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Vicarus Praesidium Sapientia: A Vicarus-Castrum Company.

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Vickers Weapon Systems is the esteamed Mulit-Regional corporation which is hell bent on the development and sale of weapons. We produce all kinds of weaponry, from infantry small arms to huge lumbering battleships. Anything you, your terroist group, rebel army or nation needs for it's armament can be found right here.


Infantry weapons


Assault Rifles.



user posted image


this is the main service weapon for the Adaptus Armed Forces, and has seen extensive service and has proven it's self more than enough with us, and maybe with your forces too.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)

Length (buttstock open / folded): 998 mm

Barrel length: 480 mm

Weight empty: 3.6 kg

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds standard

Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute

Price: 1500 USD each.


L85 (SA80)?


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an older but still exelent firearm, the former service weapon of the AAF but now is offered to private companies such as body guard agencies and such.(version sown above L85A2).


Caliber: 5.56 NATO (.223rem)

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt

Overall length: 780 mm (709 mm in Carbine variant)

Barrel length: 518 mm (442 mm in Carbine variant)

Weight: 4.13 kg (with SUSAT optical sight and no magazine); 5 kg with SUSAT and loaded with magazine with 30 rounds of ammunition

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Rate of fire: 650 rounds per minute

Effective range: about 500 meters (with SUSAT sights)

Price 1200 USD each.






Challenger 2 E MBT?


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The Challenger 2 MBT currently serves with our armed forces, but however is not for sale, alought Challenger 2 E's are for sale. these are basicly Challenger 2's but built for the export market.


Crew: 4

Main armorment: 120mm

Max speed: 56Km/h

Range: 450Km

Combat weight: 62,500kg

Side slope:30%

Armor type: Chobham/steel

NBC system: yes

NV system: Yes (Gunner, commander, Driver)

Price: 7.5 Million USD each







Tornado F3/GR1?


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both the Tornado GR1 and F3 serve with the Federaion Air Force. the F3 as our Air to Air power and the GR1 as our Ground to air power. they have both served a long time and more more than capable of any Air forces needs.


Crew 2

Wingspan (open) 13.9m

Wingspan (swept) 8.6m

Height 5.9m

Length 18.7m

Max Weapon Load 8,500kg

Max Take Off Weight 27,900kg

Max Speed Mach 2.2 (1,452 mph/2,333kph)

Engines 2 x Turbo-Union RB 199-34R Mk104 Turbofans

Intercept Radius 1,850 km (subsonic) or 550 km (supersonic)

Armament 1 x 27mm Mauser Cannon

AAM 4 x Sky Flash


4 x AIM-9L Sidewinder



Price: 45 Million USD each


VC10 (tanker)?


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the VC10 is our renound tanker cabable of refuling 3 aircraft at once.


Crew: 3 + 3 stewards

Capacity: 151 passengers

Length: 158 ft 8 in (48.36 m)

Wingspan: 146 ft 2 in (44.55 m)

Maximum speed: 580 mph (933 km/h)

Range: 5,850 miles (9,412 km)

Price: 30 million USD each



Vulcan low level Bomber (nuclear/conventional)?


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the Vulcan has served our nation well these years and is still in service, it may not have the payload of say a B52 but it has nuclear capabilities, so if you find you have your nuclear luchsites bombed your still capable of droping nuclear warheads.


Crew: 5

Maximum speed: Mach 0.95 at 12,000 m

Cruising speed: Mach 0.92 at 15,200 m

Empty: 83,573 lb 37,144 kg

Loaded: lb kg

Maximum take off: 170,000 lb 77,100 kg

Price: 60 USD each


Europa Fighter Typhoon?


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the Europa Fighter Typhoon is our new multi-role fighter witch is entering service soon. this is exclusive to Europa region members and our tribute to this great region biggrin.gif


Crew 1 or 2

Length 15.96 m 52 ft 5 in

Wingspan 10.95 m 35 ft 11 in

Height 5.28 m 17 ft 4 in

Wing Area 50 m? 540 ft?

Empty 9,750 kg 21,500 lb

Loaded 15,550 kg 34,280 lb

Maximum Takeoff 21,000 kg 46,300 lb

Maximum Speed 2,390 km/h 1,480 mph

Combat Range 1,390 km 860 miles

Guns: 1 x 27 mm Mauser BK-27 cannon

Bombs: Paveway 2, Paveway 3, Enhanced Paveway, JDAM

Missiles: AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-88 HARM, AGM Armiger, AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-132 ASRAAM, AIM-120 AMRAAM, IRIS-T, MBDA Meteor, ALARMs, Storm Shadow(AKA "Scalp EG"), Brimstone, Taurus, Penguin

Price: 50 million USD each




Super Puma?


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the super puma is our fast insertion transport helicopter, it is not the quietest of helicopters but can be hidden within one countour on a map' this means it can be hidden behind a 5 meter high hill. it is very stelthy for a helicopter.


Crew: one or two pilots

Capacity: up to 24 passengers

Length: 16.29 m (53 ft 5 in)

Main rotor diameter: 15.6 m (51 ft 2 in)

Height: 4.6 m (15 ft 1 in)

Main rotor area: 191 m? (2,056 ft?)

Empty: 4,460 kg (9,812 lb)

Loaded: kg ( lb)

Maximum takeoff: 8,600 kg (18,940 lb)

Maximum speed: 278 km/h (174 mph)

Range: 831 km (519 miles)

Rate of climb: 492 m/min (1,614 ft/min)

Price: 20 million USD each


Apache Longbow Assault helicopter?


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the apache may be old but it is evective and serves with all three of our armed forecs barnches.


Crew 2

Length 17.7 m (58.3 ft) with rotors

Wingspan 4.9 m (16.3 ft)

Height 3.87 m (12.7 ft)

Wing area 5.227 m (17.15 ft)

Empty 5,165 kg (11,387 lb)

Loaded 8,006 kg (17,650 lb)

Max take-off 9,525 kg (21,000 lb)

Maximum speed 365 km/h (197 kt)

Combat range 482 km (260 n miles)

Rate of climb 760 m/min (2,500 ft/min)

Guns M230 30mm automatic cannon, 1200 rds

Missiles Hellfire/Hellfire II (and Stinger, Starstreak,

Sidewinder/Sidearm proposed)

Rockets Hydra 70, FFAR

Price 20 million USD each


*for an extra 500,000 USD we can upgrades them with hellfire rocket pods, which unleash a burst of hellfire missles for a full 40 seconds.


