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Tamurin is away for the next three weeks


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Guest O (ffline)

Sounds like the changing of the guards. I'll be back starting tomorrow.


Enjoy your vacation wherever you may go. *lucky you*

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Guest Tamurin



...beerdrinking, beach? I'm in the nice hills of northern bavaria, not drinking anything... wink.gif


Thanks for the good wishes. 'til in couple of weeks.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Aha, Amsterdam. Could you go and say hi to a friend of mine? She lives in the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 12, a little to the east of central Amsterdam, southwest of the church Oude Kerk. wink.gif

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I'm back!


Sorry, Orioni, saw it just now...

Amsterdam was nice, but a little crowded with tourists (and trash) due to "Sail Amsterdam 2005". A lot of nice and interesting ships. The day after that I was in Egmond visiting the north sea...I miss the ocean...


Travelling to Amsterdam was a bit problematic due to the pope visit in Cologne...thanks to that my car ride didn't last for 5 hours, no, it took 8 hours...



French? Why? Even beggars talk English and most of the people I talked to were able to talk German...

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