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Extreamists Declare war on the Federation

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-----**Adatus Broadcasting Center 10 o'clock news with David McDonald**-----



At around about 9:20 am this morning three large explosions could be heard in the center of Tyne Vally, the industrial heartland of Adaptus. The explosions were three car bombs within half a mile of each other, which were targeted at the commuters on their way to work in the morning rush hour. About 10 minutets later, gunshots were heard, and the start of a 4 hour long gun battle through the city began. Local Federation Territorials, were sent in to find an old foe, an armed group called the Communist Liberation Front, which used to trouble adatus a few years back. It seems the group has now emerged again. the Territorials moved in to find the CLF now had ocupied several buildings in the local area. After an hour of stalemate, the SAR (Special Air Regiment) was called in, they launched assaults on all buildings, these proved sucssedfull alought a large convey was spotted enterin the city center, ladended with armored Jeeps and five old t-60 tanks. chaos befell the SAR, and they were forced to fall back, and the CLF retook the center. an hour of fighting ensued,with the SAR conducting raids into CLF territory and the Tyne Vally Light Infantry launching larger scale assaults, casulites mounted out the ferderations side, by this time is was thought the extreamists were over 200 strong. it was agreed that the 7th armored regiment was sent in, 3 challenger 2's were sent in along side the TVLI in 2 warrior 3 MFV's. the streets of Tyne Vally were litted with burnt out T-60's and hundreds of bodys. after another hour of fighting the CLF broke up and fled to the country side, where they are being traked down as we speak.


it seems that the CLF are back and on their website have delcared war on the Fedeation Government. Adaptons will remeber the 1970's being very violent due to the CLF and now people frear that now will aslo be remembered for the same thing.

Eirlier today the Prime Minister Had this to say. " We relise the threat the CLF impose and i shall not rest untill every member of this extreamist group is brought to justice, CI5 have been given the task of inteligance gathering. these Extreamists will pay for there crimes of treason".


the death toll after todays insedent was brought up to 45 Federation Soldiers, 120 Extreamists and 82 Civilians. the Prime Minsister also sated that a day of rememberance for the dead will be held on friday, and that this day be remembered as Bloody Sunday. As a result of the insident the main sauce of industry for Adaptus has been ravaged and preduction in most facilitys has droped suferly. none the less Adaptus shall plow forward, and all Military units have been placed of full alert, incase of other attacks.



Thats all for tonight


this is David McDonald ABC news at 10 Goodnight.

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To: Ide Jima

From: Adaptus


We would be delited if you could offer help, as ourl armed forces are so small. We dont have much Info as of yet but CI5 is working on it, but we have gathered one thing and that is that the Extreamists have a large number of supporters, and that they fought with great orgonization and coporation, this has lead us to belive, they have either had outside help or have employed merceinaries, we also have found out that they have good equiptment also such as T-60 tanks and we also recovered a number of high tech equiptment from the battle zone such as, NVG's Laser rang finders and other moder equitpment, so we also belive they have some very wealthy backers. also the death toll has now raisen to 134 death CLF members. anyways we thank you once again for your support.


Prime Minister Andrew Ramsey

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To: Adaptus

From: Ide Jima


A stormtrooper unit is on it's way. 2300 elite infantry are preparing launch an air assault and neutralise the CLF positions in the Tyne valley. The 13th high seas fleet is also ready to give support, should the first attack not go to plan. Would it be possible for two squadrons of STAC (stormtrooper aircorps) aircraft to operate from airfields in Adaptus? 14 C-5s and 18 AN-124s are airbound bringing the stormtroops and their equipment to Adaptus.


The following airborne forces have been despatched to your aid:


The 4th Stormtrooper northern offensive regiment


Troops: 1900

Logistics: 400 (Direct) (Indirect communications and intel is provided by logistics based with the nearest fleet for airborne operations).


Vehicular Support:

Warrior IFV: 52

Wiesel Airborne Tank: 66


Air support* (requested):


TU-160IJ: 3

BCI Buccaneer II: 12

Panavia Tornado IDS: 19

Shenyang J-6 'Farmer' (MiG-19): 26


WAH-64D (carried in pieces by air, and dropped on pallets into the combat zone): 24

Mi-28 (Same applies): 15


*Air support drawn from the Storm Trooper Air Corps, rather than the Airforce. The STAC is due for modernisation, hence the use of dangerously obsolete aircraft like the MiG-19.