I hope our weapon systems meat your killing needs. thank you for your time.


Andrew Willson

Head of sales Vickers Weapon Systems.

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We have updated our list with carrier based aircraft, more infantry equiptment, APC's and other equiptment.




Maximus Class nuclear powered aircraft carrier?.



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the Maximus Class Carrier is the pride of the Federations navy and could to your navys pride too.


Crew: 800

Max Aircraft: 20 fast jet/5 assault helicopters or 3 transport helicpoters.

Armorments: 4 ship-ship exoset III missle platforms

speed: 45 knots

Range: 4000km (nuclear) ((overheating))

fule capasaty: 20 years (nuclear)

Price: 55 billion USD each



Carrier Based Aircraft



F/A-18 Hornet?


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The F/A-18 served along with mainly Harrier II's, it was used as a fast rapid assault aircraft, and has served well. some are still in service with the Federation Imperial Navy and keep proving to be a valuble asset to any war effort.

we are looking for replacements for this aircraft.


Crew: 1

Length: 56 ft 4 in (17.1 m)

Wingspan: 40 ft (12.3 m)

Height: 15 ft 4 in (4.7 m)

Empty: 24,700 lb (5,700 kg)

Fighter/Loaded: 37,150lb ( kg)

Maximum Takeoff: 51,550 lb (13,400 kg)

Maximum speed: Mach 1.7

Guns: M61 Vulcan 20 mm Gatling gun


Air-to-air: AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AIM-7 Sparrow

Air-to-ground: AGM-45_Shrike, AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-88 HARM, SLAM-ER, JSOW

Anti-ship: AGM-84 Harpoon

Bombs: CBU-87 cluster, CBU-89 gator mine, CBU-97, Paveway, JDAM, Mk 80 series, nuclear bombs

Price: 40 million USD each


F-35 JSF?


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The JSF (joint strike fighter) is now entering service as the FIN's main carrier based aircraft. it is yet to be used in conflict but has made gread progress in exersieses. this aircraft is capable of vertical take off.


Crew: 1

Length: 50 ft 6 in (15.37 m)

Wingspan: 35 ft 0 in (10.65 m)

Height: 17 ft 4 in (5.28 m)

Wing area: 459.6 ft? (42.7 m?)

Empty: 26,455 lb (12,000 kg)

Loaded: 41,900 lb (19,000 kg)

Maximum takeoff: 50,000 lb (22,680 kg)

Maximum speed: km/h ( mph) Mach 1.8

Range: 620 miles (1000 km) without drop tanks

Price: 50 million USD each


Sea Harrier GR4?


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the sea harrier is the first vertical take off fast jet in the whole of the Federation Armed Forces, it has been an exelent aircraft and has never let us down. it is good and cheap this is quick way to arm your navy. these are now being fased out for the new F-35 JSF along with many things with our nations current modernisation plan.


Crew 1

Length 17.2 m 46 ft 6 in

Wingspan 7.6 m 25 ft 3 in

Height 3.71 m 12 ft 4 in

Wing area 18.68 m? 201.1 ft?

Empty 6,374 kg 14,052 lb

Maximum takeoff 11,884 kg 26,200 lb

Combat range 1,000 km 540 nautical miles

Guns 2 x 30 mm Aden gun pods

Bombs WE177 (Withdrawn 1992)

Missiles AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, ALARM, Sea Eagle

Price: 35 million USD each.




Warrior MCV Mk4?


user posted image



the new Warrior Mk4 is part of our Next Gen Armourments. it currently is replaceing the old Warrior Mk1's. this version incorporates our new Laser Point Defence Systems. these systems are also being incorporated into our Challenger 2's. these systems are capable of fireing a laser toward an enemy anti-tank missle, and using the intense heat from the laser, explodes the warhead befor it makes contact with it's target.


Crew: 3+7

Armorments: 1 * 130mm Cannon

1 * 7.62mm MG

2 * 4 Smoke Grenade Dischargers

Combat Weight: 28,000Kg

Max Speed: 75Km/h

Range: 660km

NBC: yes

NV: Yes (commander, gunner and driver)

Price: 3 million USD Each




Merkava MBT?


user posted image


the Merkava is a great tank and once feared, it is an unconventional MBT with the engine compartment at the front and fighting compartment rear, but none the less an exelent addition to any military.


Crew: 4

Main Armorment: 105mm

Max speed: 46Km/h

Range: 400Km

Combat weight: 60,000Kg

Side slope: 38%

Armor type: steel/spaced/laminate

NBC system: yes

NV system: yes

Price: 5 million USD each


Infantry Equipment.




user posted image


the MG36 is basicly the G-36 but with bipod and larger barrel and in our case larger magazine, but a standared magazine of 30 rounds.


caliber 5.56mm NATO

weigth 3.57kg on bipod, w/o magazine

Length 998 mm

Length of barrel 480 mm

feeding box magazine 30 rounds, dual drum 'Beta-C' magazine 100 rounds

Price: 2500 USD each


CIS .50 MG?


user posted image


the CIS is our HMG, it is a another pice of Next Gen equipment, it has to belt feeds for easy round change. it is a very usfull pice of kit.


caliber .50BMG (12,7x99)

V0 n/a

weigth 30kg on tripod

Length 1670 mm

Length of barrel 1141 mm

feeding two belts 100 rounds (one from each side of the gun)

rate of fire 400-600

Price: 3700 USD each


Other Equipment


M61 Vulcan?


user posted image


this weapon is considered the ultimate firearm, it has served for a long time in our forces and as you should know, is extreamly sucsessful. alough we are now devloping a new version which is capable of over 15,000 rounds per minute.


