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Nuclear Launch Station

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Ont eh 23/August/2005 The Chosen Armed Forces sent a small/medium force to claim the island below Lot#122.


With the island currenly unihabited the TCAF main job was to secure the boarders and build the station.


The station will be ready for the transport for the warheads in 48 hours.


TCAF have begun to heavly fortify the island, and soon it will be able to withstand a large scale attack. Due to security reasons TCN wished to disclose no more information.


TCN askes Europa to recognise this island as land belonging to TCN.


The warheads are purley for defence and this island is not the only launch platform owned by TCN.


TCN asked all nations to keep away from this island to prevent unnesisary loss of life.


The Chosen Nations


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The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu does not recognise The Chosen Nations' claim to the island and is prepared to use military force to stop both the annexation of the island and the building of nuclear facilities.


OOC: You don't have a large enough popluation to claim the island. I might also point out that your time lines are rather unrealistic.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: The Chosen Nations


We must insist not using this area as a nuclear launch station for the interest of Europan unity. Placing any form of active stockpile and launchsite in such a location seems to be more of an offensive than defensive move.


If you continue with this operation, we will send a military force to support both Karthenia and Akiiryu. If those transports do leave in 48 hours, they will be captured by the Southern Fleet.


OOC: Who owns that island? Is it the nation of lot 122? Or if you get lor 121, will it go to you? So confused...

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To: The Chosen Nations

From: The Tribal Tribunal, the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

Subject: Territorial Expansion


We will not allow you to simply expand the clout of your weapons of mass destruction wherever it is that you please. The region of Europa is a delicate balance of cooperation and peace, and this incident, we understand, will threaten that very balance. It is with the blessings of our Peoples that we have activated our commando cells to aid in the dismantling of this proposed launch station, should you choose to defy international pressure to cease this mindless behavior. No good will come of this, for your Peoples or the Peoples of the world. We hope that you will see the light of reason, retract your claim to the island, and stand down from this incident, before needless blood is shed.

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Recently The Chosen Nations has, in my view, been bullied to conform with 5 nations beliefs. All these nations has Armed Forces, Lot #122 is EMPTY, i have killed no-one, and the Nuke base is for my own protection in this kind of situation, when threatned by other nations. i do not intend to use the Nuke for any aggressive purpose, mainly as a deterrant.


TCN invitde Nuclear inspectors to the island to see for themslevs what is going on, and how many people have to aggree before it can be launched. It takes 10 mins to launch the warhead, plenty of time to re-consider. angry.gif

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TO: The Chosen Nations

FROM: President Hartman, Tamurin

RE: Nuclear Weapons Launch Station


We oppose your claim to put nuclear weapons on this island. We demand that you retreat your forces within 48 hours and keep your weapons at home.


If you're really able to fortify the island within 48 hours, you are more than capable to retreat in that time.



President of the United Republic of Tamurin

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OOC: I have to agree with TCN here. It does seem that some of you lot are attempting to bully TCN in to get back in line. After all, if a nation really did have nukes, it's the last thing you want to do is to piss 'em off. After all, in recent history, Iran, Iraq and North Korea have all been pissing the "west" off. So, who did we move against? The nation least likely to have any such weapons, namely Iraq. Otherwise, you either hope and pray the buggers won't use the weapons, or you use the threat of sanctions or military action, rather than actual action. That way, a nuclear warhead doesn't land on your head. We need a contraversal nation, it keeps everyone on their toes, but this sort of move spoils the game for some-one.


As for the island, the RP rules are that you can annex islands, so long as you RP it. If there's a war over the islands then, you have to win the war.


Sorry for that rant, and I know that I often do this sort of thing myself.


@Aki: Sorry to be rude, but could you keep you news network to one thread? There at least three different ones, which could have all been placed in the same thread, as they are on similar things.

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OOC: No prob Tag, it a good poitn and will do from now on.


