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Contour Map?

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To help give an added level of reality and understanding to regional RP in europa I've been trying out a few tests with contour lines on the maps, to show where hills are:

( They are at the top of this very old version of the map)


user posted image


What do you think?

Should I continue?


Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


(If people would like me to carry on with this, I'm gonna need a blank version of the recently expanded map, if there is one...)

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Ok. We have a problem here. The fact is, we have a lot of information in littles spaces. We can't do this idea unless:


1) Do it in a different map (phisical map).

2) Limitations of information (for example: nation name, flag, capital city and two importants cities for spot... no more).


I have no problem about do it. But, i don't know if I can make random "mountains" or every nation of the map is going to suggest me what they want in their nation. We can't do differents mountains for every country. In the real world, every region have their weather. You can't put an country with a weather like Norway and in the left put a country with a weather like Egipt.

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That wasn't exactly the idea. You probably have quite a lot on your plate being the main regional cartographer. If someone could supply me with a blank map (post expansion) then I would be able to make it myself on a seperate thread.


I was not planning on putting any more than the nation's name on the this (and possibly the capital).

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