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The Niederoestereicher

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Niederoestereich National Information Bureau



? Premier White announces plans to construct 10 Ballistic missile sites near Morpeth

? Nuclear Reactor to be built at Stockinbingal

? Niederoestereichian Airforce unveils the new Boeing Wedge tails for public demonstration

? 737 airline bound for Ranke makes emergency landing at Tempest Airforce Base, south-east of Ranke

? Economy on the cool-down



Ballistic Missiles

?Premier White

Today citizens of Niederoestereich, I have authorized the construction of 10 missile sites near the coast city of Morpeth. The modern-day Europa is one of distrust and in recent times, instability. These sites will complete a network covering Niederoestereich and her territories. I cannot stress enough that these missiles do not contain nuclear or biological materials, only conventional and gas heads.

These missiles are vital to future protection of Niederoestereich and are not to been seen as aggressive. Thankyou?


New Reactor

?Earlier today, contractor BT Energy have announced plans to construct a new Nuclear Reactor to replace coal powered plants in the region. This is seen as popular move to reduce atmospheric pollution and a reduction on open cut mining of coal in the country?s south. This will be only the 3rd reactor suppling energy into the power grid, with another 3 as medical and scientific reactors.

Questions are still arising on where the Uranium will come from to supply the reactor, as the natural occurring element is stretched to capacity in Niederoestereich.


Wedge Tail takes flight

? The airforce today received the first 5 Wedge tails from contractor Boeing

The Wedge tail is an aircraft designed in response to Niederoestereich?s RFP to vendors for an AEW&C aircraft for the Niederoestereichian Air Force. In 1997, Boeing Integrated Defence Systems was awarded a contract to supply twenty AEW&C based on the 737-700IGW,

The Wedge tail uses the Northrop Grumman Multi-role Electronically Scanned Array radar and control systems. The radar is located on a dorsal fin on top of the fuselage, dubbed the "top hat", and is designed for minimal aerodynamic effect. The radar is capable of simultaneous air and sea search, fighter control and area search. Other modifications include ventral fins to counterbalance the radar and countermeasures mounted on the nose, wingtips and tail. The cabin features ten operator consoles with sufficient space for four more.

Chief of the Defence Force, General Hennessy is said to be quite pleased with the aircraft, as it had updated roles once inadequately handled?

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New Dreadnought for Niederoestereichian Navy


Today, our glorious navy has comissioned the first of 8 "Kuringai" Class Dreadnought Battleships to provide border and fleet protection. The SMS Kuringai primary weapons contains 12 x 18.1" guns on 4 mounts, 12 x 6.1'' guns on 6 mounts and cruise missle launching capablities. Depleted Unranium is now being utalized by the navy in the form of armour plating and armour piecing shells for the new vessels. The Kuringai crew complements 2,479 - 3,224 men and cost approximatley $12 billion to produce. She will enter service within the next month with the next ship SMS Penrose expected to be commissioned in 4 months. Government and defence force officials will attend a dinner onboard tonight. The Kuringai Class vessels will be joined by a new Super Dreadnought planned to be build in 8years time. The ship is in the design process

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Niederoestereich Finds Homes for Refugees


As part of its efforts to help refugees out of incarceration in Niederoestereich and back to incarceration in their countries of origin, NNIB anchor Dimitri Beardface has been heading up the Sponsor a Deportee programme.

Conducted in partnership with the Niederoestereichian Immigration Department, the charity collects funds to help reunite refugees with their families, friends and oppressors by flying them back to their homelands.

Beardface has been collecting funds for this worthy project around Niederoestereich, and found guests at the recent dinner to celebrate Premier Whites 30 years in politics particularly responsive.

"When Niederoestereichians sign up to sponsor deportees, not only are they relieved of the far greater financial burden of paying for their incarceration, but they get to feel like they're making a real difference in people's lives.

"It's really about the relationship ? for instance, the deportees write to their sponsors to apologise invading their country," Beardface said.

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Niederoestereichian Premier Reaches for Stars


The Niederoestereichian Premier White today said that within the next 10 years, the Niederoestereichian Space Programme will be aimed at launching a man into orbit.

"Placing an Austronaunt into orbit would be a great boost to Niederoestereichian national pride, to scientific advancement and to humanity as a whole"

The Space Programme was initated some years ago, but thus far, unmanned satelites, space telescope and interplanentary modules have been launched. Sources from within military state the new manned programme will be named will be named "Boomerang", in the hope that what is launched, will be returned. Research scientists and engineers are being called to Ranke to offer new capsule designs and materials.

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New Manned Programme Passes Initial Tests


Niederoestereichs space programme has evolved further today with the first successful launch of the Boomerang manned space capsule, launched onboard a Matilda-7 rocket. After some time in development, the Boomerang capsule was deemed safe for manned travel within the next 5 years after more rigorous testing and crew training. Boomer-1 safely left Earth and remained in orbit around for 2 and a half days, before being guided safely back to Earth, landing in the sea adjacent to Niederoestereich.


user posted image

Boomer-1 in LEO

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Moon Observatory


Niederoestereichian scientists today have revealed plans to build a multi-discipline lunar observatory in the next 20 years. Scientists have sighted the moon as an ideal location due to no interference from radio bands on earth, light pollution and unaffected signals from distant universal locations. In the case of radio astronomy, very low frequencies become accessible that are difficult to detect on Earth, and in the case of optical astronomy, the problems associated with size and weight limitations cease to exist. It is a necessary step for solar system exploration.


Scientists also point out the other science areas could benefit from the lunar observatory, from studying the unique environment of the moon itself to cosmology, planetary geology or biology.


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Constitutional Crisis in Niederoestereich


The monarch today dissolved both houses of Parliament as the Niederoestereichian federal government ran of money due to the upper house of parliament not passing the money supply bill.

The crisis began a few months ago in the upper house of the Federal Parliament, when the Senate, where the Opposition Party has a majority. The Senate deferred voting on bills that appropriated funds for government expenditure, attempting to force the Prime Minister to an election. Such action is unprecedented in Niederoestereichian political history. The government, dismissed such calls, and attempted to pressure opposition Senators to support the bills while also exploring alternative means to fund government expenditure.


The impasse has continued for some weeks now, during which the threat of the government being unable to meet its financial obligations hangs over the country. With the very real threat the in no time there will be no money left, the monarch today address a joint sitting in parliament where he announced that for the 2nd time in 3 years, Niederoestereichians will be going to the election booths. Though there is always the possibility that the Monarch will call out the troops from the barracks and declare Marshall law if the crisis is not resolved by the formation and efforts of a new government and executive.


As written in the Niederoestereichian constitution, the Monarch, as head of state, may dissolve and permit elections as he or she wishes and is the only power to pass legislation by royal accent at their whim. This principle in the constitution has been called under scrutiny of late in the press that the Monarch, may turn Niederoestereich from a Liberal-Democracy to Police State over night by dissolving parliament and calling out the troops. As the election date is set for some time in the next month, one can only hope and see how this will all play out.


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