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The Chosen Nations deports CDC's

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In accordance with the controversial new legislation that has recently come into force in The Chosen Nations we will be deporting all convicted Murderers, Rapeists, Paedophiles, and Low-Level Terrorists(*).


The Chosen Nations therfore is looking for a place to deport these Convicted Deportation Criminals (CDC's).


The Chosen Nations extends the invitation for any member of Europa to purchase any number of CDC's for use in their own country.


You may use a CDC for:

  • Manual Labour
  • Scentific Tests
  • Experimental Drugs
  • Members of your Armed Forces
  • Target Practice
  • To Increase Your Popualtion
  • If you have any other suggestions please contact The Chosen Nations, where the parliament will decide.

We acceot that nations may appose this new legistation but we request that you keep out of these proceedings and speak directly to The Chosen Natons. We also ask that nobody directly approaches any nations that are buying CDC's from The Chosen Nation about their purchase of CDC's.


The Chosen Nations has dicied on the following Price Plan:


Below 100 CDC's - 1,000 USD

101-500 CDC's - 5,000 USD

501 - 2,000 CDC's - 10,000 USD

2,001 - 5,000 CDC's - 15,000 USD

5,001 - 7,500 CDC's - 20,000 USD

7,501 - 10,000 CDC's - 25,000 USD


Please Note that ALL prices INCLUDE delivery and basic rations and clothing for each CDC for 3 months after arrival.


If we find a CDC to have a disease will will exterminte them befor they reach your nation to prevent contamination.


If any CDC commits a crime within 6 months of arrival in it's host nation; The Chosen Naions will pay all expenses to process the Criminal due due the law of the host nation (up to a maximum of 1,000,000 USD per CDC).


If you wish you may decide the amount of each type of CDC you purchase (for example: If you wished to purchase 100 CDC's you could have:

  • 50 Murderers
  • 25 Rapeists
  • 12 Peadophiles
  • 13 Low-Level Terrorists


If you wish to purchse more than 10,000 CDC we can arrange a special price.


For any other information please contact The Chosen Nations.


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TO: The States of Europa

FROM: The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu


The Sublime Principate of Akiiryu deplores and condemns both The Chosen Nations attempt to introduce slavery in Europa and its moves to unload in criminal population on other states in the region. The Baronic Council is equally disturbed by TCN promise to killed all prisoners found to be suffering from diseases. Such acts smack of a level of barbarism that is beyond the pale.


As of this time the Sublime Principate will be cutting off all trade and diplomatic relations with the Chosen Nations and strongly encouarges other nations to follow suit.


The Baronic Council is currently considering a number of other measures to halt this deplorable policy before it comes into affect. A military response is possible.


Slave trading nations have no place in Europa.



1st Minister,

Akiiyan Baronic Council

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The United Federation of Karthenia echoes the sentiments of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu. This proposal is a clear and brutal breach of basic human rights, and whatsmore is akin to slavery, an abhorrent practice banned in all cicilised nations for many years.


The Sovereign Military Council of the Federation has voted to suspend relations with the Chosen Nations, and is currently voting on whether to authorise missions to purge this foul slaving menace.



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FROM: Deltannia

TO: The Chosen Nations


Deltannia is horrified at such a proposal. You have trampled over human rights and suggest in using convicted criminals in a number of unjustified ways, and you expect other countries to pay you for your unwanted population.


We do not support this action and will immediately enact economic and diplomatic sanctions on The Chosen Nations. Your embassy will be cut off from the rest of Deltannia. The Council and Senate will vote on whether military action is needed to stop this atrocity from comensing.


OOC: We have embassies, right? Also, what is a low-level terrorist?

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(Mongol-Swede National Broadcasting Company) MSNBC


A statement today was given by a representative of the Tribal Tribunal of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa, after meeting with delegates from the independent organization Amnesty International, specifically declaring the governing body of The Chosen Nations "a vile, malevolent human rights trampler".


We have just received the results of a state-ordered poll to determine whether the Peoples of the Union would like to see action taken against The Chosen Nations, with an overwhelming 96% in favour of immediate sanctions, while 3% were in favour of continuing peaceful negotiations. In Mongol-Swede tradition, these polls have determined what has become the Union's successful international policy.


