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Caldari State Approches Entire Region

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To: Caldari Ministry of Trade -- Ministry of the Interior

From: Haken Rider


Our nation has a respectable name in the technology sector, led by the fusion of Ridosoft-Hacintosh industries. They offer an enormous assortment of advanced computers, machines and anti-bug updates.


Furniture Restoration is a underrated, yet indispensable sector. Hikea askes permission to build several establishments in the Caldari State.


In these dangerous times our growing arms industries are proven to deliver first class small and big arms, armor, tanks and missile technology.


Haken Rider is also intested in importing.


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To: Caldari State

From: Adaptus


if you are looking for military hardware, look no ferther, we have a large range of weaponry here at Vickers, and it's all on offer and the list is always growning, so pease take a look at the Vickers Weapons Systems catologe located Here.


Thank you and have a nice day.


Andrew Wilson

Head of Sales Vickers Weapons Systems.

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From: Caldari Ministry of Trade - Ministry of the Interior


We are will to export as much as you need of oil and coal, Platnium seems to be in great demand in the State at this time, but when more is aviable and enough for export and national requirements you will be notifed. We would like Gold and Silver in return, we are willing to take as much as you can export. Name your price.

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