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First N00klear War

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The Invasion


Aboard The Vindictor, one of the largest Supercarriers in the region, and accompanied by 5 others of its kind, Lindstrom, Golden Khan, Everson, Yttarub, and The Fredricku, after having recently returned from its mission at the former nation of Free Ekainak (safely stashing the MMRTA cargo , were 200 of the elite 20-man commando cells making up this expeditionary force. Also onboard (though solely limited to the flight deck) were the pre-arranged members of the Vanarambaion Shadowcorps, as well as the Akiiryan special forces.


The massive decks of each vessel were lined with modified B-29D's, their relatively ancient fuselages stripped down for launching from aircraft, and their prop-engines replaced with jet engines, and their wing-joints reinforced to handle the strain of jet power.


The plans was a unique one, albiet borrowing abit from the famous Doolittle Raid over 60 years ago. The planes would launch and deploy their forces deep within Chosen Nations territory, and each commando cell had a unique task that they had each been individually been briefed on, with the Shadowcorps and Akiiryan Commandos each split into groups of ten to supplement those cells going after pre-discovered nuclear weapon launch sites/production facilities. One team of Shadowcorps, as well as the Akiiryan Knights of the Stag, were to be attached to the cell known as The Champions of the Tribes, and personally led by Chieftan Marcus Lobonsky, was to be deployed into the capitol of The Chosen Nations, to personally seek out identified high-ranking members of the regime, in an effort to ascertain information in relation to The Chosen Nations' nuclear weapons program.


While many of the cells would simply be engaging in crippling sabotage efforts against the enemy's military infrastructure, those that were supplemented by the Shadowcorps would be going after weapons of mass destruction stockpiles, to secure them and disable the threat of their use.


Getting back to the planes themselves: Each would be piloted by a commando. These aircraft were very disposable to the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa, who had a horde of World War II-era equipment after their involvement with the Soviets' "Great Patriotic War".


These planes would be loaded with explosives that would detonate after each aircraft was ditched and then crashed, to create an aura of chaos thruout The Chosen Nations, allowing the 'cell army' to move swiftly throughout the enemy's territories and virtually shut The Chosen Nations down.


The order was given to move out, the planes were loaded, and take-off began. Task Force Lobonsky was currently located north of the easternmost Vanarambaion territory and proceeding south towards The Chosen Nations.



(reason for editing: Adapting to Akiiryu's post)

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OOC: Consider this to have been sent before the invasion post

*** Encoded***

To:The Tribal Tribunal

CC: Vanarambaion

From: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


We also agree with your proposal. 350 Wereshishi Commandos and 15 Knights of the Stag will be placed at your disposal if you require them. The Southern Fleet has also been ordered to provide any assistance you might need.


The Prince, the Baronic Council and the people of Akiiryu hopes this will add yet another chapter of friendship and co-operation in the history book of our two nations.



1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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To: Akiiryu,Social Alliance Of Mongol-Swedes,Vanarambaion, and all others concerned


From: TCN


Surly that you can see that war would be a terrible thing for Europa, splitting it in 2.

Surly you must see sence, you much choose peace over war, life over death, unity over division, diplomacy over aranchy. It was not the wish of Sam Yayini (President of The Chosen Nations), to make war, or to offend anyone, but it seems that a critical situation is now afoot.


TCN stored its Nuke arsenal hoping that it would never bee needed, now it appears that it must be used, unless a diplomatic spoution can be found.

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TO: Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes

FROM: President Hartman

RE: Raid in TCN


We wish you good luck with your mission. I'm sorry, that my nation cannot provide assistence in this matter. I would not get a majority within the parliament to allow a military operation against TCN and a public discussion about this matter wouldn't be in anyone's interest.


The only thing I can provide is a covert rescue ship. A submarine could patrol the coastline of TCN and pick up any Mongol-Swedes forces that need a lift home.


Regards & Good luck



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IC: "Sir, our sources tell us that multiple nations are planning to invade TCN. The invasion could take place at any time. Sir I reccoment a preemptive strike on the capitol of Akiiryu, Nimarie, and on the capitol of Vanarambaion. I also reccoment attacking Seikan Naval Base in Ide Jima. It will mean using up all of our arsenal, but it must be done." spoke the chief advisor to Sam Yayini. "I reccomend 1 missile on Seikan Naval Base, 2 missiles on Nimarie, and 4 on the capitol of Vanarambaion"


Sam pondered the situation. This will start a nuclear war, but maybe that was inevitable. Will the way recent disscussions are going, a war was on the cards....


"How long will it take to fire?" asked Sam


"It will take 3 hours in total to prep. all of the cruise missiles, then the firing procedure will take 25 mins in total. Fight time will vary. We have predictions that it should take about 35 mins for the missile to hit Seikan Naval Base, 1 hour to hit Numarie, and nearly 3 hours to hit the capitol of Vanarambaion."


