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Deltannia takes #48

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Centuries ago, the people of Deltannia wandered across the region, not quite unified in much sense. But, when Deltannia was formed, it left out many of the people who held some allegiance to it towards the east.


Now that enough of a strike force was read, now that the towns and cities of the unallied peoples of the regions were capable, Deltannia was ready to make its move. Scientists had been moving into the region for years now. They'd been helping the people who were their cousins. They were Deltannians to the bone, and now they wished to be part of the nation.


Certain rebel factions, however, had been commiting acts of terrorism throughout the region, from the northern seaport of Haveena, to the inlet city of New Delta. The Deltannian army was bringing in men into the cities.....




"Colonel, the city has been secured. We have some machine gun fire towards the southeast, we're having trouble locating the rebels through the thicker part of the forest."


"I don't care, Major. I want those radicals dealt with! I'm assigning you another two battallions (200 infantry). Sweep the forest and clear the area of those scum."


"Yes, sir!"




"Admiral, the docks were entering the final stage of completion, sir, and there was an attack."


"An attack?"


"Yes, sir. Terrorists stowed away a bomb on a tug, the explosion crippled a frigate, sir."


"Increase security, I want this base ready on schedule."


"Yes, sir, it will be done."



OOC: New Delta will be the new naval base for Admiral Grey.

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