Caliber:20 mm

Number of Barrels:6

Rate of fire:6000


power source:Electrical and hydraulics

length:1.83 meters

Price: 5000 USD each


*note* this weapon is only to be used mouted, and not to be coverted into an infantry weapon. please use your common sence.


Laser Point Defence System?.


this is a system that can disable any enemy Anti-Tank missle or Anti-Air missle depending on which you mount it on, using intense heat it can burn in to a warhead and then to detanate to warhead befor harm is done.

*note* this cannot be used as an offensive weapon, and can only deal with 1 warhead at a time, things such as hellfire and rocket pods it cannot prosess fast enough with may result in some warheads hitting there target.


Price: 500,000 USD each to be fitted to any aircraft/armored vehicle





Sanctum Class Fast destroyer?.


user posted image


the Sanctum Class Fast destroyer is a next generation ship-ship missle platform, no pictuers are avalible just yet. this ship has 8 exoset III missle launcers neatly stowed away, and at the press of a switch can emurge from the sides of the ship to unleash massive destrution.


Crew: 200

Armorments: 8 exoset III missle lanchers preloaded with 4 missles each.

Speed: 75 knots

Range: 800-1200 km

Price: 30 Billion USD each

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Marlin Class Fast Patrol Boat?


user posted image


This is our local waters patrol vessle, they are the fastest ship in the FIN's arsenal,

these vessles are highly manouvarable, and in there wolf packs, can pack quite a punch.


Crew: 80

Armorments: 2 Exoset III missle platforms, 1 located at the bow, the other at the sturn.

Speed: 85 Knots

Range: 800 Km

Price: US$5 Billion each.


Desimus Class AA frigate?


user posted image


The Desimus Class spearheads the anti-air arm of the FIN, it's proved it's worth, and is very capable of taking out air targets.


Crew: 500

Armorments: 8 Rapier Missle launchers

Speed: 55 knots

Range: 1200 km

Price: US$40 Billion each


4x4 Vichles


Scarab Recon/Scout Armored car?


user posted image


these provide our scout forces with a fast assault and fast extration capability, alowing them to employ hit and run tactics very sussefuly.


Crew: 3

Armorment: 1 x 12.7mm MG

Max speed: 112km/h

NBC: optional

NV: optional

US$500,000 each


Missile Systems


Exoset III Anti Ship Missile?


user posted image


The Exoset III missile is our responce to an enemy naval assault. They are capable of being mounted on both ships and aircraft. a direct hit byone of these will shink a smaller ship outright. whilst it may take 2-3 missiles to knock say a battleship or carrier out of action. The FIN and FAF armories are littered with these missiles.


Price: US$35,000 per missile


Rapier Anti Air Missile System?


user posted image


Rapiers are our most up to day anti air weapons, they can be mounted on all veichle types and vessles, they can penatrate most modern aircraft armor, and are widley used in the Federation Armed Forces.


Price: US$30,000 per missile

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Ekranoplan TKV34?


Our weapons developers have designed a gear new weapon to be added to our Fleet air arm. It?s called the Ekranoplan, after the name of the project to make it. it is technically an aircraft, but can only fly about 3.5 meters above the surface of the water, and because it is designed like a aircraft and flies like an aircraft, it can travel at the same speed of a aircraft, it's not know what it's max speed it, but we know it can travel at least 500 KM/H, and it is also a large aircraft, about the size of a football pitch. what it is designed to do is to start in port and using minimum thrust drift it's way out of port, then once it is clear, it then powers it's 10 jet engines to maximum thrust, at speeds of about 500 km/H travel toward it's chosen, target coast, and then power down it's engines and once again drifts towards the coast, drops off the troops (about 300 can fit inside 1) and turn around, then speed back home. Also with it flying just above sea level, it can't be detected by air RADAR and with none of its hull under water until it reaches the shore, it can?t be detected by sonar. (He he). We are also developing smaller versions for coastal bombardment.


So if your nation is interested, we have a few available for the international market. The price you ask, 1 billion USD.




now that these have started full production, we have reduced the price significantly.

the price is now 40 million USD


Here are some sample photos.




user posted image


user posted image

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we have updatedwith a few infantry weapons.


AN-94 Adaptus Abakan?


a new weapons we have just finished developing, it fairs well and it relativly cheap. in it's trials it was quoted to be "an exelent all-round weapon, if the G-36 wasnt the rifle we were updateing to, the Federations Armed Forces would defently be armed with these".


user posted image


Caliber: 5.45x39 mm

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt; moving barrel-receiver-gas drive group for delayed recoil action

Overall length: 943 mm (728 mm with butt folded)

Barrel length: 405 mm

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Weight, without magazine: 3.85 k g

Cyclic rate of fire: 1800 and 600 rounds per minute variable

Maximum effective range: 700 meters

Price: 1500 USD


Pecheneg Police Support Weapon?


this weapon was designed for civil police use rather than military, alough it can be used in the military, but must be slightly modified, as it isnt capable of the stress of combat. it is anouther weapon we have just developed as part of our police forces is decoming an anti-terror unit, and this is to help with situations like the resent CLF crisis.


user posted image


Caliber: 7.62x54mm R

Weigth: 8.2 kg on bipod; 12.7 kg on infantry tripod mount

Length: 1145 mm

Feeding: belt, 100 or 200 rounds

Price: 2200 Euros per unit

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we have updated with police and milita forces weapons.



The Adaptus Nova Tactical?


A next gen shotgun weapon for police and military use. can be fitted with many attachments. serves with the Federation Police Force, and some parts of the Federation Army use it also.


user posted image

Seen here with Red-Dot laser sights.


Type: pump-action

Gauge: 12

Chamber: 3 1/2 inch (89 mm)

Length: 1025 mm (with 470 mm barrel)

Barrel length: 470 mm (18.5 inch) or 500 mm (20 inch)

Weight: 3.05 kg empty, with 470mm barrel

Capacity: 4 3-inch rounds in underbarrel tube magazine (6 3-inch rounds with extended magazine)

Price: 1900 USD


PRO-9 Military/Civil Side Arm?


serves as the standard side arm for all members of the FAFS(Federation Armed Forces). very good modern weapon, very good duribility and accuracey.


user posted image

seen in military veriant.


the specs.

