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Also, to clear things up, I do NOT posess the technical skill to create a chatroom beyond those cheapos that you can do on a JavaScript server.


My good ideas go to the Army, I am sure that they are ignored most of the time, because they are that good.




Leave Iraq


Stop building permenant, er, I mean, 'enduring' bases in Iraq.


Stop trying to recruit younger and younger, they deserve a chance to live in peace AT LEAST UNTIL THEY'RE PAST 17, instead of 12 years old.


I'm in the Homeland Security department, not the technical.

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OK, I'm busy trying to set one up right now... There still might be a few bugs in it, have to test it a bit first. For example, I've had some troubles with it when I'm using Mozilla, but in Internet Explorer it works fine for me now. Oh, and you'll have to be logged in, in order to join the chat room.



BTW, to enter the chat, click the user posted image icon at the upper right corner of the forum

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