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Greetings from Okaida

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Fellow Nations,


The population of the Democratic Republic of Okaida would like to extend greetings to all member nations of Europa. We are pleased to be a part of such a well established region as Europa. The nation of Okaida advocates liberty,peace,and unity throughout the world and is proud to be in the company of other nations with the same virtues. Thank you for your time.


Yours Truly,

Chancellor Dax Namuura

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sorry its a bit late but ive been away, wleocme to the new nation of Okaida! fromt he gracious and good King Phil V of the nation of Philia!


and now for the traditional Philian present of the Philian welcoming pie, this week, its a rhubarb and custard flavour pie... but i think i left itout since the 25th... it looks a bit... congealed... erm... enjoy ohmy.gifsmile.gif

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