Type: Double Action

Calibers: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum and .40S&W

Weight: ~710 g empty; 890 g loaded with 16 rounds

Length: 200 mm

Barrel length: 100 mm

Capacity: 16 rounds (9mm) or 10 rounds (.40)

Price: 800 USD



Millita FCN Assault Rifle?


Given to all Millita and homeguard forces. easy to use, and needs almost no training to oporate and extreamly cheap. they have the best durability ever seen in an Adapton Weapon, able to be left under water for up to a week and a half without decay. and needs almost no cleaning.


user posted image


Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt

Overall length: standard model 997 mm (776 mm with folded butt); "Para" model 911 mm / 680 mm

Barrel length: 449 mm (363 mm "Para" model)

Weight with empty magazine: 4.06 kg (3.81 kg "Para" model)

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds (accept all STANAG-compatible magazines)

Rate of fire: about 700 rounds per minute

Effective range: 450 meters

Price: 900 USD

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OOC: we have converted to Euros now finaly.






Comanche RAH-66?


user posted image


FAF's new, more specialised attack helicopter. Extreamly advanced, and incorporate steath technologies, with radar absorbant matierials and such. Also an extreamly manouverable aircraft. Capable of flying at a tilt of 180 degrees. New wing tipied blades add for minimum noise, and good agility. Armed with the most advanced weapons. Capable of the same ad the Apache and more, while the Apache can identafy up to 180 enemy targests, and priorotise the deadlest 16, and inisiate fire sequences for such enemies, all in under 30 seconds. This can double the ammount of targets identified, and do it in under 20 seconds. Also is now updated to incorporate with the IWS system, and can be used at a relay in the field.


dash speed 172 knots

cruise speed 161 knots

vertical rate of climb 850 feet per minute

maximum range 1,260 nautical miles

Endurance, standard fuel 2 hours 30 minutes

power plant

engine type T-800-LHT-801 turboshaft

maximum rated power 1,563 shaft horsepower, each


weight Empty 8,690 pounds

primary mission weight 11,632 pounds


overall length 46.85 feet

overall height 11.06 feet

width tailplane 9.25 feet

bearingless main rotor System

Construction composite

Diameter 39.04 feet

disc area 1,1997.04 square feet

Chord 6.6 inches

Diameter 4.49 feet

Blades 8

Price: 30 Million Euros






user posted image


another new development, the Federation has just bought 40 of these for there 'new threats' Program. these are ICBM, but are not nuclear (or are they? wink.gif ). just HE(High Explosive). but some maybe upgraded with napalm.


Price: 500,00 Euros


New Technologies


OOC: these are all indevelopment in RL, so i would class these technologies as Modern +1, or maybe post-modern.




Railgun Devolopment


user posted image

user posted image


the Federation has started a Railgun Deveolopment program with us and we are making good progres with it. we are offering contracts with other nations on this, but it's quite pricey at the moment.


Price for contract: 3 Billion Euros


Advanced Soldier Armor


user posted image


this is anouther thing the Federation has aproched us about. Next Generation Soldier Protection is what we are calling it. it is the ulitmate in personal protection for your crack troops. it's still in development, but we are offering contracts in this also.


Price for contract: 5 Million Euros

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Few more infanty and police weapons.


SMA 416?


user posted image


Newly developed for police and Special Forces, used by the elite arm of our Police and soon to be issued to our LT Special Forces. this weapon offers good accuresy and moblility to become and efective weapon.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt

Overall length (stock collapsed/extended): 10" barrel: 686 / 785 mm; 14" barrel:

Barrel lengths: 10.5" / 267mm; 14.5" / 368mm; 16.5" / 419mm and 20" / 508mm

Weight: 3.31 kg w. 10.5" barrel, 3.5kg w 14.5" barrel

Rate of fire: 700-900 rounds per minute

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Price: 1000 Euros





user posted image


a new weapon developed by our sister companty Adapton Rifles mainly for the export market. it is another good all round weapon, this one also proves to be cheap.


Caliber 5.56x45mm

Length SC-70/90 with folded butt 908 mm

Barrel length 450 mm

Weight, empty 4.07 kg

Magazine capacity 30 rounds

Rate of fire670 rounds per minute

Effective range 500 meters

Price: 1200 Euros



AK5 (AR-551)?


user posted image


a new Carbine developed by our sister comany also, this is also developed purly for export. it fairs relitivly the same as the AR-70/90. alough in carbine form.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt

Length: 1008 mm (Stock Extended), 753 mm (Stock Retracted)

Barrel Length: 450 mm

Weight: 3.90 kg

Magazine: 30 rounds box

Rate Of Fire: 650 rounds per minute

Price: 800 Euros (very cheap, but still and exelent weapon)



AR AS50?


user posted image


this is a high caliber sniper rifle developed by Adapton Rifles, and is used by our Elite units, it is capable of fireing AP and HE rounds, and it does not carry the bulck of some high caliber rifles also, thus making it a good manuverable weapon. we bub it a must have.


Caliber: 12.7x99mm / .50BMG

Operation: gas operated, semiautomatic

Barrel: 692 mm

Weight: 14.1 kg empty

Length: 1369 mm

Feed Mechanism: 5 rounds detachable box magazine

Price: 2000 Euros

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Vestian Class Fast Destroyer?


Now sezing the Fatherists Railgun plans, we have crated a new destroyer with Railgun Capabilities. this is in tribute to Emperor Vestian Ataratus who has just resently been returned to the throne. we have 4 of these vessels complete for the FIN, and 3 Ready for Export. they are the first ships to be equipt with Railguns. we are planing on Upgrading the Titan Class Battleships soon for the Federation.


user posted image


These are designed to fight alongside the Desimus Class Fast Destroyers, our convensional Destroyers. they work well in practise, alough the 2 Railgun Mounts do reduce speed slightly and do make is a little less manovurable. but none the less these are exelent ships.


unfortunitly all export versions of these have been stripped of their Railguns, due to international agreement, and have been replaced with prototype Exoset IIII new Hunter-Seacker ship-ship missile launchers. inturn making them faster and mor manuverable the the Railgun mounted versions.


