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Federation of Adaptus

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Hi, a few days ago one of your embers sent me a telegram about your region, and for a while now i have been looking for regions to join, and i found yours realy intesting and fun, and i have been looking at your site for the past few days and it seems a very friendly enviroment. i am quite new to nation sates and my nation is quite young, it's population is only about 10 million so far, but i enjoy the gaming expirence. i am currently located in the pacific, which is frankly, rarther boring. so i chose to move here, if that is ok, my nation is at the moment an inoffensive centralist democrasy, and well hopfuly thats where it stays, as i am a cenralist and well i think it's funny sitting in the middle and whatching the left and right wing arguing all the time biggrin.gif . anyways we are very pasionate about our armed forces and we have a good police force and low crime rate, and our main industry is Automobile Manufacturing at the moment. just to let you know a little about me, i am 15, i live in the UK and i am a member of the ATC ( air training corps ((air cadets)) in year 10 at school and i am a centralist as faras politics is conserned as i mentioned befor. so anyway i hope to be meaning some of you soon and wish you all happy gaming.


c ya later


Prime Minister.Ramsey

Federation of Adaptus

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well if i change my mind about the army yeah. if i did join the RAF, i wouldnt be a pilot, to complicated, i'ed be a load marster in a helicopter, it looks realy fun lol. plus you get to meet members of the SAS and COP teams.

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A few words from the Sarge...


Greetings and welcome to Europa, friend. I am Sgt. M Train, of the United States Army. I am an Intelligence Analyst, currently stationed in Fulda, Germany, and a fundamental liberal (without all the ass-kissing and complacency you see in today's left-wing 'mainstream' parties).

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(is it just me or is MongolSwedes taking this whole Seargent thing a bit seriously ohmy.gif)


anyway, welcome to Europa Adaptus, you may well have heard of me, despite my relative absence recently, i am the Phil, lord high master of Pies and other assorted pastries, as is the tradition in this place, i will present newcomers with a pie made by my own hands, this week you may enjoy a great little Steak and Onion pie with a lovely rich gravy inside, i do hope you enjoy:)

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