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OOC: Argh, Van cheeky so-and-so. You realise I'm going to have to kick up a stink about this?


To: Vanarambaion

From: GHET

Re: Mobilisation


We thank you for your prior warning about setting up a task force have "War Games" off the coast of Northern Vanarambaion. We accept that it is territory of your's, to do what you will with, but we warn you, and those who take part in it with you, that we won't look kindly upon any encroachment into Tagmatine national waters. We would also like to remind you that this is a main shipping route along the whole of the northern coast, rather than the Holy Confederacy's personal playground. Any disruption of Tagmatine merchant shipping will also be deeply frowned upon. We suggest you play with your ships of the coast of your own island, rather than attempt to drive home that you now own plot 21.

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To: Vanarambaion

From: SPA


Honoured Friends and Allies,


The Sublime Principate is honoured to be invited to conduct military maneuvers with Vanarambaion forces. The R.A.N. North Fleet will be sent to take part in the war games, as will R.A.A.C. and R.A.A assets (including two Sea Guards Battalions).

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To: Vanarambaion

From: Ide Jima


We would be glad to take part in these games. The 4th high seas fleet has been mobilised with full marine support, along with 2 battallions of naval infantry and one stormtrooper company. They have just set sail out of Kherson, and are en-route to the wargames area.


Aichi Jiangwei, Ide Jiman war minister.

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Greater Holy Empire Press Statement


Due to the mobilisation of Vanarambion forces in Northern Vanarambaion, as well as several old allies of the Tagmatine government, it has been decided to dispatch a small force to make sure that the boundary of Tagmatine Territorial Waters are not abused or crossed during these "War Games" off the coast of the colony. This is in light of the recent Plot 21 Incident, and also because of the GHET's recent attempt at peace over the issues of the Chosen Nations in south eastern Europa. The "War Games" are a blatant move by the Holy Comfederacy to attempt to stir up Holy Imperial feeling, and a direct insult aimed at the Holy Empire, despite peaceful moves made by Tagmatium. It is a poorly-disguised display of Vanarambaion triumphalism, as well as a snub. In order to make sure that there is no disruption of Tagmatine trade or violation of territorial waters, a small group of ships have been dispatched from the main naval base of Petrium.


The ships that will be taking part in this policing operation are:


Maximus class aircraft carrier, HIS Imperial Oak

Basileus class battleship, HIS Demetrias I

Cavalry class destoryer, HIS Lancer

Cavalry class destoryer, HIS Hussar

5 ANZAC class frigates, names undisclosed

5 Adelaide class frigates, names undislcosed

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**Heavly Encoded**

To: Tagmatium

From: The Chosen Nations


The Chosen Nations will stand by Tagmatium on this issue. If you require any assistnce, I will be happy to help in any way. My TCAF are streached at the moment but we can spear one platoon of TCSF commandos. They are the pinnical of special forces, recieving much more funding than any other branch. I cannot place them under your command, as they are indispencable to us. They will be useful for boarding ships, assasination of captains...etc...., if you so require.

They can be transported via air to you, having to make one stop at an air base, or refulling center, on you southern island.


T'Yay Themis

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***Coded Message***


From: GHET

Re: Intervention?


We thank you for your offer of assistance, but we don't need it at the moment, as we are just policing the boundary of our territorial waters, and don't really want to make this into anything bigger. We will only act if either Vanarambaion or one of the other nations in this exercise repeatedly violates this boundary. Only then will we consider a more violent action in order to force them back across the divide, or remind them that they are abusing Tagmatium's sovereignty.

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OOC: TCN, you are out of control huh.gif


IC: In a way that is patented Euro standard, E120 and E130, Europtima's largest Bloodhound Attack Submarine units, came like a bat out of hell, nearly undetected, to play war games with its allies. After being indentified as friendly units, the unit commanders laughed off a stern repimand by the other participating nations' commanders. In other words, we're in.


@ Tag: I believe Van has more right to the waters off of HIS coast than you do. If you don't want to get caught up in it, then steer clear. That is, of course the point of a warning such as the one he made.

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we are just policing the boundary of our territorial waters, and don't really want to make this into anything bigger.

I am in no way claiming the Van's plot or waters off Van's plot as mine, but I am drawing the line between the two. Only if you cross it, will there be trouble. The GHET doesn't like you being there, but can do nothing about it until you cross over into their waters.

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