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It has changed

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HR Time -- 3 september 2005 -- 20:00


Location: Assche, Haken Tower, press room



The crowd consisted out of the leading men in Haken Rider: Army Commanders, seemingly competing for the amount of stars on their shoulders, industrials, each accompanied by a dozen lawyers and the national press, going live.

It was time for the weekly meeting where nothing special is announced. Thus it's no suprise most of the television watching population is viewing the extremely popular "The Slow Show", starting popular comedian and superstar actor Wacky Jow.


Willy goes on stage, the Minister of Peoples' Affairs, a symbolical function. The crowd only slowely lowers the volume of their voices.


Willy patientely waits, apparently more self-confident as normal, then begins with a loud voice.




We have waited. Waited for a long time. Waited for our time. From the beginning on powerful dictators, whether they were warlords or dukes, native our foreign, have used the people only for the benefit of their power, never this power was used for the benefit of the people. Even now Leider Haken, a none-native, uses Haken Rider like as a sick computegame. People are worth less then nothing. We're forced to eat burgers made out of bone-meal!"


The audience is silent now as Willy recontinued from a short pause.


"It has changed.

The past days the government was shaking, shaking at the force of a true democracy! A new party has been called to life: "The Peoples' Party". The old, weak government has mostly been altered and refilled with new blood!"


A large flags rolls behind him. A red flag with a white-black line going down from the right side. Black uniformed men witth white shawls appear in front of the stage.


Protest rises from the militairy side.


"It are dangerous times and Haken Rider hasen't had a war won in a thousand years. It's because of this the defense funds will be increased with 300%, the entire force will be modernised and enlarged. New material will be bought."


Protest rises from the industrial side.


"For making Haken Rider a player in the world we need money. The industries will be given less obligations, less paper work and less employement standards. Nature will be used for the nation, not the other way around. Our hard-working citizens will have the honour to participate in the creation of the greatest country ever been drawn on a map."


The protest from both sides changes into curious and delighted talk.


In one hour...

As the crowd eagerly bought party member cards,

As Haken -in a bathrobe and Miffy slippers- was calmly escorted out of his mansion by a black-uniformed guard.

As the people laughed when Wacky Jow made Dixie Boy sneeze in a lemon pie.

... a new order rose from it's black ashes.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Under the new government a range of refreshing actions have been undetaken.

  • 23 news stations and 132 papers have been dismissed for "making the market more transparant".
  • HC Donalds will now serve burgers with juicy meat, instead of the preciously used bone-meal. The nation has a un-ending large amount of cows for this.
  • Because "with religion comes dispute", HR government stops acknowledging the existence of self-proclaimed 'right' religions and has fomed 'The Church of Haken Rider' in which the people no longer have a reason for thinking of his fellow mans' belief as 'wrong'. Each party-member is obliged to honour the Holy Bull every sunday in an establishment near you and, during this event, dress in an official robe. The Church will be led by the Holy Willy.
  • In several areas where 'racial disputes' are creating a problem, different one-race only zones have been created. Also, large amount of poor Bigtopians are send to the east side of plot 70. The government hopes to give them 'new oppurtinities'.
  • The Peoples' Party is at the moment the only party. Because we are a democracy, everyone is free to create new parties, after they are approved by the government.
  • To encourage politics, people who join a party get small benefits.
  • Everyone want to have total disarmament, they just don't want to start it up. Haken Rider takes the first step and dismisses the army. The large unemployment will be dealt with by retrain ex-soldiers into civil workers, who will help the nation and the region during problems.
  • The black-uniformed police force will get more funds and freedom and shall be directly led by the new elected chef Willy
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