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Turmoil in Karthenia?

Senator Gaius

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Karthene World Service


There have been unconfirmed reports of a split inside the government of the United Federation of Karthenia, between the increasingly tyrannical Supreme Commander Ling Cao, and the Interior Minister, Colonel Gaius Reman Valiani. Valiani has opposed several of General Ling's actions in recent months, most notably the brutal suppression of an uprising in Karthene City.


Valiani has also called for an end to hostile relations with Akiiryu and Vanarambaoin, and a general softer international line. Valiani, as political leader of the Federation's significant Burgundy-Brabant minority, has also called for a more democratic and equal system to be put in place. As yet, the B-B citizens have not been granted membership status in the Federation, as their nation of origin is outside of it.


It appears that Mr Valiani, the former ruler of Burgundy-Brabant, is still hanging on to his position, but with Ling Cao in charge, that cannot last long.


OOC: Here we go. This will explode soon, and Europa will never be the same again....

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