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Darkol reaches open water.

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The Following is an excerpt from a letter all of Darkol's citizens received.


"Dear citizens,


Our country is on the verge of a major treshold. Tomorrow, the government will start colonizing the stretch of forest southeast of our grand country. Conforming to the rules of the Europa region, a country can seek out new, unused land when it's population reaches over half a million inhabitants.


That is why we would like to thank you, the populace, to put such faith in our rulers to bear a child into this land.


This expansion will have a positive effect on all forms of trading and commerce, for tomorrow the colonizers will lay the first stones to build two major portcities.


We encourage you to stretch your wings and resettle in the new towns and lush forests in the south. As is only normal, our government will subsidise movers to the place still known as Plot 91."


(OOC: We know We've been rather cheap with our postings of late. We thank you for not editing us out, because we still love to be here, both on the forum and the map.)

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