Crew: 200

Armorments: 3*4 Exoset III missile Launchers, 2 Exoset IIII Hunter-Seacker Missile launchers.

Speed: 80 Knots

Range: 900-1400 Km

Price: 60 Billion Euros

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Sanctum Class Fast Destroyer?


just to let our buyers out there know that, the Sanctum Class Fast Destroyer has now been vased out of naval service for the FIN, in favor of the new Vestian Class Fast Destroyer, in the convensional warfare and non-convensional types, apart from a few upgraded versions, now knows as the Sancum II Class Fast Destroyers. so this has added a large quantaty of these Vessels to our export market, and has redused the cost down to 20 Billion Euros.




Exocet IIII Hunter-Seaker inproved Anti-Ship missile?.


user posted image


this is an upgrade of the old Exocet III missiles, these have longer range, and more acurate. they are also armed with Depleted Urainium, White phosphorus, napalm, high explosive, armor piceing, High Velocity Liquid Metal Spatter (HVLMS)((in other words it's like a HEAT shell but for a shipt not a tank)) and dummy heads


Price: 40,000 Euros Per unit



Infantry Weapons




user posted image


this is a newly developed white Phosphorus grenade, with creates a cloud of white powder or smoke, which burns anything withing 3 meters at a temperature fo 130,00 'C.


Price: 500 Euros Per unit.

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Merlin ASW / Transport Helicopter?


user posted image


Used for Anti Surface anti ship/sub warfare, and Transport. it is a very manouverable weapon, and very high-tech. with the Peoples Federation's (as it is now known) going back to a fully volenteer force they have percased many of these for Naval use. they will transport troops from ships onto the shore, and they will scout for enemy subs and ships.


cruising speed: 150 knots (280 km/hr)

range (with standard tanks): over 1000 km

rate of climb: 10.16 m/sec

Engines: 3 rolls royce turbomeca rtm 322 02/8

Crew: 2 + 25

Price: 25 Million Euros



KA-60 Kasatka Mk III?


user posted image


a newly upgraded version of the old KA, this is the new Medium Weight Transoport Helicopter, capable of carring 16 fully equipt men, or 6 strechers and 4 medical personel. this is said be the next most numorus helicopter in the FAF's arsenal.


Maximum internal payload 2,000kg

Maximum external payload Ka-62 utility version 2,500kg

Maximum external payload Ka-60 transport version 2,750kg

Take-off weight 6,000kg

Engine Type 2 x RD-600V turboshaft engines

Main rotor blades 4

Cruise speed 275km/h

Maximum level speed 300km/h

Maximum altitude 5,150m

Hover ceiling in ground effect 2,900m

Hover ceiling out of ground effect 2,100m

Range 1000km

Range with auxiliary fuel tanks 1750km

Crew 2 + 16

Price 15 Million Euros







EMP Mk 2 non-leathal Bomb?


user posted image


this is one of the main bombs in the FAF's arsenal, once droped it detanates 3 meters above the ground, and spreads an EMP pulse over 5 miles in every direction, larger modles are being developed able to send the pulse over 10 miles in every directon. once and electrical object is hit with the EMP pulse it's internal systems are fried, and the device can never go back to normal. an EMP pulse was tested on an average computer, the result was the computer suting down and once we tried to turn it back on it literaly had no idea what it was, it couldnt even find the hard drive.


Price 20,000 Euros per unit.

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is your army looking for combat camouflarge patterns, or does your navy need a new uniform, or maybe your air forces needs a new camouflarge pattern for it's base guards. well then these are just for you. produces by our sister company. Field Fibers.


this is a colloection of combat camouflarge for all areas around Europa, it includes desert patterns, jungle patterns, urban patterns and many more. also it includes ready made uniforms for your army, navy and air force.


products bought in what we call full sets.


Full set includes for Combat unifroms:-



1.winter smock

1.cap(if uncluded)

1.set of narmal trousers

1.set of winter trousers

2.under shirts(either plain or camo, buyer must specify)

2.sets of socks


Full set for Main Dress Uniforms includes:-

1.set of trousers


1.jumper(if included)

1.dress Jacket(if included)

2.Sets of gloves(if included)

2.setd of Parde socks


Infantry Camouflarge Patterns and camoflarge uniforms



Adapton DPM 95 "Greens" pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 full set: 200 Euros


Adapton DPM Desert "sand and Rust" Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 Set: 200 Euros


Centeral Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 150 Euros


Centeral Desert Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 150 Euros


Jigsaw Pattern (uniform not shown, similar to Adapton DPM)?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 100 Euros


Lepracorn DPM Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set:175 Euros


Deep Slate Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 150 Euros.


Tiger Stripe Pattern?

(used by Adapton forces from 1960-63)


user posted image


Price for 1 set:100 Euros



Main Dress Parade Uniforms


added later-





order over a certain amout of uniforms and you will reseve a discount price on your perchase.


10,000 uniforms - 10% off

20,000 uniforms - 20% off

40,000 uniforms - 25% off

50,000 uniforms - 30% off

75,000 uniforms - 40% off

100,000 uniforms - 50% off


hope you enjoy our unifrom selections

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More Camoflage clothing



Posiden Marine Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 200 Euros


Otan Field Pattern?

(used by Otan Forces before they joined the Federation in 1986)


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 200 Euros


Bush out-back Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 150 Euros


3-Colour Desert Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 175 Euros


Scrambled Eggs Desert Pattern?


user posted image


Price for 1 set: 100 Euros

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now we can bring you, our massive collection of Self Propeled Artilery(SPA). The Federations use alot of SPA Tactics. so they have a large arsenal, most are now de comminsiond, but at least 3 differnt types of SPA are still active in PFA service.


Self Propeled Artilery


AS90 Braveheart?


user posted image


Main gun in the Federation arsenal, most commonly used out of the 3. very reliable and with a good gun on it. these are best used in grouped of about 10+.


