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Welcome to Pytra!

Guest pytra

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Hello everyone!

My name is elaine and i have juste created a new nation, Pytra.

In Pytra we love freedom and peace, and we try to help each other, so everybody is comfortable.

I am a very new nation creator, so there are things i donnot know...

Do i need an national anthem?

About the map you have, how can i be on it?

How will i chosse the names of the towns?

maybe i should also go on the nationstates forum wink.gif

Hope to welcome you one day



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Hello, and welcome to Europa.


You don't need a national anthem, butsome choose either to nick another (real) nation's, or to compose their own (Lord knows how).

To get on the map, you must have 5+ posts on the regional forum, and a population of 20 million. Choosing the names of the towns is down to you, you can either make them up, or "borrow" them from a real country.

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You don't need to join the nationstates forum per se. In fact, it's not much fun and very timeconsuming, certainly compared to this regional forum. I believe you don't need to register for the nationstates forum, because it is done or can be done automatically, but I'm not 100% sure... You can browse around there and then find it's elitist and too much to handle, or you can just browse around on Europa forums and find it is more accesible, smaller and can be more fun. Your choice. wink.gif


Rping always starts with browsing and reading for some time and when you feel comfortable you can try to join in somewhere or see if you can start your own...

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A few words from the Sarge... drillsergeant.gif


Eh................NationStates forum...broad, home to troll-gangs, really an eyesore.


By the way, I am Sgt. Train, U.S. Army, and the main dude behind the Mongol-Swedes (which you will see in this forum being referred to as The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa).


Yeah, Europa would probably be a better choice, seriously, the roleplaying here is fairly dramatic (including the out-of-character 'spiel und spaz'), with a great variety of government styles, military strategies, etc, as well as a host of international trading ventures you won't find anywhere else.





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