We at MSNBC will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


------------------------------------------end broadcast-------------------------------------



Transmission Via Highly Secure Mongol-Swede/Tamurin Hotline


To: President Hartman

From: The Tribal Tribunal

Subject: Joint Sanction Proposal


As you may already know, The Chosen Nations has publicly declared that they intend to engage in exporting the 'undesirables' of their population for purpose of increasing revenues. We feel that this is nothing more than a slave trade. This cannot be allowed to go unnoticed. The Chosen Nations must be held responsible for this gross violation of basic human rights. We understand that your political process is not as streamlined as ours, so we will be patient in awaiting your response. In the meantime, we are planning to conduct intelligence operations inside The Chosen Nations, and will report our findings in relation not only to this proposed slave trade, but on the overall strength of their armed forces, as we feel that The Chosen Nations, since establishing themselves here, have presented a real security threat.

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Meteorola has cut off all diplomatic ties with TCN. In addition we have increased the alertness of our navy and air force to be on the look out for ships transporting human cargo. Any ship found to be involved with human trafficing will immediately be seized and any military ship found to be escorting such a transport will be fired upon.


Security both on and around Free Ekainak will be tightened due to the two fold threat now facing the island. The instability of the island makes it a prime target for both supply and demand of human cargo.


Hurricane Eric of the ASOM

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TO: All nations

FROM: President Hartman

RE: Slave trade


The United Republic of Tamurin is shocked by this new form of slave trade and this extreme violation of human rights. The Chosen Nations' behavior is worse than that of Imperial Tamurin and any pre-modern tyranny.


Therefor, all diplomatic ties with "The Chosen Nations" have been terminated. Our diplomats are returning right now and their diplomats are sent home. The parliament has backed up my decision with the votes of the conservatives, the socialists, the liberals and the communists.


We regard "The Chosen Nations" as a rogue state with a very suspicious way to treat basic human rights. We will therefor terminate all diplomatic relations to any nation that will participate in this slave trade.


My minister of defense, Field Marshall von Steinburg, proposed an economical blocade of "The Chosen Nations" and I'm putting this on the table right now.




President of the United Republic of Tamurin





TO: Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes, Tribal Tribunal

FROM: President Hartman

RE: Joint Sanction Proposal


I agree with your opinion. Field Marshall von Steinburg proposed an economical blocade when he heard of your proposal. I hope that the nations of Europa will combine their forces to do this.


If not, our two nations should ban all products from "The Chosen Nations" to make a stand against this tyranny.




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***Encoded Message***


From: GHET


We can see why you are doing this, to get rid of unwanted/criminal members of your nation. You are going about it the wrong way, though. Not many countries would purchase such human detritus from one nation, as every country has too many of their own miscreants to wish to emport another nation's.

Crime is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare.

As you can see from this exerpt from the UN Report of the Greater Holy Empire, we have little crime and so don't suffer from a similar problem. We recommend that your government pursues policies which are like the ones we have, and this way The Chosen Nations will suffer markedly less crime. That way, there will be no need for nations to buy "CDC's" from yourselves, and the more delicate nations in Europa won't kick-up as much stink as they have done recently, mainly towards the policies pursued by your nation.

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ooc: By being nice to people wink.gif


Official Statement:


Ide Jima deplores the current actions of TCN. As a matter of safety to Ide Jiman nationals, we are preparing to annex the island south of 122.


In doing this we will protect several hundred Ide Jimans in the area from the barbarism currently being displayed by TCN.

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To SPA, Ide Jima

From UFK


While we are fully prepared to aid Akiiryu in preventing the island from being taken over by TCN, we trust our allies in Ide Jima, and thus we are unable to support the Sublime Principate in its opposition of the Ide Jiman claim. We will not however take any action unless Akiiryu attacks Ide Jima first.

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Very Encoded Contact:


From: Ide Jima


Surely you must understand that the threat is a great deal closer to home for Ide Jima. We are divided from a hostile nation with nuclear weapons and the intent to use them by only a small strip of water.


