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Luftwaffe declares UB-1 operational

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


General Speidel, Air Force chief of staff, and Field Marshall von Steinburg, Army chief of staff, yesterday declared the first squadron of unmanned bombers (UB-1) operational.


The unmanned bomber is a project that begun in 1997. The project was massively speeded up in the civil war, but the aircrafts were not ready for deployment then. Now, the final test phase is over and the Luftwaffe can use these aircrafts.


The UB-1 is a fully automated bomber, that doesn't need any human guidance. It is GPS-guided, but also can fly on its own. It can be used for precision bombing, strafing and area patrol. It is equipped with state-of-the-art Friend/Foe-detection systems, a large sensor array (radar, infrared, electro-optical systems and more) and can carry a large complement of weapons (laser-guided bombs, missiles, 30 mm-cannons, tank buster bombs and more). It is also capable of refuelling during flight.


The UB-1 has a small radar echoe, but it is still detectable. Technically, it is not a stealth aircraft (OOC: small radar echoe like the USAF B-1B).


The UB-1 is a very complex and expensive aircraft, costing 175 million credits a piece. Therefore, the Luftwaffe will only be able to buy 36 aircraft, totally costing 6.3 billion credits.


"This is the largest investment in the Luftwaffe since the introduction of the Tornado", General Speidel said, "but it is a necessary one. We lost many aircrafts during the Civil War and we still have not fully recovered from that. These aircrafts will help to strengthen the Luftwaffe to regain pre-war combat readiness."


"The technical data of the UB-1 is still top secret, but its existence had to be disclosed to the people of Tamurin." Field Marshall von Steinburg said. "At the moment, one squadron of 12 bombers is operational. The second squadron will become operational at the end of 2005 and the third will be operational in the beginning of 2006."


"The UB-1 will assist the Tornado fighter/bombers. It will lead the first assault and destroy anti-air defenses, so our human pilots can fly to their targets and return safely. Also, the UB-1 will assist in strafing and patrolling.

The introduction of the UB-1 will make it possible to finally phase out the obsolete Vulcan bombers." General Speidel said.



"The UB-1 is a state secret and therefor not for sale." according to the ministry of defense. "However, we are willing to cooperate with our close allies to help them develope their own unmanned bombers. We have to stress that these aircrafts are prototypes and will not make human-piloted bombers obsolete. Until their first engagement, there will be no way of telling if this project is successful."



user posted image


The UB-1 during the presentation at Arrabar AFB



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The UB-1 during a successful training attack

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