We will do all we can to deal with the communist threat.





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To: Tagmatium

From: Adaptus


We thank you also for your support, and FIN Swanhunter is open for your navy to dock there and for supplies.


To: Ide Jima

From: Adaptus


We thank you for your help, and our airspace is open to your aircraft, we have also designated FAF Aicliff for your use, it is located directly south of tyne vally.

also FIN Swanhunter is also open for your vessles to dock there.



**Statement on CLF**


The Federation Parachute Regiment launched an assault on a large country estate just north west of Westerhope, and sized a large car pool of coverted Toyota Pickup trucks, and also ammunition, we also took 31 CLF captive and have them in interagation. we have also found out they have outside training bases in the nabouring territory of 102. so we have steped up military presence on the border, and the FAF are conducting sortes along the boreder also. another thing is we detected unknown aircraft flying over our border with 102 the day befor the attacks, they where belived to be Mig 15's but did not bear any reconized air force insignea, so we belive these may belong to CLF. it seems they have colected alot of funds and now have a large arsenal at there disposal. this is a warning to other nations flying over 102 as there maybe hostile forces based there.


***** *****


Head of CI5 Inteligance

Edited by Adaptus (see edit history)
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The air flotilla above the Tyne valley...


The lead AN-124's rear cargo doors creaked open. Inside were 300 stormtroops, with several more pallets containing vital equipment. The green light flashed on, and the troops began to file out, parachuting down into the Tyne valley. As the first wave hit the floor, a basic perimeter was established.


The highest ranking officer, Captain Heilan rallied troops into order as they started to fan out and move towards the high ground. The engines of Wiesel light tanks started up as the pallets crashed to the ground. More troops were now landing, their parachutes lit up by flares in the night sky.


Everything was going well until gunfire started and the advance of the column ground to a halt. Above the firing of the CIS Sar-21 assault rifles the firing of a ST Browning .50 could be heard.


"Damn" Heilan muttered, "Looks like the commies had the same idea. He asked one of the sergeants how many there were of both the stormtroopers and the CLF.


"About 20 in the lead patrol, at least 50 communists on the heights, they stopped us dead in our tracks".


"Send the light tanks forward, clear the heights".





Later that evening, all the stormtroopers had landed. Patrols were now waging a guerilla war in the Tyne valley. Civilians in stricken areas were evacuated by helicopter, whilst federation units that had been stranded by the attack were slowly linked up. The tyne valley had a long way to go, but the heights were clear .By daybreak casualties counted:



fl: 27

l: 4


CLF: 80+


Civilian: 71

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***Border Town of Bewick***



The Blue Jackets where on duty in the town as it bored with plot 102. it was 9:35 pm and very dark for this time of year. the night was going smoothly, no one had been arested, and no one had been uncoprative, untill the sounds of jets where heard.

"ah, must be the FAF on another sorte the night"

"aye, i think your right sergeant"

"oi, hang on a sec, thats coming from the south"

"oh your right tommy, emm, crap, SOUND THE ALARM THE RED'S ARE BACK"


the alarm sounded but it was to late, a converted boing 777 fly over head and droped it's load on the town. the suviving men had little time to get there bearing as a large wave of commies floked over the border. the brave men of the blue jackets fired back be to no avail, the commies crossed the border in masses of coverted 4x4's and old T-60 and T54 tanks, the garrison was slautered and the town of bewick we now in red territory.



***Federation Defence Ministery Ramseygrad***


"we are less than 50 miles away from bewick, there heading here, strait for the capitol".

"your right field marshal, i want all availible military units directed to Ramseygrad and a defensive parimiter estblished, and get all the civilians in the south part of the city evacuated and ready the north of the city for mass evacuation, i'm declairing the city of Ramseygrad a state of emergancey".

"yes Prim Minister".