We can assure you that there are no sinister alterior motives to what we are doing. If we do come to control the island, we will pose no more threat to you than we have done in the past.


We cannot think of any reason as to why you would oppose this other than a traditional dislike for our nation. We remind you that Ide Jima is opposed to the rivalry that exists between the two 'big camps' in Europa, and that just recently we spearheaded the dissolution of the EPA.


We have been willing to forget past transgressions in order to make moves towards stability in Europa, we are dissappointed to see that you have not.


We are supposing that by this point we still havn't swayed you, and to push home our will to show Ide Jima has changed we propose this:


Upon the expiration of this period, all Ide Jiman forces shall be removed from the island. It shall remain neutral, perhaps it could be used as a headquarters for an international alliance.


We must prevent this island from becoming part of TCN, for us the threat is a lot more potent. Through this you do not see the expansion of Ide Jima any further than it neccessarily has to.


Please consider what we have said,



President Utsure.



edit: Clavis buggered off

Edited by Ide Jima (see edit history)
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To: Ide Jima

From: SPA


President Utsure,


Our opposition to your annexation of this island has nothing to do with traditional rivalries, nor does the Baronic Council believe that Ide Jima has any sinister alterior motives. Rather, the Baronic Council's opposition results from its belief that Ide Jima simply does not have a legtimate claim to the island in question.


The Baronic Council respectfully suggests that if you are willing to cede ownership of the island after one year then it would make more sense for your state to agree to the proposal of GHET and leave the island in the hands of the TCN, watched and regulated by a multinational force.


The Baronic Council believes this offers the following advantages for your state:


1) The cost of administering the island would be largely in the hands of the TCN. Whilst Military inspector costs would be shared by the nations involved.


2) Military inspectors could be based on the island for years, rather than your proposed one year. This would extend the period that you could monitor and curb any possible threats another nation's ownership of the island may offer Ide Jima.


3) A multinational force containing Akiiryan and Ide Jima troops would promote understanding and co-operation between our two nations.


4) Your attempts to annex the island may push TCN into a corner where nuclear weapons seem the only viable option it has to defend what it believes to be its territory.


5) The use of the island as a military headquarters is not, in the Baronic Council's eyes, a viable proposition.



Finally, the island is further from Ide Jima than mainland TCN, therefore it would seem to offer less of a threat to your nation than you would seem to believe.



1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council.

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To: The SPA

From: Ide Jima


In that case, please forgive our jumping to an unneccessary conclusion. We see that there is a way to resolve this peacefully.


The incident merely gave us the rough location of nuclear weapons that may be used against us.


The 2nd fleet will blockade the island to prevent nuclear materials landing (you must understnad, this is a risk we cannot take), but no Ide Jiman troops will land on the island.



President Utsure,

Edited by Ide Jima (see edit history)
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The Chosen Nations DOES NOT wish to use our nuclear arsenal as a threat to any nation, and does not wish to be percieved in that way. But we feel the security of The Chosen Nations is paramount, and although I DO NOT want to start a war, i emplore you to let the warheads land and be put under storage until the launch station is complete.


TCN would like to invite a team of multi-national inspectors to visit the island every week (or more), at the expense of The Chosen Nation, to oversee. These inspectors will be given FULL access to the launch station. TCN will provide accomadation for these inspectors all year round, so they can stay for an unlimited amount of time.


These multi-national inspectors may be made up of any nationality inside Europa, but TCN does wish the total number of inspectors visiting at any one time does not exceed 21.


To discuss this Further please go here: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=1373

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To: The Chosen Nations

From: The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

Subject: Inspection Proposal


We are grateful for your proposal to ease the tensions in this region, and will send a member of our Sub-Tribunal on Diplomatic Affairs, Hermin Hyultward, as well as two of our international correspondants from the Mongol-Swede National Broadcasting Company. We feel that, by getting evidence of your willingness to engage in peaceful international activity on a well-liked international broadcasting enterprise as MSNBC, will counter the severe blunder you made in the past, and will lead to a better understanding between the Peoples of Europa. We are looking forward to aiding in this endeavour, and heal our diplomatic relations.

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