation will have more benefit if it attempts to deal with it problems, instead of looking at the problems of other nations and raise an army that has surpassed the purpose of pure defending. Let's not be hypocrit, some nations constantely search for conflict, because otherwise it will damage their war-based economy. That's a shame. Money shouldn't be more important then blood.

Sir Martin Sumner, I wish you the best.

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