I am not bullying TCN, merely acting as I believe my nation would in light of the TCN repeated provocations. I don't think it spoils the rp., rather it makes it more realistic. There is one nation at the moment who is quite happy annexing a large island with out others raising a stink...because that nation isn't being so "in your face about it." Simply put TCN can follow any damned policies he likes, but he has to realise that the way you sell those policies on the world stage is important. At the moment he isn't selling himself well.

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Written Announcement:


This barbarism shall not stand. Following the increase in the sinister behaviour of TCN, we cannot allow their foces to garrison this island.


Ide Jiman fisherman have settled on the island (not technically part of IJ I know, but well...) and are now exposed to the crude ways of TCN. The island rightfully belongs to Clavis or Ide Jima, and we will not stop until we see it in the hands of either of those two nations.


The 2nd high seas fleet is moving to blockade the island, and if neccessary invade it. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a state which supports slavery and other barbaric ways is purely unnacceptable. Unless a withdrawal is made within the next week, Ide Jiman forces will attack the island and seize any nuclear materials found.


We believe a zero-tolerance doctrine should be taken with rogue states that sink to this level.


President Utsure, President of the republic of Ide Jima

Marshall Jiangwei, five star general, head of the IJA,IJN,IJAF,IJMC,IJNIC and IJCW


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OOC: I have to agree with Tamurin's analogy to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Even if Deltannia is up in the north, the effect is the same.


TO: All nations concerning the nuclear launch station of Island 122.

FROM: Deltannia


With the arrival of the advanced elements of the fleet, we wish to inspect any ship believed to be carrying nuclear weapons. They will not be confiscated, but cannot arrive on the said island.

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OOC: DAYME! I was gonna post the following post, too, to end it all.





As the massive fleet of ancient, but sturdy, B-29 dropships began to filter into TCN airspace, the large formation began to split apart and divert to their pre-arranged DZ's. The modified craft sped along through the early dawn sky, and in no time the skies were filled with earthbound soldiers. The planes, as planned, were being rigged to fly straight into several military installations rigged with heavy explosives, each plane having enough explosives to equal the power of four SCUD missiles.


Meanwhile, observation satellites had been hacking their way into the less-sophisticated TCN communications networks, filtering through phone calls between loved ones, news reports of a desperate national leader,with its poorly trained military forces, to try and put up a resistance. Forces on the ground were quickly getting the Intel they needed to seek out and capture the TCN Cabinet members, a job reserved for The Champions of the Tribes, elements of the Vanarambaion Shadowcorps, and the Akiiryan Knights of the Stag.


As the sophisticated information warfare equipment of The Tribelands worked its way into the TCN airwaves, satellite feeds and radio transmissions were interrupted by a strengthened feed from the main broadcasting station of MSNBC (Mongol-Swedes National Broadcasting Company), who were then reporting scathy footage of the chaos thruout The Chosen Nations, in an effort to sap the morale of the population at large, as well as any elements of the TCN government who might be watching television, or listening to a radio, civilian, military, or otherwise.


Anti-air fire was comparatively light as the aircraft slammed into military complexes all across The Chosen Nations, creating chaos and, hopefully, sapping the morale of what Intel had confirmed as relatively fresh TCN forces. That such a peaceful nation such as The Union could bring this about was unfounded, but the message would be delivered, as even they might recognize The Union's markings on the aircraft as they came down.


With the covert invasion forces on the ground, they set about their duties, raiding those bases which had been hit with the bomb-rigged bombers, quickly pacifying TCN resistance in several areas within the first two hours of general chaos thruout the area. The TCN were likely not nearly as well-trained as the forces being sent against them and although the invaders suffered minimal casualties, they were completing their missions with comparative ease. Several missile launch sites and production facilities were under control, and the TCAF was heavily crippled.


Outside the TCN's nuclear bunker, The Champions of the Tribes, and thier Akiiryan and Vanarambaion counterparts, were setting up for a raid on the complex.




OOC: Yeah, and that's real, dudes.

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