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Caldari Holo-Net 2

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Holo-Net 2: September 3rd, 2005


Food Grants for the Poor - Should the State Concider It or Let them Starve?

Location: Capitalworld, Caldari Prime


"The Chief Executives Panel today have been heated debated over food grants to the State's poorer citizens and it seems no agreement can be reached."


"Vice President, Haatakan Oirstuu and CEO of Kaalaikoita supported the Food Grants but only as a way to make people work for it. The CEP President, Kutruu Irio also agreed to the food grants but they should be avaiable only to most impovesed."


"On the otherside of the spectrum, their has been oppistion. Alasunda Yeki, Minister of Finiance stated that this would cost the State over 1 Billion Credits for every 350,000 people and the State cannot afford to spend it on useless expenses. Also, Tormalaiken Marcho, Minister of Urban Development then stated an alternative plan. Why don't we provide the poor with cheap high rises so they can at least stop blocking traffic? The President has yet to take a side in this debate and a vote within the CEP is planned for next week."


"During the debate, the idea of conscpting the unemployed and lower classes into the armed forces also met some heated debate. Minister Erinen of the Minstry of War agreed to this idea as the armed forces needed more manpower if the Tzen Republic was to declare war at any moment. President Yakiva is in the process of giving his opinion in the matter."

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Holo-Net 2: September 8th, 2005


Food Grants for the Poor: Result - APPROVED

Location: Capitalworld, Caldari Prime


"President Yakiva Tovia-Toba has finnaly gotten around to the Free Food Grants Act and he has accepted and approved it and is now enacted in the State. The President stated VERY clearly that the elegiable can only be people below the poverty line of 8,000 credits per annum. If the person makes more than that, he will be not allowed to have the grant. The military will be overseeing the distrbution of the grants and have the right to not allow the person to get the grant."


"Vice President and CEO of Kaalaikoita, Haatakan Oirstuu stated in a press conference today that she would like the companies to be able to determine if their workers get the grant privilege, President Yakiva was not avaible for comment on that."


"In retaliation against the President's approval of the act, Minister of Finance, Alasunda Yeki stated that the State's budgets will go under to this unnessacy act. President Yakiva did state that only poor people making less than 8,000 credits per year will be able to get it and thats about 1 and every 5 poor people. Yeki still didn't like it."


"President Yakiva also made an apperence at the Ministry of War to discuss the issue of recuirting poor people into the armed forces. No details or ideas from the Ministry at this time."

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Holo-Net 2: September 12, 2005


Caldari Delegates Sent to Major Powers of Europa

Location: Ministry of the Interior, Caldari Prime


"Minister of State, Alakoni Ishyanoa sent today several delegations to the major powers of Europa to arrange alliances and treaties even the possiablity of trade agreements. Some of the major powers including Tagmatium, Ide Jima, Tamurin, Akiiryu and Deltannia. The Minister of State hopes that the delegations are sucessful."

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Holo-Net 2 Special Report: September 15th, 2005


Victory in Vina'del - Ka'Mali In Retreat!

Location: Vina'del System, Saldor Nebulae


"Today is a victory and the turning point in the war against the dreaded alien race known as the Ka'Mali. Over the course of the last week, their have been several skirmsh in Vina'del but the last 3 days have seen the most action in the course of the war."


"Caldari, Pacifist Cowards and Flakian Forces were repeatedly attacked from tons of clusters and even some were overwhelmed. When a large number of ships had been destroyed, Vice Admiral Seldon had ordered a fall back to the Vina'del VI Defense Platform for one last defense, but then a mysterious ally arrived attacked the Ka'Mali and vaporized the Mothership. Once the Mothership blew up into millions of tiny atoms, the Ka'Mali were in full retreat and once that started, the mysterious people vanished back into hyperspace."


"The Victory was short-lived as the death toll came in from the front. The 55th Caldari Fleet was half destroyed on the first day, the 56th Caldari Fleet was down to its second to last ship on the second day but the most losses was in the 57th Caldari Fleet as it was completely vaporized by Ka'Mali Destroyers and also by the Mothership. Over 150,000 men were in service in the 57th Space Navy and they shall not be forgot. To remember them, Minister Minimela Erinen of the Ministry of War has decided to add all 150,000 men to the Order of Corporate Defense, Second Class, one of the highest honor military men can be awarded."


user posted image

The Mothership Blowing Up


OOC: This is based on an RP in FAN, Do not attack or critize.

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