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Princiality of Elysii announces weapons contract

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From the desk of the Counciler


It brings me great pleasure to announce that the Principality of Elysii has secured a weapons contract with the Seburo Corp. We shall be shipping several dozen lots of Seburo's most advanced small arms systems. A brief overview of some weapons appears below.


AR55 A2 Advanced Assault Rifle


Caliber: 9.96mmx61 cartridge

Ammunition capacity: 30 shots in standard magazine

Standard sighting device: 2x magnification optical scope

Rate of Fire: 750 RPM


This assault weapon is slated to become the mainstay of the Army. it is intended to provide the most flexibility on the battlefield, and its 9.96mm cartridge allows it to engage targets ranging from infantry to light vehicles. With a maximum effective range of 500 meters, iit offers precise destruction in a light and easy-to-handle package.


SM23 Submachine Gun


Caliber: 5.5mmx23 round

Ammunition capacity: 45 shots in standard magazine

Standard sighting device: 1.5x magnification diopter sight

Rate of Fire: 950 RPM


The new mainstay of the police force, the SM23 offers impressive firepower in a suprisingly compact package. With its small size and guarantee of zero overpenetration, it has become standard issue to all police forces as well as military counter-terror teams.


BRAAM Anti-Materiel Cannon



Ammunition Capacity: UNDISCLOSED

Sighting device: UNDISCLOSED



When it enters service in the Army, the BRAAM will be the most powerful man-portable weapon system in existence. A result of Seburo's experiments with Guass Coil technology, the BRAAM will be able to propel a metal slug at high speeds, over great distances, and with precision accuracy. Testing has shown it effective against almost any vehicle, from Jeeps to heavy assault tanks. A platoon of soldiers wielding this weapon can, theoretically, devastate an entire armored batallion. More details will be released later.



The principality is schedualed to recieve all arms within the month, and the armed forces shall be fully equipped within three months.




Wiley H. Kimball

Counciler Most High, Council of Elysii


"Quo in loco ludent electi, ab Originis angelis circumda"


TagEdit: Sorry, Elysii, I've moved this thread to the Military Trade Agreements sub-forum, as it belongs there. It isn't obvious, but anything concerning the purchasing of weaponry belongs here in the trade section, rather than in the Military Sub-forum. Thanks.


More detailed reading shows that I was wrong, so I moved it back. I'm sorry oops.gif

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