Armament: 1*155mm gun

1* 12.7 mm MG(AA)

2*5 smoke dischargers

combat weight: 45,000Kg

max speed: 55Km/Hr

Max Range: 500-700 Km

NBC: yes

NV: yes

Price:7 Mill Euros




user posted image


Quite old now, only a few of these are still active in the Federations arsanal, these were the largest guns we have made, and i think thats why the Fed still kept a few. anyway these can work on there own. or in groups. and they do pack a large punch. but they are hard to transoport, and very slow. also they have to other protection against other attckers.


Armaments: 1* 221.7mm gun

combat weight: 46,700Kg

Max Speed: 30 Km/Hr

Max Range: 500-600 Km

NBC: yes

NV: yes

Price: 15 Mill Euros


Oto Melara?


user posted image


this is the Second most numorus pice of SPA in the Fed's arsanal. this is though a howitzer rather than a gun. very good pices. these mainly are used with the smaller army groups, as they tend to be more flexable than the other more larger guns.


Armaments: 1*125mm Howitzer

1*7.67mm MG(AA)

2*4 Smoke Dischargers

Combat Weight: 43,000Kg

Max Speed: 65Km/Hr

Max Range: 700-900 Km



Price: 5 Mill Euros

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Here is a selection of Officers Uniforms from our sister company, Field Fibers. the same discounts apply from above, and so do does the set carts.




The Ran Style Range?


user posted image


Price: 250 Euros


Ski Style Range?


user posted image


Price: 300 Euros


Black Jet Style Range?


user posted image


Price: 300 Euros


Poli Style Range?


user posted image


Price: 200 Euros.


these are just a few of the large selection we have. only the Ran range out of these comes with a full, Navy, Army and Air force range, the rest must be bought separate.


thank you for looking.

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Heavy Machine Guns


GAU-8/A Avenger?


user posted image


developed to become the Feds new Heavy weapon, to be mounted on assult Helicopters and such, it may not have the the rate of fire as our other new development but it defantly makes up for this due to the shear power of this weapon, the rounds are almost twice the sze of a mans head.


Caliber: 30 mm

Barrles: 7

Rounds Per min: 1 800 or 4 200

weight, the gun itself: 281 kg

Power Source: hydraulics

Length: 2.9 m

peak recoil force :4 ton

Price: 5000 Euros


XM214 Micro Spitter?


user posted image


the main new development in Heavy Weapons, mainly to be used for anti-anti-shipping missile, where rate of fire is more important, and this version is also alot lighter and has less recoil than other weapons of it's kind. can be fired by a man using it with a bipod, also another firm inside Adaptus is also trying to turn it into a infantry weapon, but with little sucsess.


caliber: 5.56 mm

number of barrels: 6

Rate of fire: up to 15 000

weight, the gun itself: 15 kg

power source: electrical

length: 0.69 m

peak recoil force: 110 kg

Price: 3500 Euros



Infantry Weapons




user posted image


this is a derivative of the G36, with slight improvments to the frame and and a more futureist look, it is based on the G36, but it purly for Export market, this version id cheaper than the G36, it is made for nation to improve on there future soldier programs.


Caliber: 5.56x45 mm

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt

Overall length: 838 mm in basic configuration, butt extended

Barrel length: 318 mm in basic configuration; also 229 mm in Compact and 508 mm in Sharpshooter and SAW versions

Weight: 2.659 kg empty in basic configuration

Rate of fire: ~ 750 rounds per minute

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds (STANAG) or 100-rounds double drum in Automatic Rifle/SAW role

Price: 1300 Euros



Other VWS News


Advanced Soldier Program


VWS will be anounceing our Advanced Soldier Program soon. we already offer contracts in this. what the main point of this program is will be to develop the 21st centry infantryman, with new weapons and new equiptment, which will include equipment such as, helmut mounted NV, Helmut mounted GPS, new weapons development, equipt with laser range finders, and more. so stay posted to VWS for more updates.

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once again your favorate arms dealer offers you more.



Light Tanks



Rage Stingray LA1 Light Battle Tank?


user posted image


this tank was designed for independant use on the battlefield, capable of fighting with or without infantry support. it's main role is to commit lighting armoured raids into enemy land in mass fomations.


Crew: 4

Armament:1* 105mm

1* 7.62mm MG

Combat Weight: 21,205Kg

Max Speed: 90Km/h

Max Range: 600Km

Armour: steel

NBC: Yes

NV: Yes

Price: 900,00 Euros


Advanced Soldier Programs



Adapton IWS (Incoporated Warfighter Systems.)?


user posted image

Final Design for the Intergrated Warfighter Systems.


The Adapton IWS is an integrated fighting system for individual infantry soldiers which gives the soldier enhanced tactical awareness, lethality and survivability. The systems integrated into Land Warrior are the weapon system, helmet, computer, digital and voice communications, positional and navigation system, protective clothing and individual equipment. The IWS will be deployed by infantry, and combat support soldiers, including rangers, airborne, air assault, light and mechanized infantry soldiers.




The system is modular and tailored for the soldier's task and mission. The unit commander decides the components of IWS that will be deployed for a mission.


The two main IWS configurations are for the soldier and the squad leader. The soldier base version includes a radio with short range inter-squad voice and data communications. A squad leader's base system includes a multi-band inter- and intra-team SINCGARS compatible radio, a keyboard and handheld flat panel display.



The soldier wears a Fighting Load Vest for carrying and interfacing with the sensors and the computer. The soldier is able to adjust the load distribution from shoulders to hips while on the move. The electronic systems are connected and integrated via the ten-port hub installed on the body.


The soldier's navigation system comprises a global positioning system (GPS) and a pedometer dead reckoning system that tracks the soldier's position and is used when the GPS is unavailable, e.g. inside buildings. The GPS uses five satellites and defines the soldier's position to an accuracy of 10m.


The power system, either disposable or rechargeable batteries weighing 1.1kg (2.5lb), is installed on the body. The system provides between eight and 24 operating hours of power for the sensors and computer. The disposable batteries have longevity of four to 12 hours and the rechargeable batteries eight to ten hours. The Federation Army Communications-Electronics Command awarded Vickers a contract in 2002 for the integration of power aware technologies into IWS.


