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Greetings fellow nations!


We, the people of the Atenean States, would like to open our borders with our fellow nations in this region of Europa.


As of this moment, the government is making a shift from an authoritarian regime to a democratic one, thanks to the reforms initiated by the people of Atenea and the support given by the current leader.


We are in the process of joining the United Nations. By the time we'll be admitted to the UN, we shall only give our endorsement to whosoever shall be endorsed by the majority of the nations of Europa.


We hope to get a positive response from our neighbors.



Anthony Alvarez, Ph.D

Foreign Affairs Minister



I'm from the Philippines and I'm only 15 years old (I'll be turning 16 on October by the way), also an incoming college freshman next school year. I'm a Nationstates user since last year and the last forum I joined was that of the European Union. smile.gif

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Hail and well met.


Amnalos hopes the Atenean States will become a prosperous and respected Europan nation, and that relations between our nations will be friendly and to our mutual benefit.


Our local UN representative is Orioni, a most worthy and capable delegate.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,

Salvor Aldan Andros,

Foreign Minister



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*A Few Words from the Sarge...all OOC, some pertaining to nationstates mongol-swede history*


I am Sgt. M Train of the United States Army. I am currently stationed in Fulda, Germany, getting ready to head back home to Ft. Riley, Kansas in just a few days. On behalf of the ultra-liberal side of Europa, I welcome you.


My nation, what I now call The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa, is an alliance of modernized tribes (with strong ancient cultural values), and is renowned for a strict policy of neutrality, hosting many international mediations between feuding parties here in Europa. We have a strong alliance with the United Republic of Tamurin, and are one of the few 'rogue nations' here on Europa, meaning we are not with the United Nations. Nevertheless, the Union, being quite as liberal as it is, is known for a high standard of civil and political liberties.


Our armed forces, however, though not funded on the scale like the real-life United States or Vanarambaion here in Europa, is a unique and significant force here, based on a loose coalition of quite a few thousand 'commando cells', each cell numbering 20 commandos, male and female, and each commando being held to a very high standard of quality, due the small size of our ranks. Each cell is capable of operating independently and with utmost secrecy.


If ya have anymore questions or such, feel free to send me a pm or whatnot, or bring it up in the roleplays, if that's your thing, anyway.



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