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Blargh. I got mine today. A B in History, which I'm pleased about, a C in Psychology, which I'm also happy with, a D in Biology, which is good as I found it hard and really didn't like the subject, and a D in Technology, which I'm very unhappy with, especially as I revised alot, did all the courrse work very well, but appear to have messed up the exams, which I'm surprised, as I felt very confident about them.


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well, i had my results today as well, i got straight A's, in Chemistry, Physics and Maths, and an A in Biology AS, i also got an A in Economics As ladt year.


Orioni, basicly, most english school kids do 4 AS levels when they are 17, and then take 3 of those subjects on to do a full A2 level in their next year. some people do it slightly differently, like i did economics in my first year, and then realised i had to do Biology to get into Medicine, which is my chosen career choice, so i had to do a whole load extra work last year sad.gif


but, even though i got my straight A's, i hadnt got an offers from any universities, so i have to reapply this year instead, although i should stand a good chance i hope, seeing as i have actually got 3 A's, rather than 3 predicted A's, which universities must see much more often.

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Nicely done Phil and Tag....my A2s weren't quite as supurb as yours Phil tongue.gif


I got A in History and English, and B in Politics, and so i'm definately going to Uni in London. Plus i got a C in General Studies, but that isn't a real subject anyway. I got 3 E's for the units this year, and got a C...ah, justice! laugh.gif

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graduated? we dont graduate till after University, its the americans who graduate after both high school and University tongue.gif


yeh, we got our marks when we got our results, i.e. the points we got off each paper and each subject, you have to get over 480/600 to get an A (i.e. 80%, 70% for a B, 60% for a C, and so on) hence why i kne Physics was my highest mark ohmy.gif

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Very impressive Phil.


My total number of points was calculated on 1000, but I'm not going to tell you what I got, because me thesis (35% of the total)wasn't counted the first time. Safe to say it was more then 500/1000. Now I can only hope that my grades are good.


(NL: Hopelijk meer punten voor tweede zit.)

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GCSEs are incredibly easy. If you're looking at mostly A's, sit back and enjoy the ride and get B's and C's. I'm not being funny, but if you're going to go onto Sixth Form/College (the two are interchangable), GCSE's are one of the last chances you get to muck around and have a good time, because A levels are the hardest exams you'll do, apparently much harder than ones you'll do at Uni.

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