The IWS computer is also installed on the body. The computer operates on Windows XP Military Edition operating system and uses a 500MHz Intel Strong Arm processor. The battlefield software is installed on the computer. The sensor data is downloaded onto the computer.


A multiband intra and inter team radio (MBITR), integrated into the vest allows voice communications between the infantry soldiers. The Warfighter Squad Radio, supplied by Thales, is a SINCGARS compatible, eight-channel radio operating over 30MHz to 88MHz and the design is based on a repackaged commercially available radio, the PRC-6745 Leprechaun radio by Thales Communications. The soldier radio for the IWS first spiral is the Raytheon MicroLight.




The 2kg (4.5lb) IWS helmet provides ballistic protection and carries the main components of the soldier's communications systems.


The wireless local area network (WLAN) antenna is installed in the helmet and connects via the hub to the MBITR radio carried in the soldier's fighting load vest. The range of the radio is 1km within line-of-sight.


The helmet carries a Head-Mounted Display (HMD), which is positioned over the soldier's dominant eye and provides command and control information and situational awareness. The display shows the video from the daylight video scope or the infrared thermal weapon scope mounted on the soldier's weapon. The display also shows satellite and topographical maps with friendly positions, updated every 30 seconds. The soldier can switch screens using the select button on the stock of the rifle. The helmet-mounted display is used for zeroing the daylight video scope, capturing battlefield images and for sending and receiving data. Rockwell Collins ProView S035 monocular is qualified as a IWS HMD. A variant of this system is also to equip Stryker vehicle crews, under a contract awarded in October 2005, for the Mounted Warrior program.




The IWS control system is carried on the soldier's body. This enables the soldier to interact with the menus in the helmet-mounted display. The control unit has a joystick for moving the cursor, and mouse buttons for menu selection on the helmet-mounted display. Three programmable buttons can be set to push-to-talk and for zeroing weapons.


A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card reader identifies the soldier and controls access.




The IWS infantry soldier is armed with an G36X, .5.56 caliber, with a 30-round magazine. The G36X operates in semi-automatic, three shot burst or full auto. The rifle is fitted with a Picatinny rail for mounting sights and a grenade launcher.


The Daylight Video Scope (DVS) has a zoom with magnification 1.5x to 6x. The IWS Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS) from DRS Electro-Optical Systems Group, operating in the 8 to 12 micron band, can be fitted on top of the G36X. In June 2005, Vickers was awarded a contract by the Federation Army to produce a family of next-generation TWS, based on uncooled thermal imaging technology, for the G36X and other weapons.


A multifunction laser measures the azimuth and range to the target and designates the target with a red dot.


Programmable control buttons on the weapon for push to talk, switch screens and take a picture commands, allow the soldier to carry out procedures without lowering the weapon. A quick disconnect weapon cable connects the weapon electronics to the hub.


The laser rangefinder and digital compass gives the soldier the range and direction of the hostile target. The data, coupled with the soldier's own location (defined by his global positioning system), provide the soldier with accurate target location when he calls for indirect or support fire and for combat identification.



The IWS software suite contains six main software packages for weapon sights and for data. The mapping software package controls the display of satellite generated and topographical maps. The satellite image technology allows maps to be generated and viewed by the infantry soldier within ten minutes, compared to the six to eight hour time delay currently experienced by front line soldiers. Friendly positions on maps are updated every 10 seconds.


The echelon selection control software allows the soldier to control the amount of data received, for example the positions of team members, squad or company. The software ensures that the soldier is not overloaded with data but receives the information needed for his mission and situation. The send image program allows the soldier to capture and send battlefield images.



The progect should be completed toward the start of next year, with the Adapton Military our first costomers, and backers. but now you to can have these 21st century soldier systems at your disposal. our price, 500,00 Euros a system. but will be redused after production is complete.

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we have updated with some more combat clothing, strait from Field Fabric. Could one of these uniforms be the iconic look for yout military.


all prices per set. Set includes as stated in the first uniform post.


Retro Reds Style?

(brings you back dosnt it)


user posted image


Price: 100 Euros


Indi Palm Style?


user posted image


Price: 150 Euros


Flaken Style?


user posted image


Price: 150 Euros


Uno Style?


user posted image


Price: 200 Euros


Soldat 2000 Style?


user posted image


Price: 150 Euros

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AN 225 Antonov?


user posted image


Larges Transoprt plane in the world. used for both military and civil transport. cappable of transporting space shuttles, and smaller planes. it is ran by 6 AN 56 Turbo Jet engines. it isnt the fastest of craft but can be quite quick, at 470 knots. not major satistics stand for this craft, but they shall be added later.


Price: 30 Mill Euros


Watchkeeper UAV?


user posted image


Newly Devolped UAV for the Federation Defence Forces. capable of long range patrols and surveillance unmaned, so theres no risk of pilots being killed. also a UCAV veriant is in development.


Wing span: 10.51m

Length: 6.10m

Endurance: 30 hours

Altitude: 5,480m

Maximum speed: 94km/hr

Price: 3 Million Euros


Naval Vessels


Vanguard Class Nuclear Balistic Submarine?


user posted image


First developed for the Federation Royal Navy, but now placed on the market. armed with Posiden Mk4 Systems. can pack a punch. fast too, and with a long range. can opporate as a lone wolf. or in a wolf pack.


Crew: 140

Submerged speed: 40 knots


4* Harpoon 6 Torpedo Pods

Posiden Mk4 Missile System

Posiden Mk4 Missiles: 20

Price: 50 Million Euros.


Infantry Equiptment


RPG 29?


user posted image


Developed as a cheap anti-tank weapon, and has been a sucsess. it was designed as a cheap brother to the new MBT LAW launcher witch is entering final design stages. it does it's job on most tanks, take a few more rounds for more armoured tanks. had trouble with Chobham armour though. but it mannaged.


Calibre mm: 105,2

Mass full kg: 11,5

Mass of a grenade: kg 4,5

Initial velocity of a grenade m\s: 130

Aim distance of shooting m: 450

Load System: reloadable

Price: 200 Euros per unit.

