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Greetings from the Republic of Carnel

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Hello! Bonjour!


As you may have noticed I am a new nation in Europa (though i am not new to nation RP games). I played for a while in European Union where I was France for versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the game and now in version 3.0, I am Canada. I also play in Eastern Europe as the Republic of Modravia. What else should I say about myself? Well, I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, I have Canadian citizenship and I am also tri-lingual. My name is Dan and I am 15 years old, I was born in Bucharest, Romania and our family emigrated to Canada in 1996. In September I will be in the 10th Grade. Not much else I can say about myself, really.


I also have a question about Europa. I noticed that there will be new continents added to the map and was wondering which map is currently the official one, the one with new continents or the one without? If someone can guide me, it will be very much appreciated.

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Welcome to Europa! Also congratulations on being our 300th member. Your prize is a nice steaming blueberry pie with custard and cream.


The official map can be found Here. It gets updated regularly, and very occasionally it will be extended.



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Ey, what it is? Spc. M. Train, U.S. Army (not a front, neither). Welcome to Europa, feel free to peddle your prescription drugs in my country. We like the shiny, somewhat sweet coating on the arthiritis pills. laugh.gif



Heh. Merci tout le monde pour votre accueil!

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welcome welcome, all nations are welcome in Europa, as you may have realised, i am the great and universly widly loved and admired nation of Phil IV, and here is my trsditionl welcoming pie, this week, apple and pear filled, with a lovely gravy topping...

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Sorry for my slight absence. I am not fully claiming the plots i have requests in the map requests thread yet and will be making a proper map of my nation once I pick the spots. A strange idea just shot through my head when thinking of ideas for my nation: To make a Gaulish Republic. Either that or I'll either be multicultural or have my own unique ethnicity. I'll also think of a better name than Carnel since I already use Carnel on other RP. Cheers mates! champ.gif

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