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The Borderlands of Baeovib

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Guest Baeovib


I just joined NationStates and the Region of Europa.

About myself: i'm 18 year old and living in switzerland

About the Borderlands of Baeovib: my just created nation, with a still very small population that is pleased to be in Europa smile.gif

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*Phil IV does a little song and dance routine for no apparent reason other than he feels like it


#welcome, welcome, welcome to europa,

where the people are just and fair,

and as sane as the crazy old hare,

we've got stars in our eyes, and eat too many pies,

but we still don't end up in draaaaaaaag! (well, sometimes we don't)


oh, and here's the Philian welcoming pie, this week, a meaty beef and chicken pie, with a generous proportion of custard poured on top, enjoy smile.gif

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*Phil IV looks at the guy who says it all twice...



dragonryders was sitting in bed,

when someone came in and smacked his head,

when he asked who it was,

it was the wizard of Oz,

as he sat there wishing he was dead...


(yeh, i know it deosnt quite fit the rythemn, but i cant do much better on a spur of the moment thing)

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