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Guest Ide Jima

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Guest Ide Jima

Perhaps this should belong in the technical forum...


I've just had a virus on my PC (thanks MSN Messenger!) but thankfully that problem is now sorted - mostly...


Now I'm back online all my user settings were wiped and now I don't auto - login on this forum, I cannot remember my password and the E-Mail adress I supplied as my validation is now also defunct, and I have no way of logging on.


What would be the right thing to do? If admin need my current email, just post here, and I'll tg it to you.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, technically, in the case of this forum, you wouldn't necessarily have had to have been here to experience anything. Going back over that Tamurin Civil War (not the early 20th century one, Mongol-Swedes was not a nation until 1950's) brings back old feelings...although I find it strange that it has not been moved to the Archives yet.

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