Europa Fighter Typhoons scoured the skys of the south, and the streets of Ramseygrad where full of Challenger 2's, machine gun nests blockades. a squadren of typhoons spotted the charging column of commies, and unleshed the helfire missles apon them knocking out several tanks and about 70 troops, then the Typhoons headed back to the city, then back at the city the AA barreries fired, as typhoons and commie MiG 15's fought in the skys. then at the Ryne hill, the main souther route into Ramseygrad, the rolling thounder could be heard, and challenger 2's took position and the many troops scrabled into there postions in the many large buildings, with the AA batteries in the background, they waited until finaly, and surely, they came.


Like a sea of red they swept the horizon, volly after volly fired from the challengers as the SAR were flown over the column and droped by helicopter. the Typhoons roard over head randomly picking off targets then turnig back to deal with the MiG's again, then the troops scurried from there hiding places in the buildings and a large melee ensued. the Challengers plowed forward to meet the T-60's and 54's head on. the Federation troops fought on farousulsly but it seemed for every fallen commie 3 more took his place. then the commies sent in the next wave, hundreds it seemed of Mi-8 helicopters pored over head droping sheet after sheet of red paras into the mix, the Federation apaches tryed there best to stop them but there was just to many. then just as things seemed bleack for the Federation, a Wave on Warrior 3 MFV's steamed in from the north full of fresh Kahns, strait from the Otan region on Adaptus, these men were not considered as warriors, but as savages, willing to die for the Federation. they plowed through the column of reds and disembarcked, and then all hell broke loose, Kahns tore through the commies like butter, choosing not to use there rifles, but there mashetees instead, hacking and slashing there way through the masses of red. as the SAR and other regiments gave thunderus volly after volly of supporting fire, and the apaches unleashed the rocket pods on the red's, but finaly after what must have seemed a life time, the commies started to flee, there MiG's lay broken on the souther plains, there tanks battered and smoking in the hills, and there men fallen in the cities. they surely just as they smelt victory, they crumbled into the wall of defeat.


***Back at the FDM's Heaquaters***


"Prime Minister the CLF are retreating back to the south".

"good, good, but i fear this may only be the start of a long and arguss war".

"we belive the reason the had so many troops was that they must have gathered all major Communist extreamist groups in the Region and united them in plot 102, and they chose us to assault".

"mm, yes, ok, send warning to all Governments in the region of armed Communists willing to fight for power".

"yes Prime Minister".





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The Caldari State has been many struggles over terrorists and extermreists, namely the Tzen Empire (now republic) and the Gevonian Rebels and would like to help in any way possiable. These people will pay the toll for their chaos and destruction.


Upon hearing of this news, we have sent for the 110th Armored Divison and the 2nd Legion to Adaptus. They shall be arriving be arriving in 24 standard hours.



War Minister Minimela Erinen and President Yakiva Tovia-Toba

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Adaptus


We are sorry to reply so late, with some internal communication trouble. If you require assistance, we can offer some marine troops in the area. They will be awaiting for your command. Two carriers will be in the area soon to offer some air support if necessary.

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To: Ide Jima and Niederoestereich

From Adaptus


We respect that you see this as brutality, but back in the 1970's the same groups commited mass crimes of murder against civilian targets, and also acording to the groups supporting website they have delcaied war on the Federation, so we desided to reply with war.



To:Deltannia and Caldari State

From: Adaptus


We apresiate the support you are giving us and have opend the port of swanhunters for you also. your fleets shall be welcomed but Fleet Admiral Harvey.


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To: Adaptus

From: Caldari Ministry of War


The 110th Armored Division and the 2nd Infantry Legion are on their way on 3 Terra Navy Ships, the CTN Hentogaria, the CTN Osleta and the CTN Osmon. The aircraft carrier Kaala is in the area if air cover is needed. Both groups of the Caldari State shall be deployed to meet up with the Ide Jiman Forces and will provide as back-up if any problems happen. If any more assistance is needed, please reply back to the Ministry of War.

