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I was thinking about this while watching something about bird 'flu on the news. I think it would be pretty hard to RP, as it would have to affect the nation on NationStates as well. Bird 'flu, or so the fearmongers tell us, may be on the same scale as the Black Death of 1340-50AD. In these terms, Tagmatium would lose anywhere from 10 million to half a billion. This would be fairly difficult to RP, unless I could affect the population of the nation in NS terms. Also, as it's basically a game, some people would go to extreme measures in order to prevent the diseases coming to their nations, including closing borders and even shooting at an affected ship or aircraft (on a side note, when do I use affect and effect?). Some nations may also use it as impromtu bio-warfare, sending a boat load of disease-ridden citizens to infect an enemy nation. It could be possible to RP, but probably only in a localised way.


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