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Buddhism..Arsaraha+Lent days..

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Picture Buddha teaching his 1st lesson

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The day of Arsaraha:

This year on; 21th July.

The day that Buddha gave his first lesson, thus, was the day that all the three of Buddhist elements were then complete; Buddha, his teaching, and monks.


The first lesson from Buddha:

His teaching was on 2 parts;

The First part; on the ?Moderate? way of practicing (or living a life);

..that people who seek for noble truth should not lead their life either too strict or too loose ? the moderate path is the appropriate way of living?(this is a guidance to all Buddhism..live a life of moderate path?not too strict or ?obsess? or over-do things, while not too ?at ease? or give oneself too much leisure?).

The ?moderate? consisting ;

Right attitude, Right thinking, Right conversation, Right occupation, Right living, Right perseverance, Right conscious, and Right focus (my translation, may not be as precise).

The first part was to adjust the mindset of the 5 listeners to open their perspective and to be ready for the major issue in the second part? (people in the old days have various kind of practicine? many are too extreme (like guru)?)

Then Buddha teach his 2nd part ; The 4 noble truth, which is one of the most important concepts of Buddhism;

..The 4 noble truth is..

All the suffering in life has 4 elements; (1) the suffering, (2) the cause of the suffering, (3) the stage of being free from the suffering, and (4) how we manage to free from the suffering?

Therefore, it was the day Buddha gave his first teaching, and the first monk is ordained?completion of the 3 Buddhism elements?


Celebration in Thailand;

Temples are thouroughly cleaned and decorated with yellow flags, of religious symbol. People make merits by ; providing food to monks in the morning, listen to preachings, and/or gather to do circlet walking around the Sathupa or shrine in the evening. Many people meditate and pray today.


Picture monks in line

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Picture of making circlet walking around shrine or large Buddha

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Buddhist Lent day

This year on; 22th July.


In the old day, monks did not have a specific timing of pilgrim and residing in temple, the pilgrimming in rainy season might have caused damage to rice field or plantations?

Thus, Buddha made it clear that during the 3 months of rainy season, monks have to stop pilgrimming and stay in temple?


The benefits from this practice are; crops or plantation are safe from travelers of pilgriming, monks have a peace time after long 8-9 months pilgrimming, thus they can focus on self study or preparation for the next yearpractice, Monks have a lengthy period of time to teach/coach new monks, and that people have a chance to receive lessons and make merit at the temple (as there are full of monks now).

Thai culture:

Thais make merit by; providing food and necessities to monks. Providing big candles for temples are a custom among Thais, so that monks can spend time studying (reading) with candles?There are contests in many provinces on beautiful candle parades?Nowadays, people also give light bulbs or fluorescence light to temple?Buddhist people also pray and many alcoholics refrain from drinking during this period?and the Ministry of Health and Culture also have a campaign on this as well?.


Picture of monks praying in temple

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Picture Candle parade

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link for parades of candle lights;




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Well,..a foreigner monk (ordained British) told me that Buddhism is the matter of liberation of his thought.. Many people just simply study part of teachings, without becoming a Buddhist, and make use well; ie. meditation, life concepts, walking meditation, etc...


Good to read...


No empty deal...



Recommended: Some collectives of teaching...



The Relevance of Buddhism to Life in the West





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