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Ide Jima Colonises 114 + Islands

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ooc: out of interest, has anyone ever read 'the drowned world' by JG Ballard?



The sun was beating down on the tiny boat. It was the Ide Jiman geological survey boat. Travelling the far east of Europa, it had been 4 months since they had last seen anything. Now they came ashore somewhere very interesting, although it didn't semm like it at first.



"We havn't seen a thing ever since we passed Landeira!"Complained one of the thirty marines on the boat, as he set up a bivouac on shore. "What's to stop us from just pretending we'd seen the rest and then turn round?"



The lead geologist frowned, "It is likely there will be vast reserves of useful resources somewhere along this coast, we have satelite pictures to prove it!"





The next day the survey started sending patrols into the dense jungle to find out what they could see. There were 5 patrols, with the following reports:


Number 1:


We headed north, seeing nothing dense vegetation, possibly some valuable hardwoods but nothing seriously worth colonising the region.


Number 2:


Nothing further down the coast, all we found were impenetrable mangrove swamps.


Number 3:


Tar deposits found seeping from a volcanic lake some 13 miles inland, other experiments suggest larger deposits.


Number 4:

We headed Southwest, finding only clouds of mosquitos. Some hints of iron in the area.


Number 5:

SOmething stuck out against the background radiation reading, definitely uranium deposits.





Reading these, the lead geologist filed a report and mailed it to Serekan. This ought to impress them he thought.




It came back an hour later,


"Presidet Utsure has authorised the colonisation of area 114, or the sword coast, as you appear to have named it. In parliament, almost every party has backed the movement, bar the nationalists. The second high seas squadron, currently in international waters north of Akiiryu is heading down to secure the area. 6 BE-200 Altair amphibians are flying over neutral territory bringing other neccessary equipment and troops".

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OOC: While close to Akiiryu you can assume your fleet is being shadowed by Akiiryan aircraft and naval vessels. Nothing aggressive, just the usual intelliegence/tracking missions you'd expect. Any close encounters between planes/vessels will be conducted in a friendly manner (think of the old cold war photos of US and Soviet pilots smiling and waving at each other etc).

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