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The Corporate Powerhouse of Caldari State

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The Rise and Fall of the Raata Empire

In around the 1200s,the Raata Empire had risen to power by force with the help of the Isuuaya Corporation. The First Emperor, Raata I, was a powerful and wise ruler who was able to harness the power of space travel. He was able to establish intersteller Trade and was also able to re-discovered how to construct jumpgates. However, after Raata I's reign, the empire had separated into 8 smaller regions, each governed by a major corporation.


The Dark Ages and the Rise of the Current Corporations

Between the late 1200's and thru to the early 1500's, trade had declined, leadership landed in the hands of the CEO's of the emerging corporations and commucation between these 'corporation fiefdoms' also declined. These were rough times, the Caldari population decreased as food production was devastated by many failures as they were only able to produce enough to substain their fiefs citizens and that was all. The jumpgates started to also feel the pain as they become in disrepair and warmongering corporations attacked each other. To simply put it: this was a chaoic time and the people were unsure as what was going to happen next.


The Formation of the Caldari State and the Rise of the CEP

In the 1500's, after some 250 years after the collapse of the Empire, the territories of the Old Raata Empire formed the Present Day State. Each of the 8 major corporations, who governed their own fief, formed the Chief Executives Panel. After several failures at colonizing and expanding the State to other worlds, they began to bicker among themselves, almost causing the Chief Executive Panel to go into discord and destroy everything they have worked for but the CEO of the Lai Dai Corporation, Vemei Danjon, suggested that they elect someone as President for Life. And so they did. After that day, trade and commerce prospered and the State became very wealthy and technologlly-advanced. It was at this point that the State made alliances with several nations including Velenora.


The Gevon Wars

The Gevon Wars were a bleak time for the State as well as the Federation of Allied Nations in general. Up to this point, this has been one of the laregest conflicts the region has ever seen. In the End, the Armed Republic of Gevon became a Protectorate and Provience of the Caldari State.


First Gevon War

In the First Gevon War, The nation of Gevon under Lord Steven declared war on the Nation of Maraudersoft (ally and friend of the Caldari State). The Ministry of War still has yet to figure out the real reason for this declaration of war. At first, it was only a minor conflict but then grew into a regional war, causing some of the region's largest powers to fight against each other. The DMD (or allies) made up of the nations of Maraudersoft, Velenora Heltzholm and the Caldari State vs. the Enemies or in this case, the Tzen Empire and the Gevon Lordship.

Several Weeks into the War, the Tzen Republic began an invasion of Maraudersoft at Fort Neptune at location Turtle. A heavy firefight on the beaches happened when Tzen Imperial Forces landed on the beaches, Caldari Legionaries fired several hundred rounds until they were outnumbered and they flef from the field to take up ambush positions.

As Tzen forces move into towards the capital, Caldari forces won a victory in a small town about 20 miles southwest of Raven City. However, this victory caused the Tzen Air Force to attack Perimeter Island and assulted the naval base there, the attack was a failure. A few weeks after the invasion landed, Gevon forces moved in to surround the city and were soon decimated by Operation Venus Fly Trap and most were exteremated. Tzen forces after the failed attack on Raven City, the Tzen pulled out of the war but Gevon forces continued. Caldari forces attacked Hong, capital of Gevon and almost completely leveled it. In the end, the Gevon State surrendered and that ended the first Gevon War, but a much deadly but faster Gevon War happend only a few years later.


Second Gevon War

In the Second Gevon War, the Gevon attacked the Caldari State, the main victor of the 1st war. The cause of the 2nd war was pure aggression and the want to destroy who had defeated them. Gevon Forces blocked all ways out, the mainland bridge, the Bay of Tovil-Toba and Perimeter Naval Base. Gevon forces moved in and took most of the Caldari major spaceports and even Haki. A full scale evacuation was called for, only a few military personnel stayed to protect the refugges.

Later that week, Typophiles entered the war on the Gevon side and with that, the Typophilen Government supplied the Gevon with a space navy, which almost decimated the Caldari Terra Fleet who were protecting the jumpgate.

After Several days, the Citadel and Lonetrek Militas met with the Navy and they launched a full scale retaking of the State and they won, the Gevon were in retreat and the Caldari regained Haki. In the end of the 2nd Gevon War, the Wachi-Skymorse Treaty was signed and all Gevonians came under Caldari Rule. At this present moment, the Gevonians are citizens of the Caldari State.

In the aftermath of the 2nd War, the Caldari State evicted all Gevonians from their present homes to be relocated to the newly-opened region in the Bleak Lands. The State then handed all former Gevonian Territory to the Grand Duchy of Heltzholm. Also from the aftermath, created the Caldari-Tzen Cold War.


Caldari-Tzen Cold War

Coming Soon!


The Caldari State Today

Today, the State is well over 220 systems large, 4 regions wide and the State is ever continuing to expand due to jumpgate technology and continues to hold more monopolies in off-world industry then any other nation in the Democratica combined, in part due to the excellent economic policies of Yakiva Tovia-Toba and the Current Chief Executives Panel. The Caldari State Armed Forces continue to be on the cutting edge of weapons technology and with the new Titan-Class Destroyer, the Navy is one of the most powerful in the region. The Home Guard has been able to almost destroy crime but terrorism has increased in the last decade.

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