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Vulcan Island, New Home of Sport in TCN

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***The Chosen News Network***


"Today we have a special new conferance form the office of Sam Yayini."


"The Senate of TCN today passed plans to build a massive sports venue on Sau Morio (The Island Just South of Lot#122).

This will be the biggest sports stadium in TCN, and will house 120,000 spectators. I will designed so that the following sports may be played in it:




Track & Field



Tennis (Multiple Courts)

Other private functions



It will also have private conference rooms, a hotel, spa, 2 restaurants, 12 shops, a underpitch car-park with 80,000 spaces. And much more.


Currently there is a small soccer league in TCN, and this stadium will be the home ground of the national team. The same applies for Rugby and Hockey.


The stadium will be called: "The Chosen Arena", or "TCA".


Our analysts predict that the overall project will cost about ?400,000,000 or $722,253,721 (source: www.exchangerate.com).


Around 15% of the funding will be private and 85% will come from government funding.


I will post when the stadium is complete, with pictures. I hope for an international peace tournament soon.


Please Note: We have taken measures to ensure that the volcano on Sau Morio (Mon Sue Nita Ro), has only a 0.004% chance of erupting. We plan to build many anti-lava structures, and have earthquake-profed every building on Sau Morio.


We have also set up a new branch of TCAF called TCUAB (The Chosen Unarmed Aide Branch). TCUAB will not only manage all humanitarian aide operations that TCN gets involved in, but will be on stand by, ready to evacuate all people off Sau Morio, if the need arises.


Due to the huge cost of these mesures, TCN will use 75% of the money that was designated for expanding TCAF.


I hope the building firms, all around Europa will profit from this venture.

There will be an auction for the building rites tomorow (30/August/2005), with 3 firms from TCN already tacking place. There is no cap on the closing time of this auction. There are 6 contracts up for auction.


Thank You For your time." Finished Sam Yayini.


"And there you have it, the largest build project inside TCN for over a decade. This is Dina Morivi, The Chosen News Network."


Official Note: TCN herby lays claim to Sau Morio (The Island Just south of Plot#122)

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Are you posting IC or OOC here?


You need to make an official IC claim to the island first (in which you can't refer to the nuclear event because it did happen in IC).


Keep in mind a number of nations might object to your attempt to claim the island.

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OOC: Oh, come on TCN that edit isn't good enough. RP the claim.


This needs to be rped too:


We have taken measures to ensure that the volcano on Vulcan Island (Mon Sue Nita Ro), has only a 0.004% chance of erupting. We plan to build many anti-lava structures, and have earthquake-profed every building on Vulcan Island.

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We are glad to see that there has been a turnaround in the previously militant policies of TCN.


Unfortunately, due to the nuclear event we cannot recognise your claim to Vulcan island.


Despite this, we congratulate TCN on toning down it's aggression.

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If you edit rp posts please note you have done so.


You still haven't really claimed the island, at little red line at the bottom of a news cast is not simply enough. You need to tell Europa on what basis you lay claim to the island etc.


Edited: Grammar, another idea.

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You still haven't really claimed the island, at little red line at the bottom of a news cast is not simply enough.  You need to tell Europa on what basis you lay claim to the island etc.


Edited: Grammar, another idea.


Be nice... espcially that last line. Not everyone spels korekly or uses grammer like nice.


I am one of those too.


Meteo: "English? Is that what I am speaking? Good heavens. I believe it is almost dead. I've killed it I have!"



The Meteorolan Government will not re draw her maps of Europa for such a plan. The island has been claimed and reclaimed too many times. It should be left un claimed indefinately. No nukes, no pot and no commercialism.

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OOC: The island has never been claimed before. The "Nuke RP" never happened.

This is the first claim to Sau Morio.



***The Chosen News Network***


After outlining plans for the island, Sau Morio, earlier today the government of TCN released this statement.



White Paper for Sau Morio Policy


The Government and People of The Chosen Nations herby does not claim the Island of Sau Morio. The location of Sau Morio is just under Plot No. 122. The Chosen Nations has already released plans, but they are subject to change. The Chosen Nations Government has sent a team of indipendant Geologists, Seismologists, and Volcanologists to Sau Morio, after concerns brought up about volcanic activity.

