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Grand Monument of Europa

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*In Delta, the capital of Deltannia....*

The five Senators stood atop Government Hill, overlooking the massive crowds of people, waving not just Deltannia's glorious flag, but the flags of many other nations as well. The cheers were massive and the Senators could not even speak for a few minutes.

"People of Deltannia, we are about to offer a gift to Europa!" More cheers, much more excitement.

Many of the immigrants were excited, too, and the great crowds were huddled everywhere. Out in the distance was the great field, ready to receive the gift.


FROM: Deltannia

TO: The Glorious Nations of Europa

As a gift to the rest of Europa, we are planning to build the Grand Monument of Europa, to be built right in the heart of Deltannia, as a display of the many diverse nations of this grand region. Any nations wishing to be displayed, please reply to us. The foundation has already been laid and we have a large public works task force building it quickly. We await your answers!

OOC: The shape is like a triangular prism, but with the two triangle ends slanting downward. At one end will be Deltannia's flag, at the other, it will be empty so that other nations can be added on. I might try rendering something primitive with the flags on.

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TO: Deltannia

FROM: Tamurin, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

RE: Grad Monument of Europa


This is a great idea. After the many troubles we had, this could be a symbol of a new era of stability.


Tamurin would like to be a part of this.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

United Republic of Tamurin

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To: The Dominion of Deltannia

From: The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

Subject: Re: Regeional Monument Proposal


We see this initiative that the Peoples of the Detannia tribes have taken will serve as a lasting symbol of regional unity, in the name of peace, understanding, and cooperation. We are willing to show our support for this proposal by making a generous donation of $25,000,000 to the project, as well as a healthy contribution of workers to aid in the construction of this monument.

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To: Deltannia

From: SPA


The Baronic Council has decided to support this plan by providing marble for the construction of the monument. All costs of mining cutting, dressing and transporting the marble will be borne by the Sublime Principate.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Tamurin, Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes, Ide Jima, Akiiryu, Vanarambaion


We thank you for the overwhelming support and kind offers. Let us hope this does stand as a symbol of unity throughout the ages.


Any nation wishing to, along with the flags, provide materials, will be greatly appreciated. With such a compliment of workers, the project will go quickly. Every nation will be allowed one small statue/monument below their flag, which may be done themselves or by Deltannian craftsmen. Marble is preferred.


In terms of materials, we will be using mostly a large amount of marble, as well as various other materials for support and costs. We thank the Mongol-Swedes for providing such a generous donation in money and workers to aid the costs of the project, as well as Akiiryu's marble reserves, which are appreciated.


During the project, Delta National Airport will be working overtime to provide the necessary transportation, as well as the various ports of Deltannia. A massive new subway/rail system will be added on to reach the rest of the city, including the airports, and we are building a connection highway for the expected traffic. Worker housing will be provided and easily accesses the rest of the city.

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To: MS

From: Vanarambaion


In addition to the requested resources, Vanarambaion will dispatch several helicopters to fly the large pieces of marble to the site of the monuments.


We will provide a full compliment of workers to complete the plans for the Vanarambaion monument beneath our flag at this monument.

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TO: Deltannia

FROM: Tamurin, Ministry of Culture

RE: Monument


We will send workers to you that will build a large eagle carrying the banner of Tamurin. We also would like to see a tamurinian flag near that eagle.


We will, of course, pay for the costs of the construction.



Ministry of Culture

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To: Deltannia



We will gladly send a group of craftsmen to aid this project, we will provide you with a giant Ide Jima flag to fit the dimensions of the plot.


Miasure Katenga, Minister of the arts

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OOC: Sorry, I didn't clarify the scale. I told you the shape was like a triangular prism with the two ends tapering downwards. The height will be several stories tall. Not really sure of the exact dimensions. Just something you could look up to and it has some height.


Also, I've decided to add a tunnel like in the pyramids that goes through and exhibits will be available on each nation, directly underneath their flags of course.

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