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Map v2 Requests Thread

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I will update the map weekly.

Link to the map: http://www.europans.com/index.php?showtopic=302


:: Rules concerning the map ::

  1. Your nation must be in Europa.
  2. Your nation must be registered at this forum.
  3. Your nation must have 5 posts at least.
  4. Your nation has more then 20 million inhabitants (see your nations' profile).
  5. Expanding your nation will only be allowed (you don't h?ve to expand) according to these rules:
    <500 mln: 1 lot.
    500 mln - 1 bln: 2 lots.
    1 - 1,5 bln: 3 lots.
    1,5 - 2 bln: 4 lots.
  6. You can change the borders via RP:ing.(if border is against empty slot do not make too big annexations for this reduces the changes for new countries to have the slot they want. Empty slots are primarily for them. If the border is against another country however you can RP the changes as large as you wish if everyone concerned is agreeable. See the RP rules for guidance (here )
  7. You will be removed from the map if:
    (1) your nation leaves Europa (exception made for TEA).
    (2) your nation ceases to exist.
    (3) you ask that your nation be removed from the map.
  8. Be patient. It takes time to make a new map, so wait until the next update to see if you are on the map. If not, the cartographer may have accidentally forgotten your request. Repeated demands of where your nation is only serves to annoy.
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Top Posters In This Topic

I want the territory of 45... the islands is with this territory, eh? I want 2 rivers here and the capital city must be in the coast of the territory. A principal port must be in the island (in the north) and other principal port in the south of the continental territory. The color must be . Capital City: New Buenos Aires. The principal ports: Rosario Port's and New Cordoba. Thank you.

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And yes. You can have the spot 45(with the island). There is only one foreign structure in the northern side of the island. The Konstantinos Space center(Former St. Mary Space Center) which is currently under control of Byzantines(I had an arrangement with the former owner and my intention is to RP a bit -check the old Byzantine Space ambition thread). Rest of the island is free to take though.

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That is fine work BZ.


When you can, my capital is Llandewi Breffi and is on the coast opposite my island.

The island is a space/military base.

My second city is Pompey and is inland, bottom left.

I'd like military bases dotted around my border and a sprinkling of rivers and roads. If you're agreeable, as neighbours, our roads and transport infrastructures can link up.


What are the rules about getting another plot? I'd like the left side adjoining plot if possible, then put a 'line of death' across the bay!!


Loving the colour, and to think I always thought red wasn't my thing.


You're a star!!!!

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The map is very good!!! Good job Byzantium!!! biggrin.gif



More cities:

- Nueva Bariloche: in the north limit with the country with the greek flag.

- Hallpas Incas: in the middle limit with Orioni.

- Punta Austral: just a bit more in the south that New Cordoba.

- Santa Cruz: in a side of a river.

- Ciudad Malvina: in the south of the St. Mary Island.



- New Buenos Aires by Nueva Buenos Aires.

- Rosario Port's by Puerto Rosario.

- New Cordoba by Nueva Cordoba.


* Put out the number "45".

* Conect all cities by rutes.

* Conect Nueva Buenos Aires and Puerto Rosario by a bridge.

* Change the color letter for white.

* Put in "Nueva Buenos Aires" the simbol of Capital City => (.C.) [without the points].


Thank you. And sorry for the changes, but i decided traduct the names to spanish, the native language of Argenland.

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Hello... This is King Jaihu The Great, but you can call me Stanley D'Jaihu or better yet... Stan "the Man" D'Jaihu, 5 time World Jaihu Red Crested Swan Wrestling Champion.


The peoples of Jaihu yearn for a home and have decided that plot 22 on the map of Europa would make a ideal location for our nation.


At the mouth of the Jaihu River (the river on the map) we would like placed the city of Rio de Jaihu.


Further up the Jaihu River (where the #22 is located) is our capital city, Zao Jaihu.


And again further up the Jaihu River, where the Little Jaihu River joins the Great Jaihu River... there is a city called Foz de Jaihu on the left side of the meeting of the two rivers and the city of Whynot on the right side of the meeting of the two rivers.


To the south of Rio de Jaihu in the cove is the great port of Cananeia. There is a road leading directly to Zao Jaihu from Cananeia.


The color of my country on the map should be Aqua.


Thank you for your efforts in advance, your work is greatly appreciated.



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First of all, my complements to Byzantium Nova on the map!


I would also like to make a request for a plot on the map, in my case plot 40 on the island, for it fits best with my nation's history.



If you have some extra time, a few details:


Background colour of plot: Orange


Name of river: Wildebras

Name of bay: Balitrow-bay


Nations capitol: Woudbaken (located west near the lake)

2nd largest city: Brashaven (located east at the river delta)

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Hello matey,

I've got a few updates to make on my country.

Port city near the penninsula in the north, name: trujillo

port city in south-west: arequipa

port city in south-east: callao


could you make some roads connecting donostia to all three other ports and one connecting trujillo and callao. could you relocate the military base north-east of donostia to the mouth of the river (protection) Also I will be claiming the 2 islands south of plot 82. I'll RP it. Thank you and you did do a grand job on the map.

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I would also like to add some things:


1. Capital cities of both islands I recently colonized.

- Capital of southern island: Andro.

- Capital of eastern island: Meda.

(Our colonists haven't really gotten beyond that, we're still working hard.)

user posted image


2. Two new roads please (indicated in yellow).

- Connecting the road from Orionopolis to Argenland.

- Connection Zuidhaven with a section near Hallpas Incas.

(The southern read is quite accurate, it leads you through the SE'ern mountains.)

user posted image



Besides this I have a question for Byzantium Nova, our cartographer: could you please post a link to the blanco edition of our map? I am planning to recreate the map of Orioni I made before, but now based on the new version. Thanks in advance.

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I would like to apply for zone 44.

I would like to have it in grey. My capital city is called "Alaghon" and should be in the centre. At the coast I would like to have a harbor city named "Hlondeth" and one called "Arrabar".

If it's possible I would like to have roads connecting all three cities with each other.


I hope that's not too much for this zone.



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