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VC-160 Blackjack High Altitude High Speed Long Range Bomber?


user posted image


Developed to work aloungside the Vulcan low level bomber, this can travel to great hights and drop it's payload, alough needs a much larger runway to take off, few missiles are able to reach it's altitude to knock it down. it is capable of carrying all sorts of weapons, ranging from non leathal EMP weapons, to the most deadly Nuclear Bomb. No longer in service, surplus airceaft are avalible.


Crew: 4

maximum combat load weight: 60,000 tons

operational flight range with maximum combat load: 30,500 km

maximum flight speed at high altitude: 4,000 km/h

maximum flight speed near ground: 2,030 km/h

concrete runway length: 3,050 metres

Price: 30 Million Euros


MI-30 Hind A Attack/Transoprt Helicopter?


user posted image


Newly Updated Hind, made for the Federation Royal Navy and Federation Royal Marines, but could be part of your navy or airforce too. capable of transoprt and attack, it has no need for support aircraft, which makes it exelent for special forces. this version is alot quieter and faster than the old version. and with a larger payload.


Maximum speed (km/h): 425

Alt.: 4500 ft

Range (km): 600

Armament: 8*Rapiers

132* Hellfire Rockets

1* 30mm Avenger

Crew: 2+8

Price: 5 Million Euros


Infantry Equiptment




user posted image


the MBT LAW was developed for the FIST program, as the new Next Generation Anti-Tank Weapon. seen here being fired in VWS experimental playground 2, aloung with a range of other experiments products, it proved to be the best personal anti-tank weapon ever developed by use. it has started being issued to FDF troops, and promissed to be an exelent weapon.


Calibre launcher: 115mm

Calibre warhead section: 150mm

Weight: 11.6kg

Range: 20m to 600m

Muzzle velocity: 40m/s

Time of flight to 600m less than 2.5 sec

Load Type: Reloadable

Price: 300 Euros per unit


for more info, please contact your local branch. Remeber, VWS Quality weapons for everyone. wink.gif

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L67 Seal AAAV (Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle)?


user posted image


The Seal AAAV was developed for the Next Gen program for the FRN's marines, it is in all due respect, realy a boat, with more boat technology then APC technology. making it go like a boat. is it also exelent on land, based on the Warrior ICV, it responds well in situation. this how ever is the most high tech ACP anywhere, theres more computer in this then Bill Gates bathroom. these computers help it to glide across water in changing currents and tides, also help it in combat situation, as such if a anti-tank weapon was fired at the vehicle it can track it and mark it with a laser, with then can be targeted by onboard weapons manualy, but computer aided, and shoot the weapon out of the sky, with extream accurasy.


Crew: 3 + 18

Armament: 1* 50mm L6 Cannon

1* 7.62mm MG

Combat Weight: 34,476 Kg

Max Speed: 80 Km/h

Max Water Speed: 50 Km/h

Max Range: 700 Km

Max Water Range: 200 Km

Armour: Chobham/Titainium

NBC: Yes (all crew)

NV: yes (gunner driver commander)

Price: 4 Million Euros




VC-2000 Vityaz?


user posted image

user posted image


This is a Highly experamental aircraft, just being tested. and is not for sale yet. it will be the most hi-tech aircraft ever deveolped. only 1 piolt will be needed, as most functions will be computer controled, functions like navagation, and weapon selecting. it will be able to select the right weapon for the right target, and pick a targets weak point, hopfuly, and aide the pilot in all functions. being developed for the FAF as there next multi-role fighter once the Typhoon has had enough. all it's weapon system will be conseled under stealth armour, it will be extreamly fast also, but speed test have not been attempted yet, it will mainly use Next Gen missile system wich have not been anounsed yet, so Weapon Testing has not started yet either. but all in all it promisess to be a great venture.

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user posted image


Designed as a cheap assault weapon for new nations, or other buyers.


Caliber, mm: 5.56

Cartridge: 5.56x45

Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs

Magazine capacity, rds: 30

Length, mm: overall: 943; w/folded stock: 700;

Barrel lenght: 415 mm

Sighting range,m: 1000

Weight, g: 3,400

Rate of fire, rds/min: 600

Price: 700 Euros per unit




user posted image


this is another weapon designed by Aapton Rifles. has many addons, no Picatinny Rail needed. exelent for your military force. good accuracy, and very reliable.


Caliber: 5.56mm(.223rem)

Action: Delayed blowback

Overall length: 757 mm

Barrel length: 488 mm

Weight: 3.8 kg with empty magazine

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds (STANAG)

Muzzle velocity: 925 m/s

Rate of fire: 1000-1100 rounds per minute

Effective range: 450 meters

Price: 1500 Euros per unit.

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Next Generation Assault Rifles


G36 X Adavanced Combat Assult Rifle?


user posted image


Developed with the FIST program, this rifle is the original G36 and much more. the official version is also issued with a 2x scope, this version also has programable buttons on the right side, and a USB port also. it is far more comuterised, upgraded with a Frend Foe Reconiser(FFR) system, witch is part of the FIST program, witch will hopfuly reduce friendly fire insidents. it's capabilites have been far greater improved also. this weapon is currently being issued Federation Army soldiers with their first FIST system.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)

Length: 980 mm

Barrel length: 480 mm

Weight empty: 3.8 kg

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds standard

Rate of fire: 1100 rounds per minute

Price: 2500 Euro each.


G36 S Adavanced Combat Assault Carbine?


user posted image


Being used by Adapton Spectial Forces, this weapon is a carbin version of the new G36 X, it has the same functions, but has a smaller barrle.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)

Length: 720 mm

Barrel length: 228 mm

Weight empty: 3.6 kg

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds standard

Rate of fire: 900 rounds per minute

Price: 2000 Euro each.

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Kyre Next Gen Combat Clothing Range?


this was developed for as an all-round combat pattern, capable of being used in mosr areas. all clothing have been redeisigned for maximum comfort, manouverablility, lightness, and durable. these also use ClimaCool technology, to help a solider in the feild from over heating, and also have thermal technologies, for colder areas. both wont be worn at the same time though, obviuosly. these also come standard with the IWS.


user posted image

user posted image


Price, on their own: 300 Euros per set, witch is the above, plus winter issue, and boots.

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