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KDC Begins developing a new carrier for Bhalman

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KDC HQ, Kherson...



The long table is surrounded by a group of scientists and engineers. At the head is the chairman, looking pleased at the latest foreign investment in his company...


Chairman: "Here we have it, we must design and construct 2 carriers for Bhalman. Nuclear generators will be fitted as standard... Ketsun!... get on to Serekan for the nuclear license, they'll surely give us one. Team 1, you are to design the hull, team 2, you are to approach the MOI for materials, team 3 make the neccessary weaponry arrangements. Other matters will be dealt with after these three are out of the way... don't screw this one up!" (a referral to the IJMCs requirement for a tilt rotor)




Three days later...


Chairman: "How are things coming along?"


Ketsun:"Serekan granted the license, and we will be able to go ahead with the reactor power... but they also warned us, if we don't meet the deadline, the contract goes to BCI".


Chairman:"We'll show them, what about team 1?"


T1: We have drawn up this computer generation of the hull, we will forward it to the Bhali defence ministry to see what they think:


user posted image


Chairman:"good, what about team 2?"


T2:Serekan have given us full backing, the resources will be supplied as neccessary.


Chairman:"Team 3 are still working on weapons systems, so that concludes this meeting".

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KDC HQ, Kherson...


Chairman: Very well, what is the product so far?


Team 1: The ship has been designed, only a few finishing touches need to be added before construction can begin.


Chairman (reading a dossier handed to him by the design team rep): Very good, forward this to Serekan and Bhalman:


Type-14 ?Raiden? Class CVN


Crew: 1230

Airmen: (Variable, according to types in service) (As Bhalman intends to operate the Mirage off these carriers, we suggest that you use a second type ? either a VTOL aircraft or a light bomber ---- For VTOL we offer, Harrier GR.9/T.10, F-35, Yak-36 ?forger?, Yak-141 ?freefall? ---- For light bomber we offer BCI Buccaneer II, IJ-111, IJ-32SS or IJ-32 ?Shipwrecker?).


Country: Ide Jima


Type: Battle Carrier






Proposed: 4 (For IJ navy)


Length: 400 Metres


Draught: 14 Metres


Flight Deck 1 Length: 389 Metres


Flight Deck 2 (Angled) Length: 341 Metres


Flight Deck Width: 80 Metres


Powerplant: 4 KDC-1 Nuclear Fission Reactors


Speed: 35 Knots



16 IJAE Systems AS-20 positions in octuple mountings

8 Torpedo Tubes

50 Quad mounted type-20 airburst AA missiles



12 Phalanx Positions

4 Skyguard/ Oerlikon Mountings

6 130mm cannon



Heat emission capsules

4 Type-12 ABM positions

Room for more countermeasures ? to be chosen by the Bhali navy.



Room for 80 fixed wing aircraft

Room for 19 helicopters



user posted image

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KDC HQ, Kherson...


'Chairman, Sir! we have been sent the first payment - the Bhali navy approves the design. The MOD in Serekan sent us their congratulations, along with an order for 5 to be used in the assault carrier role'.


Chairman: Excellent! Begin construction immediately, tell Serekan we will start modifying the design immediately, and ask them if we can expect to see this ship put on the export market".

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Meanwhile at the Caldari Ministry of War on the Capitalworld...


"Minister Erinen, may I distrub you for a moment?" baffled and timid informer who thought this would be his last breath, but it was not. "Come In, What is it Lt. Okazi?" requesed Erinen in a strict but somewhat calm temper.


"Minister Erinen, we have intercepted the holo-nets and have found a company that maybe able to completely refit and reconstruct the ancient Terra Navy, now no more than a coast guard off the shores of the Haki Colony..." explained Okazi. "I see and what kind of product may this be?" stated Erinen. "Well, my Minister, its a battlecarrier which should be able to hold and be able to launch some of our Swiftdeaths off of as well as a capable warship in its own right." finished the Lt. "I see... Hmmm...can you get me the specs..." requested Erinen. "I have them right here sir!" replied Okazi. "Thank You." Erinen ponders and analizes the battlecarriers specs and capiablites. "Okazi, I want you to get me a linkup to KDC in Ide Jima." "Yes Sir!"

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The final price of these carriers shall be $2 billion each. Two are under construction for the Bhali navy, whilst a further three are due to commence production for Caldari. The Ide Jiman navy is interested in purchasing 6 in the assault carrier configuration.

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To: KDC - Ide Jima

From: Caldari Ministry of War - Terra Forces Department


We would like to purchase 3 of the above mentioned Battlecarriers. These ships will help rebuild and rework our Terra Forces. The payment has been sent.


Bank of Caldari

Account Number: XXXX-XXXX-XX237

Account Name: Caldari Ministry of War

Pay to the Order of: 6 Billion 00/100 $

Memo: Battlecarriers

Signed: Minister of War, Minimela Erinen

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-KDC Notice-


5 Carriers are complete. 2 are ready for delivery to Bhalman, whilst another 3 have been reserved for Caldari. We can bring them to you, or you can send a crew to us, for some early on experience in using these fine vessels.

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To: Caldari

From: Ide Jima


Your battlecarriers are being escorted to Haki by the Ide Jiman navy, they will arrive in two days time.



To: Bhalman

From: Ide Jima.


Certainly. Your ships are harbored in Kherson, awaiting your arrival.

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Meanwhile at the Launching Ceremony...


"It brings me great pleasure to be launching Bhalman's very own new Battlecarriers, named the Pride of Bhalman and the Defense of Port Nain. Thes battlecarriers shall be enjoyed by the Bhali Ministry of Defense and will contiune building up our navy to protect our homeland."


"These are times when war can happen over small issues and Bhalman must be ready to protect and help in these situitions. As you all know, yesterday Port Nain, Xani Kalki and San Juan were attacked by terrorists and we must be extra careful as of now. Thank You. At this time I would like to launch them and accept them into the Bhali Navy and hope that these proud vessels serve Bhalman well in its time of crisis in terms of terrorism and in the international spectrum. I shall address the nation and the International Community tomorrow on a more in-depth look at yesterday's terrorist attacks."

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