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I must decline the offer, Europa. I feel that the responsibilities of a Europan Senator (if appointed, of course), as well as the duty I have to my country in real life, would already be pushing the limits of healthy stress. Further, while I have a fairly decent understanding of the machinations of this forum-site, I am not entirely confident in my ability to manage the technical aspects of it.

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hmm, i'd like to withdraw as an RP mod, as i havn't RP'd in ages, and rarely look at the RP pages any more, i dont know why, i just seem to have less time for that sort of thing any more sad.gif


I'm sure that at some stage i will be back and getting into the RPing with avengence, but for now, i just never get around to it. So i feel it is uneccecery for me to be an RP mod. I am still active on the general forum, and in the affairs of the region as a whole, i jsut dont have time to put out a good RP any more.

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OK, so Phil's been removed.



Just a bit information on what mods can do:

- Edit others posts/polls and topic titles

- Open & close topics

- Move topics

- Bump topics

- Pin & Unpin topics

- Split & merge topics?


Since I don't like to delete posts (I split them off, and throw them into a dark corner of the forum in stead, so you can check if there a discussion about someone who "said" or "didn't said" something..), mods can't delete posts or topics either.



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*Reviving dead thread*


For more than a month I was not able to keep up my work for Europa as I should have. I hope that I have kept up with my duties as a Senator, but I was unable to perform my work as a RP-moderator. Right now this is all on Tag's shoulders. An unbearable situation.


I would like to resign as a moderator because it will take at least 1-2 months until the situation improves on my side. If there's another one willing to take over the job, he/she should do so.

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