The findings of the team state that:

We have found there to be massive volcanic activity, on the NW region of Sau Morio. We also find there to be exceptional seismic activity, and so find that there is great risk in building on Sau Morio.

Therefore this team finds it unsafe to build any structure on Sau Morio


The Government of The Chosen Nations will therfore not build anything on Sau Morio, but will not relinquish any control.


Any objections, question or comments will be responded to by The Chosen Nations.



The proposed stadium will be built inside Plot 121 (TCN mainland)


EDIT: Changed stance, now not building on Sau Morio

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To: The Chosen Nations

CC: The Nations of Europa

From: The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

Subject: International Stadium Proposal


The idea of constructing an international stadium to host several sporting events is a noble mission, and will likely bring with it a new trend of regional peace and cooperation. However, in the interests of public safety, international stability, and environmental conservation, we request that you abandon the plan of constructing this stadium on Vulcan Island.


The idea of having a facility placed on Vulcan Island is troubling. For one, the danger to the public that this sports institution would likely attract outweighs the benefits such a facility would present. We feel that no amount of 'volcano-proofing' can adequetely ensure the safety of the public.


Also, claiming the island without also assuming responsibility for Plot 122, which we estimate that your nation would be woefully inadequate in ensuring the stability of the area, will cause unnecessary disruption to the delicate balance of peace that exists in Europa, despite your good intentions in this project.


Finally, Vulcan Island is one of the few active volcanic areas in Europa, and we feel that it would be a greater benefit not only to Europans today, but future Europan generations, if this rich piece of environmental history were to be preserved.


Instead, we propose that you construct this stadium somewhere within your own nation, and seek international funding for this project. We are sure that such an idea, proposed to the nations of Europa, would garner a greater level of international support than your current plan of developing Vulcan Island, and would save your nation valuable capital for future projects. Infact, we are confident that our amended version of your plan would succeed, that The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa is willing to co-sponsor.


We look forward to healing relations between our two Peoples, and fostering a cooperative atmosphere in our respective lands.

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From: GHET


We can see no reason for the occupation of this island to go ahead. After all, it is a strategically important feature within the Romaion Bay, and nations in the area would be foolish not to jump at the chance of claiming the island as their own.


Further more, we accept that the Chosen Nations' decision not to deploy any armed military units on to Vuclan Island/Sau Morio is a gesture of peace, but we doubt whether than this can be maintained in the long term. The island has been a lawless place since the collapse of the two nations that co-owned it, so it would be recommened to send at least a brigade's worth of soldiery to help make the island a more peaceful place.


Also, we feel that the maintainence of one of the only geological active sites in Europa is possble of negligible, as such sites have always been used as places of intensive argiculture, mainly because of the fertile volcanic ash that would carpet the area. It could become, rather than the TCN's sports venue, the garden of the said nation.


We feel it is in Europa's interest to support the annexation of Sa Morio, as it will bring stability to the area, rather than weaken the peace. The island has been subject to a rise in organised crime, something that the arrival of a nation's armed forces could probably quell.

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OOC: If you are going to change stance after others have posted in response do so after them, after than just a OOC: statement. You've made thread confusing!


@Tag. In general the whole rp at the moment is confusing and sucks. We have to go back and change so many damned things its just stupid.


I vote this RP be removed, and all rps around this island be suspend. TCN started a new rp around the island before consulting everyone else on the issue because he (and only he) didn't want to continue with th earlier one. Its left an unholy messy that is going to take a while to sort out. Yes, I am annoyed.

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OOC: I am sorry TCN, but the whole rp is a confused mess. You opted to replay your whole attempt tp annex the island (and the situation around it) because TCN would have ended up losing in the original one. That, in my honest opinion, is bad rping. You got yourself into the mess, rp yourself out of it. Don't just walk away. Then you started a new thread, despite the fact the majority of people want to carry on with the old thread. After stating you wanted a democractic vote this is hardly a good thing.


BTW, you also seem to have ignored the fact one nation has protested your claim.

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