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***ABC news at 10 with David McDonald***



Tonight just hours ago, the CLF launched a mass raid across the boarder, again trying to push toward Ramseygrad, but thankfully never did, the Blue Jackets, Ashton Guard and the Local light infantry Battalions managed to hold them back. this time once they pulled back the 7th Armored followed and caputred a large CLF camp, and found plans for an attack on the west coast of Adaptus using 5 desroyers battleships, but this was not the suprising part, finding out that the commies had a navy also, but that the naval attack was a diversion for a Trident Submarine to head up the Gulf of Adaptus, and launch a NUCLEAR missle at FIN Swanhunters, the main port which at the moment docks all vessles from other nations supporting the Federation in this war. the Federation Government wishes all friendly nation vessle to either leave the port, for there own safty or to help the FIN hunt down this Trident Sub, now with this fear of a nuclear attack from Communist Extreamists, the FAFS (Federation Armed Forces) and Federation Government. are thinking of asking other nations in there help to assault the Territory of 102 not for expantion but to hunt down these Comminusts and put a stop to this new nuclear threat. for the time being the area around FIN Swanhnters has been evacuated of civilians, untill this treat is over.


the death toll from the boarder assaults today was 256 Federation service people, 108 Civilians and an estimated 600 CLF members. the raids devasted some small boarder towns. as a result of todays attacks, three more full regiments have been sent to the boarder, these are, the Kahns, 18th Mechonized ( the white Foxes) and the Imperia Household Cavalry, have been placed on full alert. Prime Minister Ramsey realesed this statement.

"we are getting sick of these Communists, they dont what a communist state, they are just looking to show the world what they can do. we are trying our best to help the boarder towns with aid, and we are sending more troops all the time, but why should my soilders die needlessly, this is maddness, our forces are onlt small and are streached to the limit, we are just glad to have other nations supporting us and helping us throught these troubled times".


Yet another clean up and aid operation is under way to help the boarder towns. the Adapton people just pray this will end soon.


Thats all we have for tonight, more infomation shall be given at a later date.


this is David McDonald ABC news at 10, goodnight.

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All Caldari Vessels are on full alert and are off shore looking out for that submarine. The 2nd Legion and the 110th Armored Tank Division shall be making a nightfall landing and will move towards the Ide Jiman Forces in the Tyne Valley. The 12th Terra Wing, made up of Advanced Mirage Fighters shall make a bombing run with the governement's permission. General Nahu is in charge of the Caldari Task Force.

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To: Adpatus

From: Prime Minister Lordin Janinak of Bhalman


"We wish we could assist you in expelling these enemies of the State but we cannot send help at this time. If we have spare men or a wing of Mirages, we maybe able to send help."



Prime Minister Lordin Janinak

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***Federation Defence Ministry***




Admeral Vito sits at his desk, in the Naval department, while a young jounior Officer bursts into his office.


"Sir, sir..."

"What is it man"

"we've spotted the 5 Communist Vessles"

"good God, send out the Seven Star Fleet to search, and all other fleets to search for this Trident sub....NOW!!!!"

"yes sir"


Vito picks up the direct link phone to the PM's officer


"Sir i think we have a problem......we've spotted the commie ships."

"I see...inform the Army and Airforce."

"yes sir"



Prime Minister Ramsey puts down the phone and heads down the corridor to the meeting room after sending the message to his other ministers.


"Gentlemen the decoy vessles have been spotted, and i propese mass evacuation of the area around Swanhunters, they are on standbuy for the evacuation."

"yea your right. may i suggest we inform the other nations supporting us."

"yes. i was just about to get to that Gordon. ok it's in the Militarys hands now."


the the minsiters noded.




To: All supporting Nations

From: Adaptus


We have discovered the CLF Fleet just off the cost of the southern boarder with 102. We advies you mobalize your Fleets incase of Nuclear strike. our Fleets are scouring our oceans for the communists and their Trident sub. We dont have much time. all civilians have been evacuated from the Swanhunters area. and we sugest you pull your units out also.