"Why so long? I though we had ICBM's?" asked Sam.

"We were trying to develop them but we did not have the recorces, so we had to use ground based cruise missiles containing the warheads."


"I don't suppose there is time for a cabinet meeting. What will be the estimated death toll?"


"Vanarambaion and Akiiryu are large nations, with population of 3.287 billion and 1.642 billion respectivly. If 15% of their population live in their capitol, I predict that the deat toll will be:

Vanarambaion: 493,050,000

Akiiryu: 246,300,000 (Plus the number of people that the radiation will kill)"


"That's a hell of a lot of people... human beings. I can't do it. I can't kill all those people!" declared Sam Yayini.


"So you are going to let an invasion take place, you are goin to let thatm rape our country. You cannot; you owe it to our people. You must strike first, and strike hard, Sam."


"You're right...I give the order to fire: 1 missile on Seikan Naval Base, 2 missiles on Nimarie, and 4 on the capitol of Vanarambaion...NOW!"


"Yes, sir!"


Sam Yayini's chief advisor and second in command left the room, already on a secure connection to TCAF (The Chosen Armed Forces) explaining what they must do.




And so on the 27/August/2005 at 23:01 CTS, 7 Cruise missiles were fired, each contaiing a nuke warhead. Millions would die, but TCN was striking first, and striking hard.

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With the missiles fired Sam Yayini got onto a secure connection to his CAF (Chosen Armed Forces) generals telling them to prepare the country for invasion. Their orders were specific kill any suspected spy, or enemy soldier on sight, instantly. All the inspectors and their equipment, and travelling party, that were sent, regardless of their nationality are to be killed and thier bodies burned.


Ready all defences, and get Sam Yayini and the cabinet to a secret and secure Nuke Bunker, they would survive even if their opposite numbers in Akiiryu and Vanarambaion, hopefully, were not to.

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*** Emergency Alert Message ***


FROM: U-19, Captain Steiner

TO: Naval Command, Arrabar

RE: TCN patrol mission


Radar shows missile launch STOP

Targets not determinable STOP

Propose counterstrike STOP

Alert "Ilia"-Intercept-System STOP


Captain Steiner,

submarine U-19

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"Sir we have picked up a message from what appears to be a Ship or a Sub, it appears to be un-encripted but we cannot make it out. It could be and SOS for a comercial vessel. What are your orders, sir?" asked the junior officer.


"What do you expect?" replied Adam Hayuton, OiC NW (Officer in Command, NW)


"Sir, yes, sir!"



The junior officer raced down the hall, and iot the attack room of TCV Victory, a small diesel powered sub, the only one TCN owns. "Fire on the target with 2 Mk 48 ADCAP torpedo's (OOC: They are real)"


"Sir, yes, sir. Firing now...."

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*** Emergency Alert Message ***


FROM: U-19

TO: Naval Command, Arrabar


Under attack by hostile forces STOP

Trying to evade STOP







FROM: Naval Command

CC: CPA-, PoA-members, Ide Jima, Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes

TO: President Hartman


Missile launch confirmed by space-based Radar STOP

Targets: Vanarambaion, Akiiryu, Ide Jima STOP

Waiting for orders STOP







FROM: President Hartman

TO: Luftwaffe HQ



Stand-by strategic weapons

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In the Imperial Palace, Tagmatica, Tagmatium. An aide knocks on the door to the Imperial Office, where the majority of business of the Greater Holy Empire takes place. The man opened the door before the occupant could reply.


"Your Imperial Majesty! The Chosen Nations appear to have made good their threat to launch weapons of mass destruction!"


The Holy Emperor sat back in his chair. The man shook his head, remembering his many messages to the Akiiryan government, discouraging them to move their fleets south in order to halt just this sort of event. It looked now as if it had been in vain.


"I never thought I'd live to see the day when nuclear weapons were used in Europa."

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OOC: TCN, you cannot blame us for this war and using nuclear weapons as its justification. Your position is the reason people want to attack you.


In the capital....


"Sir, we've got nuclear launches on our screens!"


"What's this? Nuclear launches? Raise Red Alert, Code Black. Get the entire defense network online!"


"Yes, sir!"




"This crisis is unthinkable. At any time, all civilization in the region could be reduced to nothing."


"Shut up, Admiral. I want the entire fleet mobilized. Get part of the fleet ready for blockade. We head south."


"Yes, sir."



FROM: Deltannia

TO: The Chosen Nations


This aggressive stance, as well as the believed simplicity of using nuclear weapons is unthinkable. Deltannia stands with the rest of Europa in its defence, and know that the Deltannian Navy is unforgiving.


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TO: All nations

FROM: President Hartman


RE: Nuclear attack


Nations of Europa from all alliances are under nuclear attack by TCN STOP

Tamurin ready to strike back with biological agents and conventional weapons STOP

Propose coordinated counterstrike against TCN by all nations STOP



UR Tamurin

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OOC: Wow, you really want TCN to be hammered don't you. After this post I am calling a halt to this rp until we can sort this out OOC.




