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Democratic Elections in The Chosen Nations.

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After a recent violent coup, and ousting of the previous government, TCN yesterday held democratic elections. These were a success and there was no violence, and it is estimated that 95.6 % of the possible voters, did vote. This is the highest turnout in TCN ever.


T'Yay Lasarus, the leader of the coup, made the announcement that the elections were planned only 1 week ago, and the officials have been making frantic plans to get the nation ready.


The winners of the election were the Ch'ondogyo Ch'ong-u-dang Party (of no relation to the Ch'ondogyo Ch'ong-u-dang Party of N.Korea). Their leader and cabinet are:

  • T'Yay Themis - 1st Minister
  • Tay Utayt - Misister for Trade
  • Kale Reawe - Home Secretary
  • Jarbo-Gale Rath - Misister for Homeland Security
  • 1st Commander Frank L'I-KI - Minister for The CAF (Chosen Armed Forces a.k.a TCAF)
  • Jargen T'Ukpo - Minister for Indusrty
  • Opoiun U'Laj - Misinster for International Relations
  • Nita-Lita Estroba - Minister for The Secret Service (Equivilent to MI5 and MI6 in England)
A new government style has been adopted in TCN:
  1. There will be 4 political parties that are voted in for a term of 5 years. After this term there will be another general election. There is no limit on how long each party can stay in power.
  2. The winner of the election is decided upon who hold the most votes, for example if one party has 10,000,000 votes and the other has 10,000,001 votes, the second party will win.
  3. Each party selects a leader, and cabinet (Minister for Homeland Security...etc...) by their own choise of method. These are the people that, if elected will rule the entire nation.
  4. Every person in the country can vote as long as they are above 21, have no criminal record, has no mental health condition that may inhibit or influenct their choise of party, and have been legally residing in TCN for at least 21 years.
  5. There will be a building where the selected leaders and cabinet of every party can meet to debate national and international issues. This building is open to the public and called "The Chosen Assembly".
  6. There can be ammendments or additions to this procedure, but only if aggreed to by at least 3 of the political parties, and in a referendum by at least 75% of the voters.
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4) Time


One RL day = One NS year is how most people work it out. That?s all I have to say about Time.


It is commonly considered that one day in reality is the equivalent to one year in the roleplaying world. However, during times of war, players ofter slow it down, to facilitate and render it more realistic.

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(OOC: Give it a rest you guys!)


Meteorola is now in the process of re-establishing ties with the newly elected government in TNC. As a result of how quickly the new government has been put in place we will be unable to open up immediately, but rest assured a permenant embassy will be established within the city limits of the national capital.


Hurricane Eric of the Allied States of Meteorola

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I would like to thanks all nations for their support and praise in this turbulent time for TCN. I very much hope that diplomatic relations can be restored with all of Europa, and that trade may soon follow. I understand that the warmongering previous government has destroyes, and damaged the reputation of TCN, but I would like to hope that that can soon be forgotton, and the new TCN will rise up from the ashes.



T'Yay Themis

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