John Gregg

Foreign Affairs Minister

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***Federation Defence Ministery Statement***


We have engaged the CLF fleet, and with minimum casulties maged to knock it our of action, but unfortunitly, we never managed to track down the Sub as of yet but we are still working on it. Boarder activity with 102 has died down for now, it has given us a chance to regroup our forces in the area. but we do belive that we cannot defend foever, so he have are proposing a Mulit-National Coalition into 102 to finaly put an end to this Communist terror threat, once we have safly secured the Trident Sub. We also have 3 Regiments on standby for a counter assault into 102 territory incase of an assault on our boarders. we have no new infomation on the CLF as of yet, but CI6 is working as hard as they can (the task of intelagance gathering was given to CI6 as the CLF now oprate outside of Adaptus, and CI5 is internal security, while CI6 is External).


that is all for now.


Jeff Alixander Defence Minster.


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-Public Statement-


All Communist CFL vessels will be authorised to enter Niederoestereichian waters and dock in Niederoestereichian ports and harbours. Re-arming and repairs can be arranged



To: Adaptus & Co.

From: Niederoestereich


Cease your attacks on these communist forces. Violence and brutal culling will not end this, it will only swell their ranks. We advise you attempt to resolve this through other means.



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ooc: hehe, a deranged admiral hell bent on destroying left wingism, this ought to liven things up. smile.gif


-Ide Jiman government statement-


We shall continue operations against communist forces. Should our navy intercept CLF vessels in any waters they shall be destroyed. We believe that the approach of sheltering these left wing rats will not resolve anything, only keep the past evil of socialism alive in Europa.





The Serekan Admiralty...


Admiral Taishan: "Where are our patrols?"


Intelligence officer:"The 9th 10th and 11th long range high seas patrols are en-route to monitor the international waters off Niederoestereich. The CLF will have heard their message, and if we get there in time we will be able to get rid of some of them".


Admiral Taishan:"How long?"


I.O: "The 10th will be there in two days, the 9th and 11th will take three days, possible more".


Admiral Taishan:"Very well, get a commerce raider squadron together in Jaihang, and look at the coast around Morpeth".


I.O: "Under whose orders? Only a Marshall can do that".


Admiral Taishan: (Lying) "Jiangwei authorised it, he told me to pass it to you".


I.O: Very well then, (Admiral leaves the room) (The I.O gets to the phone)


"Hello, war office? Did Aichi Jiangwei pass the formation of a commerce raider squadron in Jaihang".


Reply:"No, who told you he did?"


"Nah, must've been old Taishan playing up again, I reckon he's got something against commies. It's stupid to form a war unit like that - a commerce raider squadron would be far too much for such a trivial matter as thi..."


Having turned round he sees the admiral has re-entered the room.


Taishan: I knew you weren't to be trusted, I lost my family to Nobunga's thugs back in the red days.


Three naval infantry entered the room with silenced guns. "Kill him" said the Admiral, having taken the phone from the I.O and put it down. They opened fire, leaving the I.O dead before he had even got his pistol from his drawer.


Next the admiral phoned Jiangwei, "You needn't worry sir, only a misunderstanding, that order has been aborted". The three naval infantry were now at the dead man's computers, re-issuing the order for commerce raiders to scan the coast off Morpeth.

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The Nika (Conquor) and its attendant vessels arrived off the southern coast of Adaptus. The commander of the vessel, a large, foully tempered man named Oswald, stared across his bridge. A low ranking officer approached the Rear-Admiral and attempted to get his attention. The rear-Admiral turned his gaze upon the man, and frowned.


"Yes, lieutenant?"


"Sir, the flight decks are prepared. Are we to begin to search for CLF forces?"


Oswald was a longer-serving member of the Tagmatine navy. He had been captain of the Hussar before and during the Civil War, and before the fall of the Republic, a keen servant of the exiled, left-wing Imperial Government (nice contradiction there). He disliked going into action against those who held the same ideas as himself, but he would follow orders from the Imperial Government nonetheless.


"Yes, lieutenant. Alert the air squadrons to prepare to commence getting ready to prepare for action." ( wacko.gif ) The man thought for a bit. "And get in touch with the two Adilades, and tell them to begin advance to make sure the way to port is clear."




Rear-Admiral Oswald turned back to gazing moodily about the bridge. Thinking over the actions that he should possibly take. Maybe one of the new Basileus vessels could come into the area. That would calm things down abit. He turned to his communications officer.


"Send this message to Petrium..."

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