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Greetings from World Eye

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Well, I so happened to find this nation being given away in Texas, and with it over one Billion, I couldnot pass it up.


My primary region is in World Eye, whereas I am its founder (the nationof WORLD EYE). We are a democratic region that is only a monthold, but growing very quickly. I recently hadmy password to my nations stolen by the founder of the region Holy Land, so the founder of that region was deleated, and now the defenders of the world, have given me Holy Land to transform intodemocracy.


As I am very active on Nationstates - literally hours at a time, you will find me very active, opinionated, and generally suggestive of things.




World Eye

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You had that pie last week...



Sgt. M Train, U.S. Army, 1st Armored, Fulda, Germany. Welcome to Europa, World Eye person-dude-rep.


I remember flowing thru Texas a couple days ago when that nation went up for sale, although back in the day, a couple mods actually were doing that as sort of a 'sting operation', if you will.

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