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Multi-National Inspectors to visit TCN Nuke Site

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The Chosen Nations DOES NOT wish to use our nuclear arsenal as a threat to any nation, and does not wish to be percieved in that way. But we feel the security of The Chosen Nations is paramount, and although I DO NOT want to start a war, i emplore you to let the warheads land and be put under storage until the launch station is complete.


TCN would like to invite a team of multi-national inspectors to visit the island every week (or more), at the expense of The Chosen Nation, to oversee. These inspectors will be given FULL access to the launch station. TCN will provide accomadation for these inspectors all year round, so they can stay for an unlimited amount of time.


These multi-national inspectors may be made up of any nationality inside Europa, but TCN does wish the total number of inspectors visiting at any one time does not exceed 21.


I ropose that a multi-nations organisation be set up to monitor the nuke site of all nations in Europa, although, by no means do I wish to lead it. Just a suggestion.


The island already contains troops of TCN and they are currently without enough food, TCN emplores Ide Jima either to give our troops food, or to let us drop off food.


We also ask that you prevent the Jets from your fleet blockade do not fly over TCN mainland as we have automatic AA guns, and patriot missile sites.


TCN has conformed to external pressures in the past but feel that Homeland Security is not an issue that it can be pushed around over.

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