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Religious attacks kill over 7,000 citizens in TCN

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The 17 August 2005, is a date that the citizens of TCN will never forget:



  • 02:17 CTS (Chosen Time Setting)
  • 05:18 GMT
Alivid awakes from what will be his final rest before The Great Mission. Sweat drips down his face. He looks around the room, only to find the other membors of his cell still asleep. They were not due to awake until 04:00 CTS, but Alivid had been dreaming about the mission, and his acension the "The Lord". Alivid wlaks into the comunal bathroom and washes his face. He is startled when a firm hand touches him on the arm. Alivid spins to find his leader, and the leader of TLMM (The Lords Mortal Military), Naveem. Alivid explains to Naveem why he is awake and, Naveem comforts Alivid telling him that once his is with The Lord that all earthly troubles will fade away. Alivid bows to his master and returns to the sleeping quarters.



  • 07:00 CTS
  • 10:01 GMT
Sam sharply awakes from his restful slumber, to find the phone beside his bedside table is ringing, and has no intention of shutting up. Sam picks up the phone:


"Processing call...........Robert Hastings, Head of The Chosen Intelligence Forces,...........TO...........Sam Yayini, The Chosen Leader and Head of The Chosen Nations" the electronical system chirped. "Call procesed.........SPEAK" it concluded.


"Sam, I believe that we have a situation"




Alivid is speeding down the main road in TCN's capitol city. In the car with him is him AK-74, and a mountain of explosives. Alivid knows his duty and pushed down the gas pedel to the floor. He had already heard 12 other of his brothers acent to The Lord, and knows that there are attacks like this goin on in 13 cities nationwide, now it was his turn. He saw his target and slightly changed the direction of the car. The Bus in front of him is full of tourists. The Ford Mondeo slams into the side of the bus and detenates. Alivid and the tourists are instantly vapourised, the Ford and the bus follow. Next come the by-standers and the shops.


Sam Yayini smooths down his tie, ready for the national broadcast. 2 month have passed since the attacks and just over 7,000 people are known to have lost their lives to the bombers. Police have identified the group but all members blew themselfs up on the 17 August. Therfore the Police had nobody to charge, and the public are becoming angry. All people, of any religion, are being drived out of the country (TCN consists of 3% Jew, 3% Christian, 2% Sikh, 1% Hindu, 0.4% Muslim, and 90.6% non-religious).


"Cameras rolling, sir".....

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"Recent investigations had show that the terrorists that were involved in the 17/August attacks had outside help. Our Intelligence services had found that the nation of Lindgrenland was helping the terrorists. Officials inside the gouvernment, and even the head-of-state have been proven to be providing recources to the terrorists. As you know over 7,000 Chosen citizens were kidded in the attacks, and TCN dispises terror and all who aide her." Sam Yayini began.


"Therfore we are not declaring war on the nation of Lindgrenland.....yet. We do ask that the following officials shall give themselfs up to the Chosen Armed forces:

  • Head-of-State

Minister for Defence (or equivilent)

Misinter for The Armed Forces (or equivilent)

General of the Army (or equivilent)

Minister for supply of Armed Forces (or equivilent)

If the above people do not give themselfs up, Lindgrenland, can expect grave consiquences (i.e. the loss of 7,000 citizens, and the destruction of all Military Facilities, power stations, water treatment plants, and all methods of communication (internet servers, telephone lines...etc...).


I hope the above people realise the grave danger they have placed themselfs, and Lindgrenland, in. I hope for a peaceful ending to this awful saga".

Sam Yayini takes a deep breath and walks into the military planning room, ready for whatever may arise. All service men and women are place on high alert.

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To: The Chosen Nations

From: Tagmatium


The Greater Holy Empire has witnessed the attacks which have taken place on your citizens in the last day. We are horrified by these events, and wish to show sympathy and grief over the loss of life your nation has suffered. We hope that this was just an isolated event, rather than the begining of a pattern across TCN and the wider area. We hope that this will not lead to religious persecution in your nation, as Tagmatium is primarily a Christian nation. We hope that no ethnic Tagmatines or converts to the Tagmatine Orthodox Church are put into jeopardy by your citizens' actions.


However, we wish to know how your intelligence forces so quickly pointed the finger at Lindgrenland. The demands you have also put upon the nation are also very outlandish, and no country would ever comply with such demands, unless defeated in war. As such, we may even have to stand with Lindgrenland if it came to this situation, if only with words rather than blades. Our own intelligence services, monitoring data traffic after the event, have found no such links, although we have only been monitoring since the event. We don't make a habit of spying on other Europan nations.


Gregorius Ford, High Chancellor

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TCN thanks everyone for their support.


TCN also apologise for her previous conduct, and realises that such strong words were not required. TCN therfore takes back all her requests but would like to meet with the head-of-state for Lindgrenland.


The Chosen Armed forces and The Chosen Law-and-Order Division (Police) are doing their upmost to stop all religious hatred type attacks.


Security throughout TCN had been drastically stepped up from Situation White (Peaceful), the day before the attacks, to Situation Black (Nation Under Attack) on the day of, and three days after the attack, and now down to Situation Orange (Meduim-High Alert). It will remain at Orange for the time being.


The investigation continues......


TCN would like to make Lindgrenland aware that if she has aided any more attacks inside Europa, and specifically inside TCN, TCN will be lobbying for swift action, be it in sanctions or military attacks.


TCN will continue to monitor Lindgrenland form the inside and outside. TCN would like to make Lindgrenland aware that your top ministers cannot go to the bathroom without TCN being aware of it. Draw from this what you must.


I hope the meeting between the heads-of-state for Lindgrenland, and TCN will go ahead. Lindgrenland may request the time, and date but TCN request that the merting be held inside TCN, for security reasons.



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