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hm, nice history there mate, glad you're here smile.gif


King Phil V welcoms you to the region with his traditional welcoming present, this week, a lovely green jelly and apple pie, with a nice Hot Custard to go on top, enjoy smile.gif
















sad.gif ive just seen i have at least 8 more nations i still havnt said hi to yet sad.gif

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Today the state of byzacium was restored.


byzacium and The Chosen Nations are both under my controll and all actions by both nations should be accredited to me. byzacium will not be joining this forum (sorry!) but make contact with the Chosen Nations if you wish to make contact with byzacium



The Chosen Nations (and byzacium)

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You know, you can make a fairly detailed history of your nation, if you go http://ns.goobergunch.net/wiki/index.php/TheChosenNations. It takes a couple of goes, as its fairly confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can make an interesting piece of work. You can see my one if you click on the bottom link at the bottom of my signature.

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