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What is your favourite game?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite game?

    • Word Assocaition
    • Picture Assocation
    • This or That
    • Trickname Game
    • Insults Thread
    • The Person Above You
    • Who Sings This Song
    • Never Played a Game
    • Other (If you choose this please post the Game Name Below)

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''Aaaaaand now ladies and gentlemen, a prize! a prize for the winner of the Quiztime now! a brand new Volkswagan Polo! yes thats right ladies and gentlemen, a Volkswagen Polo! roll up now to be in with a chance smile.gif''


note, there is no chance of winning a car in this competition, the polo is question is a small mint sweet with 'volkswagen' written on the outside in black pen... but the sweet HAS been inside a volkswagen Polo car... i bought it home with me when i was at the shops...

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I think its not just the fact that the correct answer takes time but also that the person who posts the question doesn't check it often enough to see whether the answers are right or not.

Still....I used to love that game when I had time to kill laugh.gif always fun looking up the answer...

...who's the best googler out there? tongue.gif

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