The missile launch was detect before it occurred, the preparations required to arm and launch TCN's primitive arsenal were obvious to the survillance equipment monitoring the nation.


"Sir, TCN is preparing a missile launch, confimed nuclear payload. It would seem they are targeting Thule, Nimarci and Seikan Naval Base"


"Well, at least the leadership of TCN are keeping up their reputations of the region's greatest idiots, destroy the missiles on launch. Advise the Ide Jimans at least one of the missiles to be launched was aimed at their territory, alert Vanarambaion. Put in to effect operation Sky Net."




The Phone rang


"Ah, Hello General. Yes we have detected the same thing. Yes, fools. We are also preparing counter measures. Indeed, Good Bye. Ensign, no need to contact the Ide Jimans."




The majority of the TCN missiles never left TCN territory, being destroyed by counter measures launched from Akiiryan Southern Fleet and Ide Jiman Air Force. The two missiles that escape immediate destruction were destroyed in the sub-stratosphere by Ide Jima's missile defense shield as the flew over Ide Jiman territory on their way towards Thule.


(OOC: In the circumstances I didn't think you'd mind IJ).


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To: The Chosen Nations

From: The Greater Holy Empire


We have stood by as the situation in southern Europa escalated, and even made numerous attempts to halt the situation, discouraging those involved to make the ultimate choice and use the hideous weapons of mass destruction against each other. We even had to deny our ally, Ide Jima,'s claim to the island near your nation. Now you are in the process of attacking our ally with nuclear weapons, we will be forced to act against you. It saddens us to do this. The nuclear missiles have not yet hit their targets, you still have time to call it off before your nation is crushed beneath the heels of half of Europa.




Kilnor Island, off the ex-Abyssio:


From: The Ministy of War, Tagmatica

Place Vulcan Bombers on standby.

Launch if TCN does not back down.


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Sam Yayini sat in the bunker surrounded by cabinet members, watching, on the big screens huge armies massing, ready to attack TCN.


"What do we do?" asked The Minister for Dog Welfare. "We are too small to fend off attacks like this."


"We don't have any allies to turn to." chimed in The Minister for Chinese Food.


At this point The Minister for The Prevention of Cruelty to Files fainted, and The Minister for Forces vomited.


Sam Yayini stood up and phoned the CAF generals and began asking the very same questions.


"Sir, there is nothing we can do, exept defend our fair nation"


"We don't have enough resorces to defend a mass invasion, mine every beach, and close off all ways out of the country. All airships are now property of TCAF, do with them what you need. Also detain every forign national visiting the country, do not harm them, just detain them. Then seperate out the nationals from Akiiryu, and Vanarambaion, and kill them, in the most inhumane ways possible. Then get all the nations from Tagmatium and detain them in a seperate block. I hope we are still alive to give Tagmatium back her citizens. As for the remaining citizens, give them enought food and water to ensure thier survival. For now. Do you understand?"


"Ermm....." replide the chief general.


"JUST DO IT!" screamed Sam Yayini, the presure was getting to him.


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FROM: Luftwaffe HQ

TO: President Hartman


Missiles destroyed by Akiiryu and Ide Jima STOP






FROM: President Hartman

TO: Luftwaffe HQ


Standby weapons STOP

Will contact Europa to discuss further actions STOP

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To: Tagmatium

From: TCN


We Thank You for your help but must decline your offer. TCN will not attack you unless you attack us first. We will not harm any of your citizens, purly because of the fact that you are the only nation here that saw sence, and tried to stop this war.

The fate of all your citizens inside TCN will be reviewed in 48 hours. Please don't make me kill them.


Regards, Sam Yayini.

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Good idea.


TCN's behavior is worse than that of rogue-states. The only logical reaction for any RL-nations to a nuclear attack would be a massive counterstrike, and Akiiryu and Vanarambaion are both powerful nuclear powers. TCN would be completely wiped off the Earth.


TCN, what are you trying to achieve with this behavior? I just don't understand it...

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"Sir, they have destoryed 3 of our Cruise missiles. But appear to be standing down their anti-missile weaponary, they thnik they got 'em all!"


"What are the remaining targets?"


"1 still on target for Seikan Naval Base. 1 still on target for Akiiryu, and 2 still on target for Vanarambaion."


"Good" replied Sam. "When will they land?"


"The Seikan Naval Base is 10 mins away from begin hit, Akiiryu less that 30 mins, and Vanarambaion in less that 60 mins."




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TCN, stop RPing.


I would have to agree here. The Chosen Nations' actions have called for our action. While I agree that TCN should not be eliminated, TCN's attitude must change before we can go about RPing.


The rashness and claimed invincibilities ruin the setting for everyone. I'm asking TCN to change gears so that we don't have this happen again.

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