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A New Age of Gameing

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This game is called Most Post.


Basically the person who posts the most is the winner, on a certain date which will be disclosed later.


Rules: Your main post must contain at least 3 lines of text on the subject you are given.


After your post you give the next person a subject to speak on! EASY!


For Example if my Subject was Music i would say:


Music has been around for ages, from the earliest blowpipes to the latest MP3 players, and the far better iPod range! Many different types of Music exist, each with their own individual style and following. Music means big $$$ for the artisits, and the companines that they work for.


Subject: Recreational Drugs!

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Recreational Drugs, the good, the bad, and the ugly... The Good sides: enjoying your hash and your weed with your mates (SSSS know about this i'm sure tongue.gif), The Bad, getting a phone call to tell you a good friend has gone and OD'd and has died in hospital, The Ugly, when your OD'd friend survives, but ends up with nought but Cancer or HIV to show for his experince...


and now to lighten the tone a bit, the next subject...


Monty Python

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