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Militant Armed Youths Rise Up!

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MSNBC General Broadcast (Catastrophe in Scandinaviopolis)


Earlier today, the city of Scandinaviopolis was rocked by violence as an estimated 4000 armed militants opened fire on a recruit processing station in the downtown area, killing 4 unarmed recruiters and 18 commando hopefuls, and injuring 9 others. A fierce battle between commando cells at a nearby peacetime garrison on the outskirts of the city and the armed group resulted in 8 commando deaths and 28 wounded, while 350 militants were wounded, with 18 dead. About 25 members were captured, a woman named Kailiah Hilkstrom, and the rest escaped.


Negotiations with Ms. Hilkstrom, however have lead to the peaceful surrender of the remainder of the attackers. Open, public trials are expected to follow the light interrogations of high-ranking members of the militia, according to a spokesman of the chief commando cell operating in the incident, the elite Cell 88.


A member of the militia, commenting under guarantee of anonymity, said that the attack was carried out by rejected recruits of the commando cells, and also added that the "policies and standards of the Mongol-Swede commando cells were inhumane and unnecessary for a supposedly neutral Tribelands".


The Tribal Tribunal responded today that the purpose of the high standards for entrance into the commando cells "are in place not only to filter out those who may have made a bad choice on bad information to join the commando cells, but to prepare the Tribelands to aid others like itself when the worldwide menace of imperialism and 'jackboot democracy' rears its head in our midst.".



A moderate force of 30 commando cells have been dispatched to recruit processing stations thruout the Tribelands to provide extra security as investigations continue, and there is speculation that this attack may encourage many right-wing organizations to come out of hiding.

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To Mongol-Swedes

From UFK


Having recently suffered a similar armed uprising in a major city ourselves, the United Federation of Karthenia would like to offer its condolances and any support Mongol-Swedes may require during this crisis. Our political ideals may not always agree, but such terrorism is anathemic to us all.

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To:Senator Gaius, The United Federation of Karthenia

From:Chieftan Marcus Lobonsky, Honourary Champion of the Tribelands, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa



At this time we will make no requests of bringing in international support, not only as part of our agreement with the leader of the militia, Ms. Hilkstrom, but to ensure to our dear masses that we can stand strong and independent, as we have done for them since the Liberation of the 1950's. We appreciate your concern and your willingness, despite the differences of our peoples.

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To: The Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes

From: The Republic of Ide Jima


We understand that you are reluctant to let foreign troops aid you in dealing with this. However, we can launch precision long range missile attacks on any rebel targets at your request. Supplies can also be sent if you need them.

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To: Emperor Van, The Holy Confederacy of Vanarambaion

From:The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

Subject: Security of Foreign Diplomats


All foreign diplomats currently undergoing negotiations with The Union are already safely on their way home to continue negotiations via secure video conferencing. We appreciate your concern in the matter, our investigations of the militant group that earlier attacked the recruit processing center in Scandinaviopolis continue to progress smoothly, with only routine non-violent antagonization by opposition factions.

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Mongol-Swede National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC)



Investigations of the militia's attack on the recruit processing station in Scandinaviopolis have been completed. Kailiah Hilkstrom, known as the leader of the group, commented that during her captivity, she was offended by the conduct of some of the prison guards, she wanted to thank the interrogators for respecting her as the 'commander of an armed, regulated outfit".


Most of the offenders have been released from custody and sentenced to light community service in the city to help in the clean-up of the attacks, and other routine public services, while the most key members will undergo public trials, which will be broadcast region-wide on the MSNBC's Public Trials Channels.

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