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Massive Training Operation

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Official Statement:



War games are currently being conducted in the triangle of land between Xuyen, Felanzhau and Harbin. The 3rd army and various naval infantry against the 4th Marine Corps are conducting these operations.


We have invited military representatives from every nation in Europa to attend this event, and to observe the trials of several new weapons systems, which will be going for sale on the export market after the operation ends next Thursday. If you would like to put a compliment of troops in this practice operation, then please speak to Marshall Jiangwei, leader of the Ide Jiman armed forces.


Serekan Automotive Inc. the nation?s largest corporation, and the manufacturer of most of the systems, which will be demonstrated, is funding the entire training operation. The following weapons will be available for sale afterwards:


SAI ? 330: The Ide Jiman variant of the FN-2000, features greater magazine capacity, and a stronger blowback system, with a complex gas operation (In the place of a grenade launcher), making the gun more powerful. Tritium illuminated sights are fitted on the top of the weapon, as well as conventional iron sights.


SAI ? 335: Generally similar, but retaining the grenade launcher and not using gas operation. Variants are integrated and are used side by side in the army


SAI - 20: An automatic desert eagle, fitted with a 17 round magazine and a recoil reducing system. Aimed for use by officers in the IJA, IJAF, IJN, IJMC, IJBA, and IJNC.


SAI ? 1000: A hummer mounted AGL, Mortar, and Rocket launcher, a system working on that similar to the ?metal storm?. This weapon can blast a way through nearly anything, but uses up ammunition incredibly quickly.


IJ ? Industries IJ-LKA3: A Warrior IFV, with greater NBC protection, and a twin gun mounting in the turret.


IJ Industries LKA4 ?Tiamat?: A heavy tank, slow but with a powerful gun, very useful against infantry and lighter tanks, susceptible to air attack. This is not a problem when used in conjunction with air defense units though.


All Aircraft currently for sale in IJCI storefront will also see use!


Other non-indigenous units such as the challenger 2E will also be up for sale, just inquire





The marines were on the south side of the river. Colonel Urtan knew it, they were skilled fighters and there was no trace of them. Even on the thermal imaging, he could not make them out against the background signature of the jungle. He could climb the high ground further down the river, and attack from behind, but he would have to descend a sheer rock face on the gorge the river had carved out of the southern plateau. He had to attack before observer helicopters gave away his position to the marines.


But the he saw something, something moving quickly through the jungle on the thermal. ?Get him? He whispered to the private who was next to him lying in the undergrowth near the top of the river bank.


The private compressed the trigger and the blank flashed out of the muzzle, the laser beam from a transponder fitted to the barrel went into the jungle (It?s just like a big game of laser quest). The figure dropped, but before the shot had been fired. The army patrol had lost their position, and all of a sudden, shots rang out of the darkness, the flash had given them away.


Urtans ten troops fired back as best they could, but they were dropping quickly. Three troops were hit and ?killed? (which disabled their guns, after this they go to the other side and are taken prisoner). The remaining seven pulled back and retreated back into the jungle. Shots were ringing out up and down the gorge. When they reached the gorge?s rock face they bumped into another troop, who was panting, ?they captured a bridgehead to the south and north, we?re trapped!?


In the center of the area the troops were confined to, a chinook was lifting out troops as fast as it could. But so far, the marines were winning the war games?


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ooc: more wargame RP bit tomorrow



To: Akiiryu

From: Ide Jima


Thank you for sending observers, we hope the weapons on trial will attract some attention from various sections of your military. Three whitewashed observer S-70 helicopters shall pick up your delegation direct from arrival in Harbin airport.


Marshall Jiangwei, head of the Ide Jiman military




To: Adaptus

From: Ide Jima


We like the sound of your proposal, if you wish, we can negotiate a second wargame starting next week. How many troops would you send?

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To: Ide Jima

From: Adaptus


Mmm... well will it be a combined wargame i.e land, sea and air or just one of the catagories, but i think i will send mostly my more elite units, and maybe some basic units.

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